Despite flat Measles case numbers, anti-vaxxer children in Lakewood still barred from school

One of the largest Lakewood elementary schools tells TLS the anti-vaxxer children are still barred from entering their school.

Despite the number of confirmed Measles cases remaining flat for the last few days, the school administrator tells TLS the kids will remain home until the end of the three weeks – which would be next week.

The NYC Health Department today also released a letter stating children in Borough Park and Williamsburg will not be allowed into school without proper MMR vaccinations – until the outbreak is declared over, even with religious or medical exemptions.


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There are 15 Comments to "Despite flat Measles case numbers, anti-vaxxer children in Lakewood still barred from school"

  • A Yid says:

    This headline is backwards. It should read: Flat measles case numbers due to anti-vaxxer children barred from school.

  • B says:

    Looks like TLS has become anti vaxxers. Does anyone know who paid them off

  • The Don Dada says:

    Good. Keep them out until their parents get some sense and get their children vaccinated!

  • Lakewood res says:

    To B. Dr Robert’s is paying the off.

  • Moshe says:

    Thanks TLS for give fair opinions and information for pro and anti vaxxers .Everyone require to make his own investigation and decide to yourself. Any statements : I’m always wright in my knowledge and you are wrong – it just nonsense .It never work good to convince someone from under pressure or sanctions do something against their belief . People, do not fight ! Just open computer, go to library or talk to different people and make your own research . But always be a little bit sceptic what surrounding tell you . Find Emes is very, very hard .

  • surprised says:

    i was sure we will house thousands off cases , and plenty off deaths , i guess there was no outbreak after all , #fakenews

  • Facts says:

    The outbreak was called once there were more than a few cases. Because it was almost eradicated, that number was significant. Don’t confuse yourself that outbreak means thousands.

  • Me says:

    I heard of 2 more cases in my son’s Mesivta. It must be that they are not being reported to the health department.

    Probably have been at least 100 actual measles cases in Lakewood.

    • So says:

      If that is correct, we should have 25 people (1 in 4) admitted to the hospital with complications, as predicted. Know of anyone in the hospital because of measles?

  • Bd says:

    It’s only because we banned the non immunized, and because many non immunized gave the mmr shot, that the outbreak was contained, with hashems help!!!!! If we would not have had this huge outcry against anti vaccers we would be alot worse off

  • Enough nonsence says:

    @moshe, no not everyone should do their own “research” we b”h have Doctors and the medical community for that.
    If you want to do your own “research” go to medical school for many years and study medicine.
    Googleing things isn’t research.

  • B says:

    To: So. I don’t know anyone who was in the hospital, but the person who wrote a letter to TLS claims his kid ended up in the hospital so we know of at least one. And maybe if TLS let more anti-vaxxers post their letters you would hear about even more

  • Chazsk says:

    To Don dada yes till parents get some sense and stop putting high doses of aluminum poison, aborted baby cells, monkey kidney tissue, pig tissue and other junk in their babies for a fearless illness which once you get your naturally
    Immuned for life,I’d rather keep my kid home

    • To Chazsk says:

      “high doses of aluminum poison, aborted baby cells, monkey kidney tissue, pig tissue” You have to be joking. It’s these exact lies that perpetuate the anti-vax movement. Please, stop being ignorant and do some legitimate research, and not Dr. Google.

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