Toronto Rabbonim, including head of Lakewood Bais Horaah Hagaon Rav Shlomo Miller, sign Kol Koreh regarding vaccinations

Hagaon Rav Shlomo Miller, the Rosh Bais Din of the Bais Horaah in Lakewood and Rosh Kollel in Toronto, is among dozens of Rabbonim in Toronto who have signed a letter regarding vaccinations.


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There are 14 Comments to "Toronto Rabbonim, including head of Lakewood Bais Horaah Hagaon Rav Shlomo Miller, sign Kol Koreh regarding vaccinations"

  • Moris says:

    Enough with this vaccination nonsense i don’t care if you’re for it or against it

    Move ON!!

  • Yuks says:

    People that are anti-vaccinations, are paranoid and there is little to do about persuading them. Any logical and medical argument is dismissed. The above Kol Korah will do nothing about changing their feelings.

  • Dave says:

    The same thing can be said about the pro-vaccination

  • Leah says:

    I agree with Morris, move on! This is Lakewood scoop not worldwide scoop. Keep it that way!

  • TheHalachaIsCkear says:

    The Halacha is now 100% clear. So, we have clear Halacha, the recommendation of all doctors and the recommendation of all medical organizations. The argument is over. Now, except for the few people with a medical contraindication, everyone must go out and get vaccinated-according to the doctors AND the Halacha. No sense in any more posts-just go out and vaccinate-it’s a chiyyuv!!!

  • Pro-choice says:

    So we’re bringing Toronto rabbanim, get the local ones stop chasing everywhere

  • Shmeel says:

    Yuks – It’s not about changing their feelings, but about their participation within the Frum communities! They should be thrown out from Shuls, Yeshivas, etc.

  • yottle says:

    There seems to be a major Machlokes between the Rabbanim of Israel, the USA, and Canada.
    Each one says that THEIR government has the “right” schedule. (see letter above).

  • Tempf451 says:

    It’s important because some people can’t take the vaccine so it depends on all of us to take it so we keep them safe now I’m not observant this seems like it should cross both lines

  • Flu shot says:

    Can we get the rabbonim to add the annual flu shot for adults this is also recommended by doctors and should be included in this psak. Actually all adult recommended vaccines should be included in this psak.

  • swood says:

    Enough with the shots. Go get them or stay home. Don t infect anyone. You and yours stay home. Next people will sue. If you infect anyone there will be bigger issues. Stay among your own that don t vaccinate only. Your choice, stay within your own and others don t vaccinate also. Leave the public places. Motor vehicles closed,others will too. The virus can live on surfaces for hours. Like buses. In the air as you cough. stay home

  • TheHalachaIsClear says:

    Pro-choice: Rav Miller IS a Lakewood Rav. He is the Rosh Beis Din of the Beis Horaah IN LAKEWOOD and one of the pre-eminent Poskim for Lakewood (if not THE pre-eminent posek) !!!! We now have a clear Lakewood p’sak! Go get your family vaccinated as soon as Shabbos is over.

  • Former torontonian says:

    Yess! Toronto coming 2gether 2 take a stand on what’s right! Now lkwd can copy…!

  • go wonder says:

    where are the signatures its all typed fake news!!!

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