Lakewood family hires baby Nurse, only for different one to show up

A Lakewood resident says he hired a baby nurse, only for a different one to show up at his door.

The street-smart resident detailed the incident for TheLakewoodScoop:

“After looking for a qualified nurse for my newborn baby girl, I was referred to a nurse, with two people as references.

We called the references and got great feedback. We decided to hire her. She contacted me that she has a new number to communicate with her.

When the nurse showed up, we realized right away that it’s not the same person as a picture we received from one of the references (the nurse didn’t know we had it).

We asked some questions to see if this is the person we spoke to originally. After not getting clear answers, we decided to ask for ID, which she couldn’t provide. We sent her home.

Today, we received a text from the original nurse claiming that she had a flu, and didn’t want to let us hanging, so she sent someone else.

We decided, after the recent story, and now this, that we won’t be hiring a nurse.

It was shocking and eye-opening that one can get good reviews on a person, but without a picture, we would have never known that a different person (who we don’t know, and without references) showed up.”

Last year, Lakewood Pediatrician Dr. Reuven Shanik urged residents to use caution when hiring a baby nurse. The notice came after a baby nurse injured a baby and fled.


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There are 13 Comments to "Lakewood family hires baby Nurse, only for different one to show up"

  • Baby Nurse need says:

    While a baby “Nurse” can be a necessity for some that don’t have any help and have a few children besides the baby (especially) multiples, it should be considered a b’deved as there have been so many incidents and there is no real good system in place to ensure they are qualified

  • Ben says:

    a few months ago, We hired a nurse called Sara, the agency told us they did a background check and we called references etc.

    When she showed up I asked her for i.d. Low and behold it was a totally different name on her very fake looking ID.
    I said well is your name Sara or not? She admitted that her real name is not Sara, she gave a friend’s name to the agency (I guess to pass the pathetic “background check”).

    This woman actually consistently answered to a fake name…

  • Cameras!! says:

    Cameras are a MUST! We used pinny werner. His number is 848 525 0978.

  • Anon says:

    Is TLS verifying these stories as true?
    They sound well written as a scare tactic

  • Shani Lieberman says:

    I also have cameras installed by Werner. He is excellent. I can see everything every second and all is recorded. Some nurses are very kind and truly love newborns.

  • hello!!!! says:

    Shani, What are you going to do when you are a half hour away from home watching your kind and loving nurse( on the best camera system in the world) doing somethin unkind and unloving to your vulnerable newborn!!! Get Real!!! There have been way to many horror stories in the past few months ( and I’m sure many more that people chose not to share with the public). Oh, and please don’t tell me that you never leave home when you have a baby nurse, not even for a minute….)

  • Shepsil says:

    Let’s stop calling these untrained people nurses, they are no different than cleaning ladies being trusted with newborn infants with no one around. It’s amazing how temimusdig we are to trust our most precious possession with a total stranger based on a someone’s recommendation.

  • my2cents says:

    I sent my wife to La Isha to recuperate for a few days after our recent son was born. it did amazing things for her.
    as an added lesson
    I was the acting mother for the time… great lesson to feel first hand what its like to be a mother. very happy that she is back home after the rest she had…

  • Dan says:

    so you decided after the last story and this one that you will not be hiring a “nurse” after all. i.e. it was never a great necessity to begin with!

  • miri says:

    The nurses have been getting a bad rap recently – it all starts from them being called nurses. They are nannies, standard household help. People have been having issues with household help since the days of yore. They are here to help you and be there to assist. Not to replace you. Please enjoy the nannies that are available without fear. Baby nannies are not a necessity, don’t feel pressured to get one if you feel anxious or feel like you will be at peace without one. There are other ways to get help. People manage just fine with or without help doing the best they can under their specific circumstances. If you want a registered nurse to care for your child, you can hire one from the many nursing agencies available, although they are overqualified they have certain standards they have to keep to legally.

  • Uncommon sense says:

    The writer should call this a blessing. If the “nurse” isn’t responsible enough to text you to explain she’s sick and sending someone else, she’s not responsible enough to care for your newborn.

    While many nannies are great with children and can be trusted, I wouldn’t take a stranger on, even highly recommended from an agency. Call someone you know and trust. This is your child’s life.

  • Sheva says:

    I know it’s been said, but it bears repeating: Calling these women nurses is an insult to the real registered nurses that went to school for years and are state licensed. Please recognize that these women are unlicensed, most likely untrained lay-people who take care of other peoples’ children. Like cleaning ladies who clean other peoples’ homes. Coming from an agency doesn’t make them any more trustworthy or reputable.

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