EXCLUSIVE: Rabbi Moshe Zev Weisberg to Senator Booker: Cory – It’s not too late – Chazor B’cha and please come back!

Commenting today on Senator Booker’s announcement this past Friday that he’s running for President, Rabbi Moshe Zev Weisberg urged Booker to reflect.

“Cory Booker has undoubtedly been a longtime friend of the Jewish community,” says Rabbi Weisberg. “In the past, he has advocated strong pro-Jewish and pro-Israel positions, including opposition to the Obama Iran nuclear ‘deal’ and opposing to the anti-Semitic BDS (Israel boycott) movement.”

On Friday, Sen. Booker threw his hat into the 2020 Presidential race. After a long run as Mayor of Newark (2006-2013), he won a NJ Senate seat in 2013 with much Jewish support and financing, including the support of the Vaad. He is now seeking to become the Democratic nominee for President.

However, when push came to shove, in the Senate he voted FOR the Obama Iran nuclear deal, stating that is was the better of the two flawed options. Then again last Tuesday, he voted AGAINST the Strengthening America’s Security in the Middle East Act—legislation that would enable state and local governments in the United States to fight BDS. For this vote, he cited “first amendment” concerns. Note that this is after he co-sponsored anti-BDS legislation in 2016.

“Both these votes are troubling and seemingly out of character for Cory,” says Rabbi Weisberg. “Combined with his strong liberal voting record (pro women’s rightsaffirmative actionsame-gender marriage and single-payer healthcare) he is drifting away from some of his long-held principled positions, seemingly to better align himself with the left-leaning ‘mainstream’ Democratic party rank-and file.”

Rabbi Weisberg added, “It is important to note that NJ’s other Senator, our loyal friend Senator Bob Menendez, withstood the Democratic liberal pressure and voted against the Iran deal and for the anti-BDS bill. We thank and applaud his friendship and steadfast loyalty.

“We still consider Cory Booker a loyal friend and it pains us to chastise him publicly. We would like to given him the benefit of the doubt and chalk up these two votes to uncharacteristic flukes in an environment of immense political pressure. That it our way with friends that occasionally make mistakes.

“However, this may become more difficult as the 2020 Presidential race unfolds and the stakes become much more dangerous. We appeal to our long-time friend to reflect carefully on the direction he will taking moving forward and allow us to remain his friends and supporters.”


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There are 26 Comments to "EXCLUSIVE: Rabbi Moshe Zev Weisberg to Senator Booker: Cory – It’s not too late – Chazor B’cha and please come back!"

  • Fred Black says:

    Stop supporting such lowlife (moderated) as booker. He’s a radical (moderated).
    Booker isn’t getting anywhere near the nomination.
    Stop supporting Dems they are disaster!

  • frumyid says:

    Let’s be honest here. He is willing to throw us overboard to get votes which means he is not a true friend of our community.

  • cool masmid says:

    Respecfully Rabbi Weinberg, most of us Lakewood voters have come to see Senator Booker as an opportunist, as someone who will say anything and do whatever it takes to get elected or stay in office. He’s also someone who is not in par with our Torah values so I’m not quite sure why we should be even entertaining the idea of endorsing or supporting his run for office. Shouldn’t we be showing our support to our incumbent? Despite all his short comings and there are plenty, nonetheless he has shown tremendous friendship both to EY (Israel if that makes some happy) and to us yidden here in the US… and more importantly Republican values reflect Torah values. I think most yidden all over who don’t have an agenda won’t be looking to Cory Booker or any of the other democrats so why should Lakewood?… I really don’t get it…

  • let him go says:

    why go after him? just drop him. we dont need him. He just wants to win. stop being naive

  • True Yid says:

    Dear Vaad
    Please always only support True Torah Values.
    We will have to Answer “upstairs” if not

  • Tom says:

    He is not our friend that we see, he is our enemy. And an enemy of G/d.

  • Shepsil says:

    We live in NJ. It makes no difference who we vote for in national politics, the biggest liberal will win the nomination. Cory Booker doesn’t need the vaad endorsement anymore.

  • Matt says:

    I don’t know why you call this dirt bag, a friend he is anything but a friend. He’s a friend of Obama and the alike.

  • Yossi says:

    American jewry would be on the grave danger Under a book or under a Booker presidency.

  • Moshe says:

    He will be running for both US Senate and Pres in 2020 (until he loses the nomination). If he only considers to visit Lakewood during that time we will TURN OUR BACK on him. Just like he’s done to us in Senate.

  • Mordechai says:

    A very wise choice of words! Instead of ranting as so bloggers like, he understands that we’re in golus and never know when he may be in a position to help or hurt us. Talk against the bad decisions not the senator.

  • Einer Aza says:

    An opportunist is the best for our community. We don’t need to have opinions about the outside world. We need to take care of ours.

  • voter says:

    He is like Acher and Paroh – no going back!

  • monroe yid says:

    how can you argue with the vaad?? its torah min shomayim!!

  • alter lakewooder says:

    avada, we must all close our minds and just follow the vaad, whether it contradicts all we,ve ever learnt or not. what ever the vaad says is mamish toirah misinay, and we must be puppets!

  • bench kvetch says:

    terrible chilul hashem to publicly even think about booker, when all decent value Americans are against him! this is for shaim!

  • aj says:

    mishenichnas adar……

  • Cool Masmid says:

    This reminds me of the famous Mushil with the king who tried training the cat to be a waiter at his event. The cat was well trained and walked in holding a tray with food on it. However, as soon as the cat saw a mouse run across the room he dropped the tray and there went all the food on the floor. A CAT IS A CAT! BOOKER IS BOOKER! Period!

  • TheDoctor says:

    When push comes to shove Spartacus shoves our community into oncoming traffic. Since the Democrat party is becoming increasingly anti Israel and anti religious freedom so has he.

  • Larry says:

    Dear Rabbi Weissberg,
    Are you serious? Will the Vaad really endorse him if he says he is back with us? Didn’t he show his true colors? How naive can we be? Do you remember what happened when the Vaad said to vote for Corzine?
    The Lakewood olam is not that naive and asks their own Das Torah.
    When things don’t matter they will listen to the Vaad but when they do matter, no way. We have too much at stake. I believe it is harmful to the Vaad buy having this statement from you out in the public. It shows that the values of the Vaad is not the same as the values of the people it claims to represent.

  • Israel Supporter..Torah First says:

    i am concerned about bds. very concerned. I am more concerned about the pure neshamos here in Lakewood in the medina of religious no, lo lachzor bcha..his “chazor” feesel have been exposed too many times. We should have never bootlicked him at Prudential Center

  • Please says:

    Stop kissing up to him. He’s a true politician, speaks from both sides of his mouth

  • TheDoctor says:

    Spartacus effectively called our community evil when he called those who support Kavanaugh as complicit in evil because of his personal beliefs about gay marriage and abortion on demand which means he believes the frum Jewish community of Lakewood are evil because we don’t support gay marriage or abortion on demand

  • TheDoctor says:

    Remember when ex-president carter did his al cheit for his anti Israel activism well that didn’t change anything carter is still an anti Israel bigot

  • moshe kopoyer says:

    He’s much worse for America, Israel, Jews, etc. than Obama

  • rochel leffler says:

    It is time to speak the truth—Mr. Booker is an Anti-Semite—we should distance ourselves from this man and others like him once and for all.