FIRST REPORT – EXCLUSIVE VIDEO: Lakewood Police Department hires its first Orthodox Jewish Police Officer; Class is the most diverse the Department has ever seen

Dressed with a Yarmulka, an Orthodox Jewish Lakewood resident walked into the Lakewood Police Department training room today on his way to becoming the first Orthodox Jewish police officer in the history of the Lakewood, New Jersey Police Department.

The officer is one of 13 who were hired, in what became the most diverse class in the Department’s history.

“I am pleased to announce today that we’re hiring 13 new police officers, men and women from our very diverse community in order to bring our numbers up to 150 sworn officers,” Police Chief Greg Meyer told TLS in an exclusive interview.

The new hires will bring the number of police officers to the highest number the Department has ever seen, in an effort to keep up with the exponential growth in Lakewood.

Officials have requested we don’t name the new hires until after they complete the academy – which is in approximately six months.

“At that time, they’ll graduate, and if they all make it through, we’ll be announcing them to the public, you’ll get to see their faces, and hear a little more about their stories,” Chief Meyer says.

Following their academy graduation, the officers will go through in-house training at Lakewood Police Headquarters before hitting the roads.


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There are 26 Comments to "FIRST REPORT – EXCLUSIVE VIDEO: Lakewood Police Department hires its first Orthodox Jewish Police Officer; Class is the most diverse the Department has ever seen"

  • Lkwder says:

    I was wondering why we never had one here before (maybe we wouldnt want to be in position of having to give another jew a ticket or something?)

  • O says:

    Seems to be coming more popular recently

  • Moshe says:

    Can’t think of a dumber idea

  • Moish24/6 says:

    How is this new officer going to work around working on shabbos, The works through seniority not through religious rights

  • Avi111 says:

    @Moish24/6 I’m sure the details have been worked out and this is not first police Dept to hire a frum yid

  • Lkwder says:

    @moshe pls explain

  • Dave says:

    The pay and benefits are top notch. Most officers in LPD are salaried way over 120k plus pension etc. Great job! Hatzlocha!!

  • Hunch says:

    Dumb idea, and dumb article. What’s the point of posting news without real names/locations etc?

  • Ashley says:

    I have seen accidents in Lakewood and the first ones on the scene is the Jewish community’s OWN “police” which should be totally illegal! Just because your of a certain faith, doesn’t give you the right to have everything from your own school, police, and not pay taxes on your home which you consider your temple. I pray in my home and have group prayers, but I still pay taxes.

    • TLS Editor says:

      It’s uneducated, false and hateful comments such as yours that spread fear and anti-Semitism among the communities. You can now find yourself another forum.

  • woodstock says:

    Stay safe!

  • Edward Herbert says:

    I know there will be negative outcry, but I am interested to see how the Jewish Community feel about this Appointment of the Orthodox Jewish Officer. How does his Faith affect their Policing Abilities?, if any.
    I think the Rabbi should give the Officer understanding if the Officer needs to make an Arrest during the Time Of Prayer, or even on Saturday.
    May God open People’s Eyes, and stop Building. The Area is Overpopulated, extremely difficult to operate a Vehicle in The City of Lakewood safely, and it is time to say Stop, no more Building.

  • Lakewood resident says:

    Will they really be fair and give another Jewish person a ticket if needed?

  • Bob says:

    This will be fun to watch. I hear lawsuits…

  • Say, what ? says:

    What’s with the weird fears ? Do Asians give Asians tickets ? Do Irish cops give Irish ppl tickets ? Hello ?!! Yes, if needed, Jews give Jews tickets like all ethnic ppl give give their ethnicity tickets. And ur worried about Shabbos ? Aren’t there Frum chaplains in the US Army ? Everything will work out. This is just a smart guy who, hopefully, will get a good job and help our community. I would live to have him as my neighbor.
    Hatzlocha !!

  • ytz says:

    What kind of yarmulke does he wear??

  • Yakov says:

    To Ashly , Ed and all other concerned and disgruntled citizens ;

    Let’s assume you are right with all your fears and the Jews have their own police and everything else. Let’s also assume that every house is a synagogue and not paying taxes. How did this affect you? Dis anyone take away your rights? Will you ever miss treated by any ‘so called’ Jewish police or any other organization?
    Anyone charge you more in taxes? You know our township has a surplus!
    What is driving our taxes is not even the Jewish children going to school ( they go private and raise the $ them selves, while ‘you’ suck the government) but rather the high price of public school. So go figure what exactly you ‘do’ want ?

  • Moish24/6 says:

    @avi111, my comment was not an opinion it was coming from the words of a longtime police officer here in Lakewood. I always toyed with the idea of becoming a police officer myself but when I was informed that it works through seniority then I had a dilemma of how do I work on shabbos or Yom tov. When I brought this up to the police officer he said unfortunately is through seniority

  • why am i not surprised says:

    to # 9 ashley

    its sad that the glasses you wear are tinted black and all you see is the negative
    the “communities own police” are actually NJ STATE TRAINED EMT”S AND PARAMEDICS who pay for the training out of their own pockets and volunteer and donate their time towards saving accident victims in and around lakewood (btw they respond to any and all calls even for those who hate jews and are openly against the jewish community yes should you be in an accident chances are you’ll be taken care of by a religious jew who doesnt ask if your jewish, or hateor love jews, check your skin color before dispensing medical life saving treatment.
    many volunteer for lakewood first aid which is the township of lakewoods emt service

    when seconds can mean the difference between life and death our religion teaches us to help everyone irregardless of their color skin or religion thats why youll see what you call OWN POLICE”
    btw should your house go on fire chances are a religious fireman will run out in the middle of the night to save you as well wonder if youll let him in or wait it out for a non jewish fireman to come save you
    if it irritates you to be served by jews no one is forcing you to live here your welcome to leave that is if you dont mind using a jewish mover … and the list goes on

  • Amil Zola says:

    Kudos to the new officer. He’s not the first Orthodox Jew to become a member of LE. IRRC a recent photo of men in their uniforms praying at 770. I hope that more will follow in his footsteps. His job will give him a living wage, pension, health insurance and paid vacation.

  • LKWDKnight says:

    This young man is a very fine person and will do any department proud. If someone does something that deserves a ticket, or arrest, or any other thing unlawful that person will get what the law states. We live in a country of LAWS that are enforced by brave people everywhere. So do not break the law and all will be good.His parents did a fine job raising him not to see color, Creed, or anything else that would effect his judgment to do his job. Good luck to him and he should make his family proud and be safe.

  • Ben Torah says:

    This is a sad day. A Jewish boy doesn’t belong being a police officer.

  • Tom L says:

    When people say Jewish Police they are probably also referring to LCSW and Chaverim. I have personally seen both of these organizations come out in full force to help non Jewish individuals. I’m not versed on Jewish Religious law, would he be able to receive special dispensation from Rabi if he has to work on Religious days?

  • john says:

    Frum Yidden do not belong to be in power!! only problems happen when yidden are in control. It spreads anti semitisim and people start hating them

  • Dear Ashley says:

    please check the details you wrote if theyre true or not. they do not have their own police force, yes they pay taxes on their homes , and yes theyre entitled to send to their own private schools.