FIRST REPORT – PHOTOS: Electric bikes and scooters could soon be coming to Lakewood

One of the main concerns for Lakewood residents in recent years, is traffic – but help some relief could come soon.

In fact, in October, TLS asked readers what they thought about the idea of bringing bicycle rentals to Lakewood. Many readers weighed in, some suggesting the Township look into electric bikes and scooters – in an effort to alleviate traffic congestion around town.

Township officials and Askonim recently met to discuss the idea, and are currently looking to work with one such company


Representatives from the Lime company came down to Lakewood to display the various bikes and scooters.

“Lime is founded on simple idea that all communities deserve access to smart, affordable mobility,” the company’s website states. “Through the equitable distribution of shared scooters, bikes and transit vehicles, we aim to reduce dependence on personal automobiles for short distance transportation and leave future generations with a cleaner, healthier planet.”

How it works

The idea is to have multiple stations around town where riders can pick up an electric bike or scooter, and drop it off at their destination, and return it when done.

To unlock the vehicle, users can either log on to an app, or use a phone number or text message.

The program, already in use in many cities around the United States, requires a fee, something BMG and officials are trying to work and keep down.

“I think it’s a great idea,” Mayor Ray Coles told The Lakewood Scoop. “Anything that can help reduce the number of cars on the street is a plus in my books,” he said.


“Obviously, my main concern is safety,” says Coles, “so there will have to be a lot of education that will have to be done both for the people who ride them, and the the people who will be driving and sharing the street with them.”

The Mayor says he has a relative in Washington who uses the program, and “she just loves it.”

Being battery-powered, the vehicles would require battery changes. In fact, there’s a program you can sign up for which pays you to change batteries.

The Mayor says the Township is working on a trial program, and if successful, bring it permanently to Lakewood. Should that happen, says Coles, the program could be extended to high school students, and would also held reduce the number of hitchhikers in Lakewood.

Details about the program are being actively worked through, but the hopes is to have the trial program up and running by this Spring or Summer.

(See a video below about the program.)


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There are 26 Comments to "FIRST REPORT – PHOTOS: Electric bikes and scooters could soon be coming to Lakewood"

  • Idk says:

    With the dangerous driving in town, this is a nightmare…

  • fl says:

    Just got back from LA where electric scooters and bikes are in full force. Excellent idea to bring it here!

  • Yossi says:

    I feel like this is a disaster waiting to happen

  • Shepsil says:

    Another red herring from the township. The streets in Lakewood are overcrowded with no room for a bike lane. The few sidewalks we have should be reserved exclusively for pedestrians not electric scooters or bikes due to safety concerns.
    We need new cross roads to be built to alleviate the traffic. Stay focused on the real solution.

  • Scooter Laws says:

    Does anyone know the law as far as where one can ride electric scooters? Do they have to be rode in streets? Can you ride them on sidewalks? Does it depend on the speed of the scooter?


  • Lkwd mom says:

    If there r not designated bike lanes these can slow traffic even more. And what abt helmet safer?? Just some thoughts

  • Avi says:

    Not going to be pretty riding over all the potholes in this town.

  • All For It says:

    Epic idea

  • Zumy says:

    New nightmare for educators.

  • monroe yid says:

    I love hypocrites!! cops are constantly pulling over people riding them, and telling them its illegal, and here township brings them in

  • driver says:

    is anyone worried about safety same old town where cars flip daily and we think its normal get out of your box dood smell the coffee

  • Exbrisker says:

    It won’t work. For most people it won’t pas.

  • Exlakewooder says:

    All this does is make more pedestrians victims because no one pays attention on either side of the car or bike

  • hashem yearecheim says:


  • More dangerous! says:

    Doesn’t come with a helmet?????????????????????

  • @hashem yerachem says:

    Take it easy! YEs yungeliet and, your rosh yeshiva,, and even you maybe can call drive bikes! just like they do in Israel 🙂

  • Yankel says:

    Will be a disaster. #1, the scooters will be left anywhere and people will be tripping over them when walking. Just like drivers dont care about others enough to use blinkers- they will leave scooters anywhere they want. #2 in LA this works because the climate is supportive. With Lakewood weather they will only be used a few months per year. #3 most people wont use it.

  • Out of towner says:

    I do not think anyone has mentioned the fact that you will need a smartphone for this. Not a problem for the workforce but I do not see the BMG crowd using this,

  • mother says:

    I can’t believe no one mentioned yet how on earth this will help all those devoted fathers who do drop off and pick up for the precious children. are these bikes or scooters made with space for one or multiple children to ride along. simply not a practical solution. (also for all the other reasons previous comments cited)

  • lakewood mom says:

    What we need is mass transit like shuttle busses. Bikes and Scooters dodging in and out of traffic, in and around pedestrians on the sidewalk, will only add to the obstacle course. I can only imagine what these will add to Route 9 or New Hampshire Ave at rush hour! Frightening!

  • Uncommon sense says:

    This sounds great, until you think about how it will work. Are they riding on streets or sidewalks? Do they understand that if you’re riding the bike, you must obey traffic laws? With people too distracted to stop for a woman pushing a stroller or red bus lights, will they even see the bright green bikes? Will riders be swerving in and out of traffic?

    Too many dangers.

  • curious says:

    just curious #1 they are encouraging smart phones and #2 all the thousands of bais yaakov talmidos will wish to ride them for convenience and fun but if it is not accepted to ride bikes then this will forsure not be allowed. as much as i love the idea I dont think itll match with lakewood as a whole.

  • Amil Zola says:

    I live in a town the size of Lkwd that incentivised bicycles as transportation. 15% of our intown workers now use bicycles to get to and from work. We also have Lime which works well for visitors and tourists. My community is very well planned with over 30 miles of bike lanes.I think it’s time for Lkwd to take baby steps when it comes to alternative transportation. There will be steep learning curves regarding bicycle safety and laws. Let’s face it even the kids in school don’t receive annual bicycle safety courses, and it’s likely the yeshivas will refuse to alot time for this necessary training.

  • Gadolratzi says:

    I think we should ask Rav Chaim shlit’aand video tape it!

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