Kashrus Alert regarding Coke from Mexico being sold at Costco

Earlier this week, TLS posted a Kashrus Alert regarding Coke bottled in Mexico.

A reader notified TLS he wanted to purchase bottles in Costco for Mishloach Manos, when he noticed the bottles looked different. He says he phoned the company, who told him these pure cane sugar bottles – from Mexico – are not Kosher.

According to the CRC, all Coke bottled in Mexico are in fact not certified Kosher.


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There are 7 Comments to "Kashrus Alert regarding Coke from Mexico being sold at Costco"

  • Avi says:

    Not certified does not mean not kosher

  • Sam says:

    The local kashrus in Mexico says it is kosher

  • izzy says:

    Without going in to detail i can tell you that although the beverage may in fact be kosher therestill should be hesitation before consuming it.
    EVEN THE CERTIFIED stuff in the usa which “probably” is fine the OU does NOT know all ingredients that go in to it. although they claim that they (or someone within the OU) knows the “secret” formula the fact is that they do NOT know it. they rely on other agencies for many of the components of the beverage. any component that is certified by a different agency is relied upon but they can not know the formula for that component.

  • Eli from Kosher Luxus says:

    I asked rabbanim in Mexico who claim that the issue was fixed a while ago and its kosher approved by all organizations in Mexico, but please check with you Kashrus org, and don’t base your Kashrus off of reviews or articles.

  • Kashrus pro says:

    3 (Izzy),

    Do you lie all the time? What are you talking about? As someone on the inside, even if I have NOTHING to do with Coca-Cola soda, could assure you that your words are twisted worse than a pretzel!

    What is the difference between a Coke product and ANY other Kosher certified product? Do you think ANY hashgocha has ONLY ingredients they certify in their products? Even the “heimishe” hashgochas, if you believe their hype, don’t only use their hashgocha!

    The fact is, as any kashrus professional knows, the mashgichim have lists of approved ingredients and they cross-reference what they find in the plant against their list. EVERY ingredient is accounted for.

    So please stop spreading your NARISHKEIT because you sound like an idiot.

  • Kashrus pro says:

    This is 100% emes. The formulas produced for Mexico are produced outside the USA WITHOUT hashgocha.

    Let the buyer beware!

  • chaya says:

    Coca Cola is certified by KMD Mexico Kosher.

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