Jackson’s Nixon Deemed Spying on Jews an Emergency | A. Webley

As previously reported on TLS, Jackson’s Council President Rob Nixon wrote and spoke of spying on Jewish residences in Jackson Township on multiple occasions. A new batch of emails we’ve obtained shows that Nixon continued to do so even after being told his actions were a waste of time and costly to taxpayers.

In June of 2016, Jackson Township’s Business Administrator Helene Schlegel wrote to Jackson Council President Rob Nixon saying that after monitoring Jewish-owned properties over two weekends with nothing significant occurring, it was time to move on and stop wasting taxpayer dollars by monitoring properties that were not causing issues. Schlegel wrote that the monitoring should cease completely unless deemed “an emergency,” according to the email dug up by TLS. This email from Schlegel apparently did not dissuade Nixon from continuing to snoop on Jewish residents.

In September, nearly three months after the her first email to Nixon, Schlegel wrote that Nixon must prioritize other issues other than spying on Jewish properties in Jackson. “We are wasting valuable time and money checking every complaint that comes in. We can’t keep chasing ghosts. It’s the same people and addresses every week. We have other more serious issues, heroin drug houses, etc. These are the issues that we need to be concentrating on.”

What the second email makes clear is that Rob Nixon prioritized spying on Jewish residents over far more serious issues that Jackson has to deal with. He continued to do so even after being told to stop. And all this was done at the expense of Jackson taxpayers, who paid township employees overtime to spy on Jews.

Why is Rob Nixon so obsessed with the Jewish residents of Jackson? Why did he apparently deem monitoring of Jewish homes an emergency? Why would he prioritize spying on Jews over say, monitoring possible drug dealers? These are pressing, troubling questions, and answers are needed.


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There are 19 Comments to "Jackson’s Nixon Deemed Spying on Jews an Emergency | A. Webley"

  • tom says:

    sounds silly

    spying on neighbors?

    this is Jackson NJ and not terror stricken Helmand, Idlib or Venezuala

  • Phil says:

    Sound like Watergate !

  • resident says:

    Seems like he should be charged with discrimination, harassment and misuse of public office, with a personal lawsuit as well.

  • Simple says:

    It is quite simple Mr. Nixon is an anti-Semite. What is so hard to understand?

  • Time for change says:

    What a loser.

    This is Jackson’s mayor. Wow. How low can we go.

  • qene says:

    Nixon the spy

  • jenn says:

    Nixons abuse on government resources is shocking
    .and the mayor let him get away us pathetic..both Reina And Nixon should resign in disgrace….

  • Sam says:

    This Nixon character would make the East German secret police proud. How dare anyone say he’s not anti-Semitic. His refusal to condemn the Jew obsessed hate group RUOC, is a symptom of the deep seated hatred he harbors in heart towards Jews.

  • Dave Matting Jr. says:

    As a non Jewish reader of the scoop, I find it disheartening and sad that there are elected officials who are open ani-semites. The Jewish community has its problems – like any community in the world. Why isn’t Lakewood NJ in the news, having one of the lowest violent crimes rate in the Country! Why the baseless hate and ridiculous concern about a few men gathering in a home to pray!!! Make Jackson Great! God bless you guys.

  • seankonnery says:

    K’mo Paro

  • barry says:

    Writing to the Pba this bigot does not represent us

  • Overtime patrol says:

    That’s not what it says. what it says, you are using overtime monies on one specific property. Go check others and cut back on overtime. Sounds like overtime was the big issue. If you all worked you would know the meaning.

    • frumyid says:

      First off, I do work. In Financial services in NYC and handle billions of $ a day. Second, I got this job in part by using the degree i got from BMG. Third, I pay taxes to NJ in excess of 100k a year.

      That out of the way, what you wrote is incorrect. There’s nothing to suggest that. In fact,the opposite is implied. He wants these houses under surveillence.

      And here’s the final point: he is fighting a losing battle if he complies with the laws. If his antisemitism drives him to engage in unlawful stuff, then yes, he may win. But I would hope that we are a lawful town that believes in the American ideal of lawful fair play, then he will lose. But only after he has wasted the town’s resources for nothing.

  • ann says:

    Yes and Helene said to stop unless it was an emergency and still Nixon begged for it to continue

  • Chana Ruchel says:

    Was it spying or investigating complaints so that they can choose whether or not to ignore them completely considering the continuance? One is frivolous and one is doing the job they are required to do no matter who complains. As a mamaleh I find it concerning the rise in c”v antisemitism. Where will we go if we aren’t safe here? Why aren’t there more towns like New Square and Joel? We need them ,rabbonim, please!

  • Zs says:

    To Dave Matting Jr. Thank you for your kind words. GOD bless you.

  • Sam says:

    @overtime patrol Apparently your condescending attitude is in place due to your fundamental lack of reading comprehension skills. Read the article again. Ms. Schlegel clearly told Nixon that there are more pressing matters such as heroin houses and drug dens that need to be investigated instead of “chasing ghosts”.

  • sinaschinamwatch says:

    OVERTIME PATROL. I find your bigotry even more offensive than Nixon’s. When will we fellow yidden stop bashing one another??? Its simple.
    Sinas chinam brings galus.