MORE HATE: “Brick Will Kill Hasidics” note found near Lakewood BMG

A sticker that reads “Brick will Kill Hasidics” was found just before Shabbos near Lakewood’s BMG.

A resident tells TLS he found the sticker stuck onto a barrier on his way to Shul, and peeled it off. The sticker is similar to the ones which read “kill the police” that were found around the downtown area last week.

This sticker about the Hasidics comes after a profanity-laced video surfaced on Friday from an alleged Brick resident who shot video of Jewish families playing at Brick Park, and after the Twitter fiasco with the Brick Mayor.

The incident also comes just days after a Jackson home was found covered in anti-Semitic graffiti.


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There are 28 Comments to "MORE HATE: “Brick Will Kill Hasidics” note found near Lakewood BMG"

  • picture says:

    BMG has camera’s. shouldn’t be too difficult to see who put it there. unless they were masked.

  • A says:

    Can someone link to the video of the families in a Brick Park?
    Maybe we are in it.

  • David says:

    Again and again we are reminded we are in golus.Yes we have to do hishtadlus to be safe but we should not avoid the messages being sent.We are in golus and we have to realize that once in for all and act accordingly.

  • David says:

    Again and again we are reminded we are in golus.Yes we have to do hishtadlus to be safe but we should not avoid the messages being sent.We are in golus and we have to realize that once in for all and act accordingly.

  • HumbleOpinion says:

    I would not take these things lightly. The climate in the USA has become toxic with Anti Semitism and hate. And the Democrats are allowing it too fester by being too weak to stand up to their leftist, radical and Ant Semetic base. Shame on them.

  • Steven Mitchell Einhorn says:

    Three years on Various Local, County and State authorities are Still “Investigating” the desecration of the Holocaust Memorial at the Sons of Israel Synagogue on Madison Ave and 4th St.

  • Concerned says:

    These incidents are coming way too fast and the increase in frequency is disconcerting. This hate needs to be nipped in the bud. This can escalate very quickly. And if the wrong person says the wrong thing to the wrong at the wrong time or place, this can lead to tragic accidents.

    @Dovid – your message is stale. Thx for understanding.

  • just wondering says:

    If the perpetrators see that these actions get publicity and gets there message out wouldn’t it encourage more of it. Maybe if we let police deal with it but not publicize they would be less motivated?

    Just a thought. . .

  • private investigator says:

    doesn’t even know how to spell Brick. Handwriting rather poor as well.

    • private investigator says:

      English is obviously not the native tongue of this perp. Notice how he initially forgot the word “will” and subsequently admitted it.

  • Koppel says:

    Why did he peel it off, the police should have handled it in a way they can get finger prints.

  • Not me says:

    I’m a litvack so I’m ok.

  • Lakewood mom says:

    Go out of your way to make a kiddush hashem at any possible time that you’re able to do so!

  • Yaakov says:

    To “not me”:
    Hardly funny

  • Obvious says:

    The handwriting is identical to the anti police stickers found. Also a Usps sticker….

  • woodstock says:

    Please do not give this any attention. Probably some dumb kids who want the attention because they have nothing better in their lives to do (sad). They do dumb things and will feel about it when older. The kid can’t even spell. Something wrong with him/her.

  • Lakewood mom says:

    Most outside of our community don’t know that chassidim are a specific group of ultra orthodox and lump yeshivish, litvish, and chassidish together, calling us all hassidic.

  • Me2 says:

    Maybe it’s the mailman??

  • P says:

    Shalom is a vessel for bracha if you wronged someone apologize sincerely and try to make amends now. Don’t wait for erev Yom Kippur.

  • Efsher Loimar says:

    Its not MORE HATE,
    it’s the same kid putting up another sticker.

  • Yechiel Goldstein says:

    Abuse and misuse of post office property is a federal crime. Maybe the US Postal Inspectors need to be made aware of these crimes, since the the Anti-Semite doing it likes to use the post office labels.

    I agree with Lakewood Mom, do a Kiddush Hashem whenever possible. Let people outside of the community see who we really are, and that Mitzvos and Tzedakah extend beyond us, and helps make the world a better, nicer place. We may be in Golus, but there is a saying that “Life is what you make it”; If I do a mitzvah, or a Kiddush Hashem, is it not a benefit to the world? That single action may yield a profound influence on the life of anybody who benefitted from it.

    I bought a coffee at Starbucks, and paid for the order of the person in line behind me this morning, and he thanked me many times. That man will tell his friends “you wont believe this, but some Jewish guy paid for my coffee and a salted caramel for my son this morning”.

    The cost was a few dollars, but the smiles on the faces of father and son, were a blessing from HaShem.

    • me says:

      I agree with you small acts of kindness could go a long way.
      When out in public please put down your phone.
      Stop at the stop signs. Don’t talk on phone when driving.
      Put on your signal when you are turning.
      All these things have a big inpact on how others view us. We must start acting properly when out in public because even the smallest things causes other to view our communtiy in a negative way.

  • Jamesbond says:

    Time to visit shore shot gun range in lakewood and get protection!!! Just a thought!!!

  • Just wondering says:

    Why are we giving these idiot’s a platform?
    Just lets a good ignore them. I

  • Yizkor says:

    Too many parallels to Europe’s 1930’s move forward with eyes wide open, take precautions and plan accordingly. The cry’s of never again in liberal capitals ring hollow as never before. Hashem’s plan will be what it is but we need to do ours.

  • Yechiel Goldstein says:

    To “me”:

    The problem is that most non-Jews do not view us or our deeds as individuals and look at us as a group. Stereotypes are formed on that basis, i.e. a Jew driving poorly becomes “Jews don’t know how to drive”, a Jew being frugal and not wasteful with his money becomes “Jews are penny pinchers”.

    It is out of those sorts of stereotypes that antisemitic views are born. For me, the answer is to treat every non-Jew as if they were my dearest friend and also a fellow Yidden. For what it costs me to be kind to others I am rewarded many times over.

    I was driving to Kew Gardens one day and got a flat tire. A non-Jewish friend saw me on the side of the street and pulled over to change the tire for me. All this because I had made a phone call to another friend that helped my friend get a job he wanted. 3 years later my friend did not forget my help. Think if I had to pay for the tire change or wait for the tow truck!

  • Republican says:


    To all those here that commented “Liberals” and “Democrats”, please take note that the vast majority (almost all) of anti semitic acts perpetrated in the USA are the work of right wing fanatics – not left.

    While I agree that the left is not doing enough to stop the spread of the hate, it is the far right fascists (who vote Republican) that are behind all the white supremacy and bigotry.

  • Lakewood Strong says:

    @Yechiel Goldstein kudos to you. I (orthodox in Lakewood) was in line at the Dollar Tree and a gentleman in front of me was short a few dollars , so I helped by paying his bill. Hopefully the people waiting on line who saw this will see this as an act of human compassion and view “us” as fellow human beings trying to live our lives just like them.

    I always try to hold the door if someone is walking into a store behind me. I try to let someone who is trying to get onto Route 9 get in front of me. I try to drive responsibly and Like a mentch. I try to make sure Im parked in only my parking spot.

    I strive to represent my community in the best possible light and make a kiddish hashem.

    Please , try to do the same.