EXCLUSIVE – AUDIO: Lakewood resident comes up with simple way to remember your child in the car

After hearing numerous stories around the U.S., and recently in Lakewood, of a baby left in a hot vehicle, a Lakewood resident said he felt compelled to do something about it.

That’s when he came up with a simple solution – a bracelet – and he’s distributing it for free.

The creator of the product, Yisrael Kleinman, LCSW, spoke with TLS about the new innovative bracelet, and where you can pick them up.


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There are 24 Comments to "EXCLUSIVE – AUDIO: Lakewood resident comes up with simple way to remember your child in the car"

  • Sara says:

    Thank you for doing something about it, It sounds beautfiful. However wouldn’t it be way more effective if the bracelet can have some sort of beeping device when taken out of the car (as it is always supposed to be left in the vehicle). Some people may need the audio sound to remind them, above all else. Also, I think it’s something that should be distributed in hospitals when a baby is born so everyone will have access.

  • Yiddishe Mamma says:

    I’ll just add that – just as Yisrael Kleinman says, that keychain-stroller hook idea (see previous post) will only work if you do it every single time without fail – chok ve’al ya’avor – so it’s an ingrained habit.

  • lakewood mom says:

    Thank you!!!
    Finally, someone is taking action. I commend you for developing this creative, simple and inexpensive solution to a very serious and current problem. It should be a zechus for you and your family, and may we all have a healthy and safe spring/summer.

  • naftooli says:

    amazing idea. tizku lemitzvos

  • Mom says:

    Where can I get such a bracelet?

  • Siyug says:

    Yisrael, it’s such an excellent concept.

    When being used properly, you should only be wearing the band while you are driving.
    If you see a man/woman walk into Yeshiva or work or anywhere wearing the band you run over to them and pull the band. So it incorporates a public participation which is another layer of protection.

  • I love Hashem says:

    not to put anything down here…as we always need to do our hishtadlus…

    reminding ourselves that EVERYTHING COMES FROM HASHEM & WE NEED TO BELIEVE & TRUST IN HIM will do us more than any reminder….


  • A mother says:

    I believe unless someone remembers to put it on every day will it be effective, also how will people get this bracelet? Thank you

  • WOW! says:

    Thank you for your hishtadlus.

  • um... says:

    Great idea.

    What do you suggest for multiple kids?

  • @um says:

    as long as you are wearing the bracelet, at least one kid is in the car and if you go to the back you will see the kid or kids.

  • Yisrael Kleinman says:

    @Siyug Exactly!

    Anyone who needs a bracelet can come get from my front porch. 91 Canary Dr.

    There are two colors so if you have 2 kids you can have a different color for each kid.

    If you need a whole bunch to distribute, or if you are a Morah, or can being to Morahs, etc, please email me at and I’ll arrange to give you as many as you need.

  • MP says:

    Kars for kids has free app

  • really?! says:

    Still can’t believe people need a reminder that they have a kid in the car.

    • loops says:

      A number of years ago, a group of NASA scientists created a great gadget after one of their colleagues left a baby all day in the car right in NASA’s headquarters parking lot.
      Unfortunately, they could not find someone willing to mass produce it because there is absolutely no market for such an item! Nobody believes that such a thing can happen to them! In fact a prosecutor in Virginia prosecuting a suffering father had the nerve to tell the Washington Post that as “a responsible person”, such a thing would never happen to him.
      A simple Google search will open anyone’s eyes that such a thing CAN happen to them! The message has to be to one and all – do your utmost hishtadlus! these horror stories have happened to the most responsible people and can happen to YOU.

    • Yisrael Kleinman says:

      Here is an email I got today:

      “Just a few weeks ago my husband had taken our baby to the babysitter and realized he left his bottle at home. He went back home to get the bottle and by the time he got back in the car without thinking he just drove straight to yeshiva instead of going back to the baby sitter. (Since my baby was sleeping and quiet)

      BH I had called him just as he got to yeshiva and asked him if he dropped off our baby and he said he totally forgot and had the baby sleeping in the back of the car. BH I called in time but it definitely could’ve been scary.”

      It’s all about the psychology of it. Our brains get into routines. It’s how Hashem made us…

  • Leah says:

    If you remember one u remember all!! And hopefully one wont walk away from a car with a whole bunch of kids inside thats more neglect than forgetting

  • Bubbie Zelda says:

    Call me old call me stupid but I do agree with number 14. . Never heard of anyone forgetting a child in the car in the old days, But I also agree with 4 and 15 . It doesnt mean that I CHAS VESHOLEM DONT feel with a parent that loses a child this way. You lose the child and also I am sure you are feeling guilty the rest of your life, WE lost a child years ago due to illness but we still felt guilty that maybe we could have done something more. Have a few more thoughts on the tragic subject, I hope I will never never have to right about it again. To parents no matter how busy you are please PLEASE be very very careful with your best and precious children, From now on we should only hear about Simchos. AMEIN,

  • Justsayin.... says:

    Really, you can’t remember you child is in the car how are you supposed to remember to put the bracelet on or to look at it.

    • Judah Bergman says:

      Very simple. You keep the bracelet on the car seat, and replace it there when you take the child out.

  • FTmom says:

    Great idea. I wonder if it would work to strap it around your seatbelt when you leave the car. Every time you get in the car the bracelet is on the seatbelt. If you have a baby you put it on your wrist. When you leave the car you put it back on your seatbelt. So it’s waiting there for next time.
    If the bracelet remains on your hand you forgot your child.
    Steering wheel would be a good idea too, but that would require extra steps to secure it. This should be simple to strap around a seatbelt. It’s visible and an easy habit to form.

  • Sandy says:

    Bubbie Zelda,
    Babies were not required to be placed in the backseat facing backwards until the last two decades or so. Out of sight sadly leads to out of mind sometimes.

  • Super confused says:

    I have five children..i have never left any in the car..i don’t let them play outside by themselves. Crazy

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