Ner Mitzvah responds after customers experience melting candle holders (VIDEO)

In response to multiple incidents involving melting candle holders and apparent fire hazard, TLS reached out to one of the companies, Ner Mitzvah, for statement.

The company responded with the following statement, along with the attached video.


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There are 32 Comments to "Ner Mitzvah responds after customers experience melting candle holders (VIDEO)"

  • Matt says:

    From my experience working in Supermarkets over the years, I have never heard of any real issues with ner mitzvah products, some of the other brands maybe use cheaper materials and they melt much worse as seen on Lakewood scoop feed.

  • Rena says:

    Do me a favor you know full well that this is a dangerous product discontinue production of this product and start putting it into a glass encasement, you are literally “playing with fire” put safety first. Thank you.

  • ?? says:

    Ok that’s comforting to know it shouldn’t create a fire. HOWEVER, that does not take away the fact that the burning plastic creates a smell that was really awful and not something I want me or my family breathing in. That’s enough for me to stay away from purchasing such a product ever again.

  • Thank you says:

    Dumbest video ever..shows nothing…do it on a 3/4 melted/used candle that is boiling hot from 2 days of use and then we will talk

  • venehapochu says:

    Just stop with this baloney – fake shmooze. Get the plastic candle off the market. I had the plastic melt down.
    Ner MITZVA… Do yourself a Mitzva.

  • 3 day? says:

    My candles besides melting the plastic lasted only 2.5 days!

  • Elis says:

    This is sakanas nefoshois mamesh. I’ve had these melt on me twice. I’ll never buy one again.
    Outrageously irresponsible of this company as well as any stores that stock them.

  • concerned parent says:

    i put mine in a corel bowel that is filled with one third water. even if it melts down, the water will put out any fire that is left.

    • aj says:

      and when the wax melts and candle gets lighter, it floats and tips and the water extinguishes the candle in the middle of yom tov, and there goes the whole point of having a 3 day candle.
      why get the plastic ones in the first place??

  • me,myself&i says:

    Excuse me? This is the company’s defense? It doesn’t burn, but it melts? Melting is also totally dangerous!! How do they defend themselves this way? Just keep away from this product.

  • Mo mose says:

    I never had a issue with the candle. Thanks for clearing up that even if the flame shifts to the side it won’t burn the plastic.

  • Kani kom says:

    I had a tiny melt kn top. But thanks for clarifying and the letter

  • Lifetime NER Mitzvah user says:

    You guys are all a bunch of people who just want their opinions to be heard. I’ve never had an issue with the 3 day plastics. I just don’t throw my matches IN THE CANDLE
    Or keep moving the candle to a point where the wick would move. It is a CANDLE. you have to be careful with it! If a child plays with legos and then hurts himself, does that mean LEGO should go off the market? NO! because people are careful. Someone ate a jelled candle once, does it mean we need to remove all jelled candles from the market? NOPE!
    There is a clear warning to never leave a burning candle unattended and the place on fireproof objects. Pay attention, don’t be careless and you will be fine. #NerMitzvahForever

  • Inventions says:

    When is Ner Mitzvah coming out with new inventions/idea’s? Love those

  • Chaim says:

    “we exclusively use ‘inflammable’ materials…”

    This could be the problem….

    Inflammable: (adj.) easily set on fire

  • Huh? says:

    The letter is especially embarrasing as the definition of “inflammable” is something that can catch fire

  • zumy says:

    Flammable: def: can burst into flames. Inflammable is a synonym, but seldom used. They meant non-flammable.

  • Think says:

    Chaum, Zumy, huh? Inflammable means its doesn’t catch fire. Which you can clearly see it DOESN’T from the video. Are you guys blind? Plus, if you follow product instructions to put on fireproof object (which you should put any fire) then there shouldn’t be a problem at all. Take your hate someplace else

  • rifka says:

    here’s a thought…. don’t buy them!!

    • deborah says:

      I said the same exact thing yesterday, but for some reason it wasn’t posted !! Hummmmmmm !!!!

    • deborah says:

      My apologies !! I see that this is a 2nd posting on this subject. My statement was posted on the 1st post yesterday !!

  • TheConsultant says:

    Every year there are stories with glass ones exploding. I’d rather have the plastic if you don’t put it below an AC vent as one of the pics show was done, the flame stays in the middle and doesn’t burn or melt the plastic, also don’t put it near your stovetop or candles where you have an open flame, as probably done by some of those submitting pics as there is no way for the top outer edge to melt from the inside.

  • aj says:

    by the way … if u look at one of the first pictures posted it seems like the fire tore a hole right through the plastic very close to the bottom of the candle… and from the way it melted near the bottom its seems very likely that the candle can tip over and maybe even roll since it happens to be round…. this video is worthless

  • rifka says:

    @lifetime NER MITZVAH how are you using a 3 day yahrtzeit candle over yom tov and NOT leaving it unattended at some point. ? thats impossible…

  • Grump says:

    Remember the plastic menorah glasses? They also melt & can start a fire.
    Fire & plastic don’t go together.
    Your family’s safety is worth the few cents more for a glass holder.

  • question says:

    Why plastic or glass? I only buy metal

  • Israel says:

    We spent a little extra for the glass ones but someone put a match in it and the glass actually exploded at some point. Lesson learned, always take extra precautions and educate your family on how to mitigate the risks.

    Besides the safety factor, in our experience the plastic ones usually don’t last the full amount listed….

  • A Normal Comment says:

    I use those plastic candle thingy and never had a problem, but no one can ever avoid a problem, especially when it has to do with fire.

    I once heard of someone choking on a harder piece of meat, things can happen, and i wonder if the one who got melted in the bottom left a match inside.

  • d says:

    We used two of these over Yom Tov, as we have many times in the past. I don’t have any other flame to light candles with, so they are the best option when used SAFELY. They burned beautifully on a safe tray in a safe spot, where they were not exposed to additional heat, and would not move or be moved, and the wicks stayed put in the center. They burned well past the 3 days of Yom Tov.

  • Chaim says:

    The video shows the plastic melting
    And that’s exactly what happens the plastic melts and the fire is not contained and it goes out and can catch on to other things they should take responsibility it doesn’t look good for the co. I totally don’t have respect for this company anymore

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