Opinion: Media Sanctioned Lies l Shlomo Rudman

While campaigning for votes, Democratic front-runner Joe Biden made a statement so ludicrous and devoid of reality, that in a sane and just world it would cause him to be sent to a doctor to get checked out. Regarding his time as Vice President under Barack Obama, Biden said “Know what I was most proud of? For eight years, there wasn’t a one single hint of a scandal or a lie.” The leftist media members nodded along, proud to be propping up a candidate whose views aligned with theirs more than Trump’s do. Of course, the statement was either a bald-faced lie, or maybe Biden is beginning to lose his memory. Either way, it is completely ridiculous. Let’s rehash just a few of the major lies told to the American people by the Obama White House.

First of all, who can forget that it was President Obama who received the ‘Lie of the Year’ award by Politifact for purposely misleading Americans about being able to keep their doctors under Obamacare? We can’t, but apparently Biden (and the media) can.

There was “Fast and Furious” that put thousands of weapons into the hands of drug traffickers who ended up killing Border Patrol agent Brian Terry with one of those guns.

Obama’s Attorney General Eric Holder became the first-ever Attorney General to be held in contempt of Congress.

Obama sent secret planes stuffed with cash to pay ransom to Iran.

Obama’s DOJ spied on the Associated Press and Fox News reporter James Rosen.

The IRS targeted conservatives in the run-up to critical elections.

The National Security Advisor Susan Rice went on multiple Sunday shows and said the Benghazi attacks were “spontaneous”, even though she knew it was pre-planned.

Obama’s Secretary of State, Hillary Clinton, was mired in multiple scandals throughout her tenure.

And it goes on.

So how could Biden get up and say that there wasn’t “one single hint of a scandal or a lie,” and get away with it?

Because of the media.

Yes, it might get tiresome to constantly hear President Trump attacking the media and calling them the enemy of the people. But it is important to realize that the leftist media incessantly and invariably make hay out of minor Republican scandals and will completely cover up major Democratic scandals – even ones that were not completely hidden from public view. For example, when Buzzfeed wrote a major expose showing the Obama administration’s deep ties to Hezbollah, the major liberal news organizations failed to make any mention of it.

It is appalling how much the mainstream media will fall over themselves to protect those that match their own personal views on matters instead of fairly and accurately reporting the facts as they are. It is the media and their cronies that enable candidates like Joe Biden, who was a major part of the scandal-plagued Obama administration, to make comments saying that everything was fine and dandy. Lies are lies, the American people know the truth, and that is how President Trump got into office in the first place.

So keep lying, Joe. President Trump will end up thanking you.


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There are 3 Comments to "Opinion: Media Sanctioned Lies l Shlomo Rudman"

  • TheConsultant says:

    The mainstream fake news media are the propagandist arm of the democrat party that’s why they keep spewing Democrat talking points.

  • buzzfeed ? says:

    Quoting buzzfeed ?

    Maybe you can quote Alex Jones, Milo Yannopoulos, Joseph Watson and Jeremy Stone also ?

    It wouldn’t surprise me, since Trump also quotes them.

  • Big Joe says:

    There was a long article in Politico detailing how the Obama administration prevented law enforcement officials from targeting Hezbollah’s lucrative drug trafficking operation which Hezbollah uses to finance its terrorist operations. The Obama administration feared that the targeting of Hezbollah’s drug trafficking operations might hamper its nuclear deal with Iran. Perhaps there were similar articles elsewhere, but the Politico article was detailed, thorough and well-researched.

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