UPDATED: Multiple incidents involving candles made with plastic holder (PHOTOS:

[UPDATE BELOW] A Lakewood resident sent us these pictures this evening – showing the results of a candle made with a plastic holder.

The residents says his wife smelled plastic burning, and came downstairs to find the holder melting from the flame inside. She extinguished it before the alarm sounded.

There have been multiple similar incidents involving these types of candles. Consumers who purchased similar candles should contact the company.

UPDATE 9:10 AM: Since posting about this incident, multiple other residents sent in pictures showing similar results from candles made with plastic holders.

TLS has reached out to Ner Mitzvah for comment.


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There are 18 Comments to "UPDATED: Multiple incidents involving candles made with plastic holder (PHOTOS:"

  • Rena says:

    The stores should not be selling this item and neither should the company manufac ture them. I went to three stores until I found a three day glass Yartzeit candle. This is totally unacceptable. The plastic ones are extremely dangerous. Wouldn’t you rather pay an extra 50 cents then have your house burn down

  • RebRambo says:

    Though not as bad, I had the same issue with said company. Time to return to glass.

  • zUmy says:

    All candles need to be handled with caution and common sense. Where was the candle placed? Was there a draught in the area? was there a candle nearby that was generating extra heat? Keep in mind that the companies manufacturing these candles are providing a service and before publicising mishaps, some basic questions regarding the placement of the candles should be asked. We safely used 5 candles for this Yom Tov, spread out in a 9×13 pan, with about an inch of water in the pan, on a stone counter.

  • Rachel says:

    why Does it look like matches on the bottom of one? Also, keep them in a pan with an inch of water away from heat.

  • Been There says:

    Had the same issue on Pesach. The stores should not carry these candles

  • Shabbos kodesh says:

    When my daughter went shaoopping b4 yom tov for a yartzheit candle i told her spicifically GLASS, she said she couldnt tell which were actually glass until she knovked it against the shelf to confirm with the soud. The heavy plastic is gr8 for candles tgat are being watched, but if you dont stay with your leichter the whole night and day, its asking for trouble. Everyone take this as a lesson, and only buy glass contained candle

  • Chapfull says:

    If you look at the pictures to you can clearly see that they had other objects in the holder! One has a match in and the other has a blue plastic piece of something. Last I checked it dose not come with it.
    Before you damege someone’s reputation please check to see if you followed instructions.

  • ?? says:

    Had the same issue with ours over yt and there was nothing extra in the jar…. these plastic jars must be taken off the market!!

  • Be safe says:

    I had the same incident a couple of years ago and I did not have anything else and candle. I haven’t bought one of those since.

  • Sorry but... says:

    A person may take extra precautions if he likes- i.e. placing the candle in a pan of water, but that must not be a REQUIREMENT for proper use. And if it is, it MUST be clearly stated on the candle holder. Glass holders would not have any problem if a match was also placed inside. And as far as the matches in the picture- it’s clear they were placed inside AFTER the candle burned out, otherwise they themselves would be burned or at least covered in wax.

  • To sorry but says:

    It isn’t true that the glass ones don’t have any problems. I put a match in my glass one and the glass exploded. I didn’t put one in my plastic one and had no problems with it

  • Me2 says:

    Bottom line- this is not happening with the glass ones…

  • Anonymous says:

    Placing the candle in water might do more harm than good. As the candle burns thru the wax, the candle becomes lighter than the water and will float. This may cause the candle to tip sideways.

  • me,myself&i says:

    It’s totally illogical to mix fire and plastic. How could anyone even think of producing something like this? When people see it, they assume that the plastic is somehow safe. Apparently it isn’t and I can’t believe this is still being produced, since I’ve heard about incidents such as these before. Is this even legal?

  • deborah says:

    It really is quite simple, Don’t buy them !!!

  • L says:

    I’ve heard numerous such stories (from ppl rightfully warning others of their first hand experience – I don’t understand why ppl commenting think it’s LH if it’s true sakana…). I looked for a glass container to use this YT, but these plastic ones were the only type the store had. All through YT, I kept checking on it, nervous to find it melting. BH it was ok, but it’s nuts that we keep hearing the same stories over and over again and nonetheless, the same product is continuing to be sold… I’d love to hear from the company, but more importantly, I’d love to see improvements made!

  • NS says:

    The same thing happened to me with glass when I used large kitchen matches which fell inside because the wick was too low the second evening when I was using it to light my candles. It caused a big flame, the glass turned black and exploded. After that, I only use the long camping matches that can be bought at any dollar store which insures that when you take light from the wick, you won’t drop the match inside to avoid burning your fingers. I never use plastic for obvious reasons.Although it is very helpful to offer advice, customers should not be blamed because there is no safety warning on the candles so most people assume it is safe to light them as is. I learned the hard way – B”H no one was hurt.

  • DZ says:

    This past Chaukah, as I sat and watched the flames in the Menorah, I could not believe my eyes as I witnessed one of the plastic oil cups totally melting, right there and then.
    It was very scary to think that had I walked away, it could have ended in a disaster, C”V. I don’t know how something like that passes the many tests that are required in order to be mass produced. Plastic and fire just don’t go hand in hand. In such a case, common sense is required.

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