SHOCKING: Toms River Candidate Makes Anti-Semitic Social Media Posts After Losing Bid for Council

In recent months, a growing number of hateful and derisive comments have been directed at Jews living in Ocean County. The spike is believed to be largely due to a small group of pitchfork-wielding racists intent on driving Jews out of their shared communities riling up residents of townships surrounding Lakewood, including Brick, Jackson, and Toms River.

While instances of anti-Semitism are always concerning, it becomes far more disturbing when local leaders and politicians are the ones inciting the masses against Jews in the community. Following weeks of investigations, it seems clear that such is the case in Toms River.

Heather Barone, a Toms River resident who on Tuesday was defeated in her bid for the Republican nomination to serve on the Toms River Council, appears to have been aligning herself with anti-Semitic characters and social media posters. Barone herself has in the past posted highly questionable material on social media, most notable Facebook, in which she engaged with and encouraged those who seek to make the lives of Orthodox Jews in Toms River difficult.

But her most disturbing comments came following her Tuesday loss to Councilman Mo Hill’s slate of candidates for Toms River Council.

Clearly outraged at her loss, Barone found herself a scapegoat for her defeat – the Jews.

In blistering posts, Barone accused Jewish resident of buying off Mo Hill and swinging the election in his and his preferred candidates favors.

“Thank you all that actually voted. Not a chance we had against the money Mo Hill had and team had from the Orthodox vote and money. So you got what you voted for. Goodbye Toms River!” wrote Barone in a post. She followed up with another post saying “You got what you voted for. A bought out, overdevelopment, orthodox bought group. Bye Toms River.” She also remarked in a separate post that Orthodox Jews hate her because she speaks out “against their corruption.”

Barone is not a fringe, no-name politician. She serves on Toms River’s Planning Board and is a member of the Ocean County Library Commission. Her most prominent position is the Board President of CASA – the Court Appointed Special Advocates for Children. CASA serves as a voice in court for abused and neglected foster children.

A public official making public anti-Orthodox statements on social media is a concern facing many Jewish residents in Toms River, several of whom spoke to TLS.

“Frankly, I’m stunned that an official with serious responsibilities would be spewing such vile hatred against us,” one resident told TLS. “Every Toms River official, besides for one Councilman, have been warm and accepting of Orthodox Jews. It worries me what damage Barone can do in her official capacities,” continued the resident, who requested anonymity.

Another resident questioned whether Ms. Barone would act fairly when an Orthodox Jew brought a proposal before the Planning Board.

“After seeing her social media posts, I can only assume that her views are affecting her decision-making on the planning board,” said the resident.

Multiple officials to whom this reporter spoke to regarding this investigation say that Ms. Barone has a history of lashing out at those she feels are not on her side. In this case, it seems she felt that Jews were in the corner of Mr. Hill.

A local Jewish activist denied supporting Hill, saying he would have been pleased with the nomination of any candidate who would extend an open hand to the Jewish community.

Some information has come to light which seems to show that Barone has come under pressure over her posts in recent days. She appears to have set all her social media accounts to private and failed to attend a planning board meeting held on Wednesday evening.

It is as of yet unclear whether any action will be taken against Ms. Barone for her apparent anti-Semitic posts.


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There are 17 Comments to "SHOCKING: Toms River Candidate Makes Anti-Semitic Social Media Posts After Losing Bid for Council"

  • moe says:

    Wow this lady is she friends with Reina…

  • njhatewatch says:

    These comments are not borderline anti-Semitic, they are without a doubt overtly anti-Semitic. It’s an absolute disgrace that a public official can engage in such disgusting and despicable rhetoric. It would be an even bigger disgrace if she would be allowed to maintain her public positions after exposing herself as an outright bigot. I hope the right thing is done and she is immediately removed from said positions.

  • Tr sting says:

    Wow!! Can’t believe CASA can let this terrible person be on their board.
    CASA sponsors / supporters should be made aware. She is dangerous.

    Some of the prominent sponsors are:
    Verizon , Wells Fargo , Provident Bank,.

    She is a evil racist bigot.

  • Disgusted Local Resident says:

    Its despicable that this woman even attempted to run for city council. Is an embarrassment to our town, and the CASA organizations on which she serves on their board and the Library Board of Commissions!
    I sure hope her comments don’t reflect the beautiful work the CASA does and accomplishes. Her negative rhetoric and derogatory slurs can really damage and turn away the CASA sponsors that are currently backing this beautiful organization!
    Shame on Heather Barone!

  • Gregg witter says:

    Very disappointed at the CASA organization for having such a woman on board, Does anyone have a contact info to reach CASA?
    What a disgrace.

  • Phil fishnet says:

    i live just up the block from her, I have known her almost 10 years, There is no one i know who has anything nice to say about her, This article is not news to me!

  • lkwd mom says:

    Disgusting. All out against her. Why is this hate tolerated!!?

  • Lakewood Resident says:

    Does anyone know how to make spaghetti?

  • Concerned in TR says:

    I shudder, thinking what would have been had this lunatic won the election. She’s a danger to society.

    I don’t understand how she can be on the CASA board or the TR Planning Board. She is putting them all in jeopardy with her open racism.

    Swift action is needed.

  • lkwd mom says:

    Not sure why said ” all out against her” was a typo. We should b all out against her tho, rallying that she be removed from her position.

  • Charles says:

    I think her and Hillary should make a losers support group. They can then cry about how the election was stolen from them, when in truth they are just both horrible candidates.

  • Jinnah Demarcus says:

    She has created a toxic situation where her and her mother (apple doesn’t fall far from the tree) are the mean girls and everyone is scared to oppose them. It’s time to show them who they really are.

  • Joseph says:

    Everyone knows shes awful and that is the reason why she lost. Non-Jews and Jews alike didn’t vote for her.

  • Care Free says:

    Heather is a twisted loser who couldn’t even pull together 5% of the vote! Her hate filled comments are a simple interpretation of what a sore loser she is. She acts like a child who is in the first grade when they lose a game, they throw a fit and blame the world. Like a spoiled child who always thinks they are right, Heather, always blames others for her wrongdoings and her lack of results, in addition, always plays the victim so people will pity her. Sorry to say this Heather, no one cares!

    Sorry to say Heather, your mommy can rub your belly as much as you want but that will get you elected!

  • Chacham b'yoser says:

    In such cases, to clearly see the bias, one only has to replace the word Jews and substitute it with any other minority and then think if that would be considered racist. I think nearly all would agree that such talk is unacceptable.

  • observer says:

    Will the Republican Club censure her or expel her for her bigotry? Will the Toms River Council and Mayor remove her from the Planning Board?

  • Morris Toms River says:

    It is my understanding that local leaders in Toms River have been caring, interested and genuinely sensitive to our community and all minorities, religions and all social groups in general. This is true on both sides of the aisle. I would imagine that they are looking into this seriously. I would be completely surprised and disappointed if that isn’t the case. She obviously does not belong in any position of leadership, PERIOD.