Governor Murphy Statement On Planned ICE Raid This Sunday

In anticipation of the Trump Administration’s threatened ICE raids, we are proactively reaching out to our immigrant communities to make sure they know we stand with them and are prepared to do whatever we can to protect them.

 “Let’s be clear: The Trump Administration’s fear-mongering is un-American and dangerous. These raids do not make us safer; they will only make the work of local law enforcement more challenging and increase fears in our hardworking immigrant communities.
 “Any family who needs legal representation should know there are many pro bono legal services available to them. We will be doing everything we can to highlight these resources and to make sure our immigrant communities know their rights and feel at home.”


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There are 18 Comments to "Governor Murphy Statement On Planned ICE Raid This Sunday"

  • dovid says:

    we too were strangers in a strange land the torah says to love the stranger

  • Trumper says:


  • Justsayin.... says:

    The illegals targeted in these raids have had their day in court and decided to defy the Judges order to leave the country. These people broke the law to get here and now spit in the face of the legal system.

    This is what the Democrats want to keep here so when they get the illegals the right to vote they will vote Democrat for the free stuff.

    And the Tax payers will foot the bill for all the free stuff the Democrats are giving away.

    Lets remember this in November…..

  • Yechiel Goldstein says:

    Dovid, while that is true, we came here legally while they did not. They are not checked for diseases or criminal backgrounds, when they come here illegally, potentially putting all of us in danger.

  • Tom says:

    What does that mean “immigrant communities?!” These are illegal aliens who have no rights!! Liberals love to whitewash issues…and rebrand or rename everything…

  • yechiel Goldstein says:

    @yechiel goldstein some of your people come in to this country with the measles and make an outbreak in nj,ny, pa . Putting poor babys and old people in danger. Shame on you hashem frowns upon your disgusting comments. Dont you know the saying if you have nothing nice to say dont say at all.

  • Mark says:

    The whole idea that a State has the right to defy the federal government makes no sense to me.
    What I’m upset about is the fact that I pay 2k a month In health insurance premium, and just got hit with a 5k bill from the hospital after having a baby while an illegal immigrant that pays no taxes , no health insurance etc. just walks into the hospital and has a baby free of charge. THATS WHATS WRONG WITH AMERICA

  • Watchwhatyousay says:

    We need to take into consideration that we were persecuted from every land we ever lived in. We as a community should be extremely careful and not take sides on this issue or voice our opinions on this matter. Yes, people are here illegally and many have committed unspeakable crimes and the Govt will handle them without our community’s input. Publically commenting on this issue can damage our image we work so hard to preserve.

  • Anonymous says:

    These illegal immigrants are ruining the city and the PUBLIC schools. Those who rent their property to them, those who hire them are guilty as well of lowering the morality level of our neighborhoods and schools.

  • TheConsultant says:

    So now Murphy and his fellow democrats are protecting criminals at the expense of law abiding citizens. It is illegal to hire illegal aliens so where are these people working obstructing justice is a crime so anyone helping an illegal alien evade arrest is committing a crime even if it would be the governor.

  • Yossi says:

    When republicans attack illegal immigration it is a lie.

    They are against all immigration unless you are white educated fluent english speaker.

  • Unknown says:

    The entire situation about the immigration deportations is wrong and shouldn’t be done. We live in a country built off of immigrants. Those dangerous immigrants you speak of are just a small minority in the immigrant population. There are plenty of hardworking people out there and yes there’s lazy and bad ones but there’s that everywhere. I want to see people try to labor outside all day and work in the fields like the immigrants do. The economy is going to fall with the immigrants leaving and with a vast jewish population here you should know of the terrible conditions it is to be discriminated and kicked out. Don’t let history repeat itself. There’s plenty of rights and wrongs here but there’s too many wrongs for this to be okay.

    • Justsayin.... says:

      We are a Country of immigrants.Yes. The difference is we came and knocked on the front door and asked to be let in. We did not go around the back of the house break down the back door and move in and tell you ‘I made it into your house now you have to take care of me.’

      President Trump said in his campaign speeches he wanted a wall, but with a big welcoming door.

      We should have the right as a nation to choose who we want to enter.

      Just to remind you there is a difference between legal and illegal immigrants.

  • dovid says:

    the torah has a concept of an ir miklat which is a sanctuary city for actual murderers, here we have hardworking family oriented people just trying to get by who are part and parcel of our community as their children attend local schools and they add to the vibrancy and diversity of Lakewood, we must embrace them just as the Torah commands us to love the stranger. I stand with our immigrants. Dovid.

  • Legalize says:

    Instead of helping them avoid the raids (how is that legitimate for the State to sneak around the Federal government?!), they should work on Legalizing the illegals. Then they can work on the books, pay taxes, have IDs and criminal records and most of them can be hard-working legitimate citizens.

    • really.... says:

      What about the people that are entering the country legally. They pay over $800 for the forms, can wait years and need sponsor to get in. They are NOT allowed any Government programs for 2 years, if they need something that is the sponsors responsibility to provide.

      So how do you justify to the people doing it the right way.

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