And yet again, multiple homes burglarized over Shabbos

Multiple homes were burglarized once again over Shabbos, residents report to TLS.

At least six homes in the Central Avenue area were burglarized sometime Friday night while residents slept.

In at least one incident, the homeowner came downstairs to find the burglar(s) had rummaged through his home.

Cash was stolen from at least one home.

It’s unknown yet how the burglar(s) made entry.

Police and CSI are investigating.


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There are 18 Comments to "And yet again, multiple homes burglarized over Shabbos"

  • yehoshuaG says:

    I am Frum guy with two pistols one next to my bed and one in my kitchen .ith secured with quick access . Right now everyone in this town is an easy target . Very easy to make these people realize that we are not . A security system that activates after everyone is asleep would help as well.No one can help you if you can’t help yourself

  • Askonim and Co. says:

    Ok… Enough! Time to do something….

  • Jj says:

    I don’t understand?? What are the cops doing Friday night that they can’t be patrolling all the streets??

  • Say, what ? says:

    What ? Again ? Unbelievable. There needs to be a multi-pronged response to this:
    1) LPD and LCSW should increase patrols Fri nights;
    2) Neighborhhod watch in the most targeted areas;
    3) CCTV cameras stay on, as approved by your Ruv. IMHO, A robber is a “Buh B’machteres” and is an inherent sakana;
    4) Lastly and, perhaps, most importantly, Double check your windows and doors that they are securely locked.

    May these perps be caught quickly and taken off the street for a long, long time.

  • S says:

    @yehoshuaG how do u get a license? Is t hard here in NJ?

  • Maybe says:

    We need to do our hishtadlus- but maybe Hashem is sending us a message?

  • Lakewood local says:

    The police can not be everywhere all night long. You have to take the first steps to secure your homes with windows and doors unlocked all night long does not help our officers to protect the town. They still have to protect the ENTIRE town with the manpower we have. Help them help you. If you noticed LCSW can not be everywhere either – Just Saying.

  • Poz says:

    Yeah- maybe the message He’s sending is: LOCK YOUR WINDOWS, DOORS & CARS!! It’s called basic common sense!

  • Royalwatch says:

    To our 1st commentator. What are you trying to imply? 1. Your a frum guy? 2. You have 2 pistols? Can you be more clear on your message?

    Now to my point.
    As a community we need to get up put a stop to this. How bout a monetary reward for the capture and arrest of the people(s) involved. And most importantly lock your windows and doors. Dont rely on your 5 yo son to do it check it your self. We listen to our rabbeim and our parents now listen to your local cops.. protect your property by locking your home and car doors and windows.

  • HumbleOpinion says:

    Is it not time for some drastic measures?? When one of these animals finally gets what’s coming to them, the equation might change.

  • Moish24/6 says:

    Lakewood police department has many older vehicles that are still in use and it’s not used for everyday police work. How about parking vehicles like these in different parts of town. It’s a huge deterrent to potential criminals

  • me says:

    While they cant be everywhere – they should be somewhere! Most of these perps are from housing projects in various parts of town. Stationing cops just outside will allow them to monitor who comes & goes & at what hours…

  • Community Member says:

    All you law enforcement experts out there…raise your hands if you’ve applied to attend the police academy to serve Lakewood! ….
    I see no hands! Go figure!

  • monroe yid says:

    in neighborhoods where there is fear of Friday night break ins, we need to do like we used to do in boro park when I grew up. Every block has a rotation of at least 2 guys that stay up (for 2 hours each) and keep an eyeball on the block for any suspicious activities, you will catch the perps!

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