HATE IN JACKSON: Vehicle Attempts To Run Over Jewish Residents

A disturbing incident in Jackson this morning has police investigating it as a possible bias crime.

A Jewish resident told TLS that shortly after leaving shul after shacharis, a car with three young men in it attempted to hit him and another Jewish man he was walking with. The men were fortunately able to get out of the way in time. The car then made a U-turn and returned, with the occupants of the car yelling profanities and anti-Semitic slurs at the men.

“We are used to being subjected to harassment, but nearly getting hit by a car is a real wake-up call as to the severity of the situation in Jackson,” the resident told TLS. “I am hoping that the perpetrators are caught and charged to the fullest extent of the law.”

A non-Jewish resident who witnessed the incident called the police to make a report. Officers arrived within a few minutes and took all the available information, including the car’s license plate number, which the victims managed to memorize.



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There are 39 Comments to "HATE IN JACKSON: Vehicle Attempts To Run Over Jewish Residents"

  • Anon says:

    Time for carry permits to be issued. Looks like this is getting out of hand.

  • Jackson resident says:

    Does anyone happen to know if this was a Dodge Charger starting with the license plate D96-HEU ? Awhile ago they attempted to run me off the road

  • Chaim says:

    FYI A psak was issued that one can call the police on shabbos to report such an event. If the person who reported it was not there they could have gone into the nearest home and called to report it themselves.

  • david G says:

    time for the return of the JDL!

    • Shabse Werther says:

      No, it’s time for you people in chutz la’aretz to wake up and smell the coffee. It’s time to come home. There is little, if any, reason to not make Aliyah. Israel’s economy is booming. There are schools opening left and right for all kinds of children. Hashem has opened the doors. What in the name of everything good and holy are you waiting for? Don’t say “Mashiach.” We’re supposed to be in Eretz Yisroel waiting for him. Come now and beat the rush. And, yes, I made Aliyah six years ago.

      • me says:

        “Little, if any, reason”
        I have a job here, my wife has a job here, my family leaves here, my kids go to school here, they have their friends here. I own a house here… America has not had a war on our mainland in over a century, Isreal has had many within the past 50 years…

      • the square says:

        Yeah, because in israel noone is antisemitic or threatens your life…Shabse Werther you’re an unabashed zionist

      • Aaron says:

        First of all, kudos to you that you can live in Israel and things work for you. That being said, we have no Meosrah or Halacha stating that “one needs to live in EY to wait for Moshiach. Additionally, just for the record, we lived in Yerushalayim for a few years. Half that time my wife was unable to find a job and we literally lived on nothing because we had nothing. When it came time to find a Yeshiva for our 2 boys, any school option we had was ‘Bedieved’. After moving here to Lakewood, BH both of those issues were quickly resolved. You should continue to be Matzliach there in EY and we hope to join you there very soon. Remember to keep Davening for that to happen.

  • Amazing says:

    This is horrible. Thankfully they have a plate number so they should track that down pretty soon. Just, btw, if u witness something like this, ever, Ch”V, even if you memorize a partial plate number or letters, and a basic description of the vehicle, like white SUV, that should be enough to track them down.

    May the hoods be found and dealt with swiftly and firmly.

  • S says:

    Which area of jackson?

  • Barbara says:

    This is just absolutely disgraceful. Hoping these animals are caught and are charged accordingly..

  • S says:

    @Jackson resident I hope you connect and reach out because if they are the same people , and they are caught, hopefully this can add to their charges…

  • moishe says:

    Ws in Brookwood…thankfully they focused and got the plates

  • Johnnie Walker says:

    Had the same happen today on Central Ave today in Lakewood with a Tan Nissan Altima headed in the direction towards Jackson..

    The occupants of the car had a lot to say and a lot of hate to share

    If it is the same idiots

    Did not manage to see the license plate

  • Bias Crime Expert says:

    Well, we don’t have all the facts yet. It could be the car was in self-drive mode, and the computer system was out of whack, thereby causing the car to nearly hit the pedestrians and to make an inexplainable U-turn that nearly hit them again; that’s right, it might might be a computer malfunction. Hence, until all the facts come in, this incident must be assessed as only a POSSIBLE “bias crime”, and not a “DEFINITE” bias crime. As far as the profanities and slurs are concerned, it could be the slurs and profanities came from a robotic virtual assistant device built into the car. If this is the case, then the passengers of the car can definitely sue the device manufacturer.

  • Alan says:

    @logic…are you for real? Shoot him? How would you ever justify that after you get arrested for murder (or attempted murder)?

    • Totty says:

      IDK the NJ laws, but where I live if you feel your life is threatened and you shoot someone with a legally possessed weapon, you will not be charged. When they turned around and started coming back, that would’ve been the right time to shoot because they were trying to hit him again.

    • me says:

      not every shot has to kill someone. first shoot tires, legs etc.

  • Y p says:

    To number 1 the state of nj will never be a normal like pa that will let citizens carry just very sad that honest and law abiding are thrown under the bus by trenton.

  • Hhh says:

    Let’s not overreact. They were just upset about overdevelopment. This has nothing to do with anti semitism

  • john says:

    there will always be someone to go to far and there are some who instigate foolish actions look to both sides we call for side walks then walk the yellow line we are a community of senior citizens with poor vision who drive at night and people dressed in black who walk at night something needs to be corrected life is not to be treated so foolishly

  • Formerlkwdkid says:

    This headline makes as much sense as the New York Times “Airplanes Attacked the Workd Trade Center”. Are we hated by CARS now?

  • S says:

    To John, I guess you really do have poor vision because this article has nothing to do with what your saying. Idiot! Allegedly, people were almost intentionally murdered here with Anti Semitic slurs thrown there way.

  • Jackson resident who went through something similar last year says:

    Oh but wait!
    Are you sure this wasn’t just a set up so we can “scream” anti semitism?!
    (Insert sarcasm)

    This happens FREQUENTLY in the hope…cross..east veterans..brewers bridge areas on shabbos.

    Maybe instead of the stationary cop sitting on Pitney every day he should be driving around and actually patrolling the area for these exact reasons

  • phil says:

    Reina and Nixon your sick spying on Jews and looking at poles and wires as if they are the enemy led to this shame on you

  • Moris from ny says:

    Don’t expect any arrests unless we don’t let it go

  • Manny says:

    It has happened to me too many times. One time with my wife pushing my baby in a stroller and all my kids.

  • S says:

    Which brookwood? ?anyone know?

  • Peter says:

    I think what John is implying is that if the people who were targeted were not walking on the street they may have just been verbally assaulted instead of attempting to run them over. I’ve witnessed so many people walking on the street when there are side walks and I’ve asked them why they do it and they repond “thank you for your concern” as if I’m being rude. Pedestrians of any faith should not walk in middle of the street especially pushing their precious children in baby strollers. Please take my message as an educational lesson and not as a sympathetic excuse to what has happened this weekend and other unreported times.


    Peter M. Jackson NJ

  • Thank you hashem says:

    Shabse, you are one hundred percent correct! I heard from a very reliable source that Rav Chaim kenievsky is telling everyone from chutz laaretz to make Aliyah.
    If I could, I would drop everything and go. Please daven for all of us here that we should be zoche to come join you really soon!

  • Lakewood Mom says:

    I am very disturbed by the numerous comments calling for guns and violence. Guns don’t solve problems. Focus on solving the problem, not on shooting people! You are sending a dangerous message to our youth.

  • David says:

    Reply to Peter.. the main roads such as East Veterens/Route 528 do not have sidewalks.. the places that you are referring to are Cul d sacs which have narrow sidewalks which are hard to walk on with a whole family or a group of people single file.. in any event the neighborhood cul d sacs the roads are of low speed limit and are usually empty of traffic especially on the Sabbath when the Jewish Families on that street do not drive.. perhaps one car comes down the block every 10 to 15 minutes and everyone moves to the side of the road when that happens giving the car plenty of room to pass

  • aaron says:


    your point is well taken, people should try using the sidewalks when ever possible, that being said, what does that have to do with people being run down by a car and when they miss the first time come around for another shot???
    are you blaming the pedestrians ??is that what your trying to say? because if it is i think your missing the point

    if the police dept has the plate, why werent the perps picked up yet??

  • Joe says:

    Stop the hate peoples

  • dovid says:

    We are in golus.