JUST IN: Lakewood BOE Attorney Michael Inzelbuch considering resigning over children not yet in school

Lakewood Board Of education attorney Michael Inzelbuch is considering resigning his position due to children not yet in school in Lakewood, TLS has learned.

TLS spoke with the Board President Moshe Bender who confirmed that Inzelbuch is taking this strong stance “because he believes in fighting for each and every child in Lakewood.”

Inzelbuch did not immediately return a request for comment.


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There are 18 Comments to "JUST IN: Lakewood BOE Attorney Michael Inzelbuch considering resigning over children not yet in school"

  • Bd says:

    What is he referring to?

  • Yuks says:

    The situation is totally absurd! Just today afternoon I went for a walk with my wife, and passed by a neighbor’s house. She was sitting outside with her children, who are without any school. My heart goes out to these pure and innocent נשמות, who don’t understand why nobody wants them.

  • Yid says:

    This doesn’t make sense. How can kids not be in school? It’s the law that every kid must be accepted to public school. I pay very high taxes so that every child can get a free education.
    There must be something more to this story.

  • Zvi says:

    Has he tried to contact the schools to find out why they have no funds to expand ? If there was funding ,then all the problems would disappear. The tuitions do not cover the ever increasing salaries and expenses. The expenses are rising at double the rate of tuition increases . If people would really help with funding, then we wouldn’t need all the signs and other pr .

  • confused says:

    isn’t the BOE in charge of the public schools? What does he have to do with our private schools? Halevei that our all the money collected from our property taxes went to private schools.

  • Muti Klein says:

    Its sick my daughter is still out of a high school ,and knows a girl thats out of school for the past 2 years, I don’t know of any place in the United states with so many children out of a school.

  • edgar says:

    if he will fight for every neshama in Lakewood then maybe he deserves even more than 600k per year!

  • Avi shnell says:

    Terrible !!!! I am with Mr Inzelbuch on this one ! At least someone cares !!

  • JustWondering says:

    Has anyone prevented the Board Attorney from opening up a school?

  • Just wondering says:

    Don’t people think about this before they move into a town and check out the school situationThis is not a new problem seem to happen every school year. But the town will let developers keep building

    • lakewood mom says:

      Just wondering, you make a good point. If the new developments were attracting public school children and there was overcrowding, the town would stop development until more schools/classroom space could be created, sidewalks, infrastructure……

  • ~K.W.~ says:

    How does he think that his resignation will help Lakewood’s children who are out of school?

  • BuckMartinII says:

    More grandstanding. The children are more than welcome in the public schools.

  • lkwd mom says:

    Thank you BuckMartinll, sincerely_ but the public system does not provide the dual curriculum that we require as practising Jews. Wish there were enough schools, my kids classes are up to 29 already!

  • will never happen says:

    will never happen

  • mechel says:

    Can the twins of France do something about this?

  • Cheski klein says:

    I spoke to many school directors. If we would stop all the cheap talk, and actually do something it would all be solved. They are swimming in debt with over-filled classrooms! The schools are in wheels and are extremely overwhelmed. Salaries lately have been reaching the roof!! And it just happens to be that New Jersey is the only state that only gives funding after 2 years of functioning. So that rabbi Inzilbach could work on, so the new askanim are not discouraged to open new schools!!

  • Cheski Keli says:


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