Opinion: Literal Murder l Shlomo Rudman

In an interview this past week, South Bend mayor and presidential candidate Pete Buttigieg spoke in strong favor of abortion, as he has throughout his presidential campaign. And as he often does, he invoked religious Scripture to contend that his beliefs are not only correct, but consistent with existing religious doctrine. Of course, Buttigieg openly lives an alternative lifestyle, something which every major religion frowns upon, so for him to preach how to be a good religious person is quite ironic. But that’s a side point.

In the interview, Buttigieg said that there’s a concept of G-d “blowing life” into Adam, which he says suggests that you can say that a child isn’t alive until it takes its first breath. By that standard, it would be permissible to kill a newborn up until the point that it begins breathing.

His comments show just how radical the Democratic party and its base has become. Buttigieg is considered a moderate relative to other major candidates, like Bernie Sanders and Elizabeth Warren. Even being a “moderate” Buttigieg is totally fine with the literal killing of a baby born alive. It’s unfathomable.

Of course, his stance on abortion has many issues with it, even if it were moral. If a child’s life can be terminated until the point that it takes a breath, would that mean that you can intentionally wrap a cord around the baby’s neck, not allowing it to breathe? By his standards, if it’s not alive until it breathes, then it should be ok not to allow it to breathe in the first place. So then he and his supporters would say that I’m being ridiculous. Of course you can’t deliberately keep it from breathing – he just means until the point that it is able to breathe it’s not alive. Well then, there’s an even greater issue. A baby is generally able to breathe on it’s own by the 21st week of being inside the womb. It just doesn’t actually take a breath until it is born. So by Buttigieg’s standards, abortions should not be allowed after the 21st  week, considering that the baby can breathe on its own by then.

The truth is, I’m being silly. Why am I trying to argue with logic against people interested only in how a policy makes them feel? That is what the modern Democratic party has become. The merits of any given policy stance is barely heard of anymore. What matters is whether that policy gives them a fuzzy feeling or not.

This is how we’ve gotten to this point with regards to abortion. For the vast majority of American history, the average voter was strongly against abortion in most circumstances. Radicals, including racists who want to see minorities having fewer children, understood this and so changed the debate over abortion to being “pro-choice” or not. See how innocent pro-choice sounds? Who wouldn’t want to give people a choice, right? That’s their trick. Stuffing a complicated issue into a tiny box of being for or against a woman’s right to choose.

More than anything else, Buttgieg’s comments show just how far left the Democratic party has swung. Even if you don’t like Trump, and even if he does and says things that seem to many, including this writer, to be verifiably insane, is it really worse than someone who is intentionally sending America down a path where literal murder is permissible by law? It’s somewhat worth contemplating.


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There are 4 Comments to "Opinion: Literal Murder l Shlomo Rudman"

  • anonymous says:

    A) For Republicans that approve of Trump to preach about how a president should be a good religious person is quite ironic.
    B) He NEVER EVER said that killing a baby should be legal after a baby is born. (Only the NRA believes in that.) I listened to the interview. For Republicans to lie about what Buttigieg believes regarding abortion and then tar the whole Democratic party is quite ironic.
    C) SCOTUS ruled abortion legal. Should America religiously follow the Christian view on abortion and birth control? Is that what Jews believe?

    • Ozzie says:

      Totally agree with you

    • schooled says:

      A) The writer of the article never said that the president should be moral and “a good religious person” but is saying that Mayor Pete should not claim that he is a religious person while being a strong proponent of things every major religion is against.
      B) The argument in this article is not that he said that we should be able to kill babies after they are born in the interview but that if you followed his logic until the end you will reach that conclusion.
      C) Conservatives believe Roe v Wade was incorrectly decided, there is no right to privacy in the constitution and furthermore the government’s main purpose is to protect the right of life and abortion is killing lives. So I believe we should follow the constitution and founding fathers on this.

  • Just saying says:

    What a close minded article ..deciding whose a good religious person.

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