VIDEO: Hey County/Township: We thought you may want to see this…

The infamous intersection of Ridge Avenue and Brook Road.


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There are 17 Comments to "VIDEO: Hey County/Township: We thought you may want to see this…"

  • QwertyQ says:

    I’ve seen the same sign, but at a different intersection (one with excellent sightlines). How pathetic that some drivers need to be reminded that a stop sign means they actually must stop, and proceed only if there is no cross traffic approaching the intersection.

  • QwertyQ says:

    For what it’s worth, 4 way stop signs don’t guarantee that people will stop either. There is that 4 way stop sign on Allenwood Lakewood Road that I have seen more than once people blowing through it.

  • Follow The Law says:

    I agree that the township should improve sight of the intersection.
    However, that does not excuse blowing through the intersection. There is a stop sign, not to mention a reputation at that intersection. Most of these people are not inching out. They are zipping through.
    STOP and LOOK!!

    • QwertyQ says:

      I agree, many of the local intersections have poor sight lines, and people at them should be inching out (as you stated) rather than just charging into or through them.

  • Shooo! says:

    Woulda been much cooler with a soundtrack…

  • Resident says:

    What’s the big deal to make it into 4-way?
    (Yes, some people may not stop, but at least the other 3 do.)
    How many accidents, then surveys and meetings…. Just switch to 4-way and move on!

    • QwertyQ says:

      That 4 way at Allenwood Lakewood still has it’s fair share of accidents, and quite a few very near misses. I’m normally not one to advocate for traffic signals, but that intersection could benefit greatly from one. It might even ease the congestion that occurs there.

  • Bump says:

    How about some more speed bumps in the intersection

  • YUT says:

    Time for a traffic light!

  • Dov says:

    Agree there’s the simple fix as proposed. However, along with that There should be no trash cans put in that area/no cars parked on street in the area from driveway till corner/ is corner fence all the way out till property line?there should be sight clearance which is regulated- yes even for such a fence.

  • long-time resident says:

    another intersection
    Going east on Locust, at Vermont.
    There was good vision looking south until homes were built there.
    Homes OK, six foot fence right up to the sidewalk & you can’t see.

  • Solved says:

    Those cross-walk bars are what confuses drivers into thinking it’s a 4-way stop! Just remove them.

  • Chachom says:

    It’s not a Township intersection, it’s a County intersection. Ridge is a County Road.

  • bloody g-d forbid says:

    To my fellow Lakewood residents
    This is nothing new as seen in above clip.But when you have a situation where residents sit by quietly and dont pressure elected officials you get just this and more like Oak and Vine hundreds of new vehicles to be pouring out on to rt 9 cause “stare’s fault” so lets allow 400 plus new homes on rt 9 cause “state fault”
    so before asking for 4 way stop signs and lights here’s is a few very simple solutions which also don’t get done
    1)post a sign on 7th going towards that dreadful corner to use caution as its a very dangerous intersection ahead
    Mr Mayor are you “looking into” this to or state’s issue which one is it this time .

  • Neighborhood says:

    This was spoken to the officials over a year ago and the only thing that was hang a silly sign on the stop sign. They have done nothing about it.
    No additional ‘NO PARKING” zone to create better vision….
    No improved signage notifying about a busy intersection…..
    No ‘red light’ blinking stop signs….

    Over a year and the committee has done nothing. Lakewood township controls East 7th

    • TG says:

      I’m in full agreement with Neighborhood. There are several simple steps that can be implemented to make the intersection safer before we even consider asking the County for a 4 way Stop sign.

      1) There should absolutely be a NO Parking zone further back on the Southwest corner (the Gelbwachs shul side) of that intersection. Those cars are directly in what should be a “sight triangle” which allows vehicles travelling East (along the slight curve) on E. 7th towards the intersection, to see the vehicles travelling North towards that same intersection. And vice versa.

      1.1) There should be ENFORCEMENT of the No Parking rules in that area. Currently, there is none.

      2) There should be improved signage to include large white words STOP painted directly onto the two roadways which already have Stop signs. This is a common traffic engineering tactic used across the USA. It’s such a simple and cheap no-brainer, that it’s astounding why our Committee hasn’t directed the DPW to just get it done already.

      3) There should be – as there are already in multiple locations across Lakewood township – blinking-red-light stop signs installed, instead of the standard ones that are there now. In fact, this very intersection has in the past had these type of Stop signs installed. They got knocked down by snow removal vehicles in the course of their work, but were only replaced by the standard signs. The DPW should replace the current signs with the more visible blinking type, which were originally there.

      These three no-cost steps should be implemented before we petition the County government. Why should they do anything about the so-called “situation” when our own government hasn’t made its own minimal effort to fix the issue.

      Why are we avoiding these simple steps that may very well make a very inconvenient 4 way Stop signage unnecessary??

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