Campaign launched for Lakewood family who lost everything to a fire

You can help the family here.

(The fire occurred Erev Yom Kippur.)


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There are 27 Comments to "Campaign launched for Lakewood family who lost everything to a fire"

  • gershon says:

    I know the parents well. Who is handling the funds and the distribution ? Doesn’t insurance cover the appliances ?

  • avi kaplin says:

    what happened to fire insurance/contents insurance? doesn’t that cover what your raising money for?

  • Painful says:

    This is so tragic, on so many levels. I can’t even imagine who has time now to go shopping for such a large family now, for everything from weekday to shabbos outfits, shoes, PJs, the list is endless. Not to mention the funds. I hope the oilam gives early, often & generously to this fund.
    G’mar tov to all.

  • Rhonda goldstein says:

    What part of Lakewood was the fire in

  • monroe yid says:

    they didn’t have insurance on the house

  • Rumor says:

    Not verified – but to answer the insurance question. I heard that they unfortunately didnt have insurance.
    Does anyone know if this information is true?

  • avi says:

    unfortunately there was no house insurance, this is what i heard

  • Bd says:

    How is it possible not to.have insurance?? How do you get a MTG without insurance??

  • Mommy J says:

    So so sad.
    Even if they do have insurance, I know first hand between my sil, who had a fire and lost her house and my close friend that also had a fire and lost practically everything they both did have insurance. But it can take months to start seeing any money come in. And even then the insurance company doesn’t give a quarter of what everything was worth. We can’t rely and wait on seeing the money from insurance to get their life back on track.

  • do you want to help or not says:

    do you want o help or not.

    even with insurance everything gets devalued from actual replacement costs.

    at the end if you want to help alleviate the **current** crises before yom tov- Grab the Mitzvah and Help them with any sum you can help acheinu kol beis yisroel.

    If you dont- then just move on and not leave your great brilliant comments.

  • Uncommon sense says:

    Even if they have insurance, it takes months of living in alternative housing before theirs is repaired. Insurance companies will drag their feet on paying out expenses, and while the family is paying for a new wardrobe, tuition and bills are piling up.

  • Just a thought says:

    Stat/fact: 50% of Americans are under insured….
    Although I’m still trying to figure out how can u live in a mortgaged house without insurance…
    P.s. I work in this industry, and very familiar!

  • Real jew says:

    Wow yom Kippur just ended and the oilam is back at it don’t u people have things to do???

  • chaim klein says:

    Be responsible and buy insurance.
    Look at the house…

  • charles says:

    If you own a home with no motrgage then you dont need insurance

  • Zs says:

    To Bd – not every house has a mortgage on it. You only have a mortgage if you take out a loan with the bank and if you haven’t paid up the loan yet.

  • Gershon Gold says:

    I think there is a need for a name of some Rabbanim that support this campaign in order to reassure everyone it is legit.

  • Anonymous says:

    If they didn’t have insurance, then won’t they need more money to rebuild their house? I know this campaign for items is much more urgent, but it will be hard to collect again especially so far after the event.

  • Anonymous says:

    Everyone should think before they post nasty things like this. A family is going through a huge tragedy and if you can’t help out then just move on.

  • Do what you can ... says:

    . These people just lost everything … And have nothing with 12 kids they need to start from scratch even if they do or don’t have insurance … If u want to help out it’s very appreciatid and if not don’t start saying things without thinking … And on top of all that they have a wedding for their daughter soon so everyone please help out this family 🙏

  • Noah Fried says:

    I’m an attorney and a public insurance adjuster. Traditionally insurance companies do pay less if you don’t hire a professional to advocate on your behalf. It’s very simple. The adjuster they send out is looking out for the best interests of the insurance company. The homeowner doesn’t have the time or experience to properly negotiate.

    Regarding them not having insurance, if their is a mortgage on the property they may have what’s called forced place insurance. That’s insurance that covers just the mortgage interest in the property, and the amount of insurance goes down as your mortgage is paid.

    What might be the case here is that the homeowner is under insured.

    Either way you should verify all the facts about how much insurance they have before you donate to this campaign. It’s not a chesed to help an insurance company save money.

    You might want to see if you can structure your donation as a loan contingent on them being reimbursed by the insurance company

  • U says:

    I don’t think the insurance would pay less just because people gave them donations. In any case insurance will never be enough to cover all the expenses they incur to get their life back on track.

  • Older yid says:

    My granddaughter had once asked me to co sign on a mortgage, the bank wanted to see my own homes insurance policy so my broker had e-mailed me a copy, it was over 60 pages long with terms and conditions, my printer had run out of paper.
    I know that after a home was hit by lightening the insurance pays and rebuilds immediately; but a clogged dryer vent they may not pay so quickly, they may claim that the terms and conditions states that it’s the homeowners or tenants responsibility to keep it clear and breathable etc.
    That home was nice and big , but it was nearly 20 years old, I believe that her father, an askan in Baltimore built it for them about 20 years ago which probably costed under $300,000 including the lot. I beilieve that they are a hard working , struggling family like most others and it’s good tzedaka to help them out.

    • S says:

      A lot of the details you posted are not true. The house is not 20 years old…..etc.
      The point is that they need help and that is all people need to know. It is a verified cause and It will not help By spreading details and rumors.

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