A taste of Italy: An exclusive look inside Lakewood’s new upscale silver shop, Argentum, opening this Sunday (VIDEO & PHOTOS)

The shop will be opening at The Avenue Shoppes, 12 America Way, at 10:30 AM on Sunday, November 10.

You’ll find Menorahs ranging from $1,000-$40,000, and Bechers from $300, and into the thousands.



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There are 29 Comments to "A taste of Italy: An exclusive look inside Lakewood’s new upscale silver shop, Argentum, opening this Sunday (VIDEO & PHOTOS)"

  • J says:

    Wow wow absolutely stunning!!! You guys should have the utmost hatzlacha!!!

  • Sorah says:

    Who can afford such luxuries these days?

  • Eli f says:

    This is not what r aron had in mind!

  • Zaidy says:

    An other nail in Lakewood’s RUCHNIEUS coffin

  • Shim says:

    It looks beautiful, but why the eigel needs to be there, in this case the lion. It may be a real problem.

  • Zumy says:


  • Marc says:

    Welcome to new Boro Park, after running away from the old one.

  • Request says:

    Please! Please! Please!
    Make sure your tuition is paid before purchasing these luxuries!

  • Bd says:

    Hakol hevel!!

  • Harry says:

    I cant have any taynos on how people spend their money ,if they are so wealthy . The one concern I have is that we as a society are not spending our money to support our schools ,Rebbeim and teachers . The rebeim and teachers are severely underpaid and the vast majority of parents do not pay full tuition and expect the schools to subsidize the cost of their children’s education . I wonder how many of those parents will be shopping in this type of store. If everybody who shopped there ,paid their full tuition then I have nothing to say .

  • Frank says:

    Based on what I have heard from school administrators, unfortunately many of the people who are spending on vacations, trips to israel ,luxurious weddings and other luxuries, do not necessarily offer to pay full tuition . When it comes to tuition ,since people just feel that they want to bargain and get the cheapest deal possible, regardless of whether there are some luxuries that they could cut out.

  • newcomer says:

    my first question has always been: are they paying full tuition? the moros and rabbeim are the biggest gimach in town. everything is beautiful and i love silver–dont mind polishing either–but make sure you have your priorities straight

  • jjlkwd says:

    its for gifts for the rabbeim !!!

  • M says:

    Why are ppl so up tight here??? Everyone needs to relax! You are making blanket statements about individuals with regards to how they spend their money! MIND YOUR OWN BUSINESS! You have zero idea what goes on by others so stop talking nonsense that ppl need to pay tuition before buying silver! This is none of your business!!! Stop with all this garbage about “oh this is not the holy Lakewood that Reb Aaron wanted״! Who are you fooling???? As the Bais Yisroel from Ger always said 3 things – learn, Daven and be Jewish! So everyone stop hating and start cleaning up you own house! Start being nice to others, start loving your kids and stop gossiping!

  • JEFF says:

    This comment is not about Argentum, per se.
    It is about the out of control hedonism that has gripped the Haimishe/Yeshivishe/Chassidiseh communities.
    It is simply ekeldik, even if you paid millions in tuition it is so unyiddishe.

    On a separate note, without knowing the halacha, our bubbes and zaides would cringe before bringing anything close to an engraven molten image, into their homes. Feh.

    • KY says:

      somthing that is “ekeldik” to you is not to others. maybe your bubbes and zaides would cringe but many others would not….

  • Bd says:

    @M, everyone is chilled. This lifestyle is disgusting, especially since much of society has a problem living within their means! The more luxuries you bring here and try to “poke out people’s eyes”, the more upset people will be. What do we need this for??? AND, unfortunately even well to do people bargain on tuition, while yes taking trips etc. Even if the trips were paid for by cc points, how about paying full tuition with the cc points?? It’s just a wake up call to make sure your priorities are straight. You can’t help it when seeing such ostentatious advertising.

  • Morde says:

    To M

    I’m not sure what your problem is . We as a society certainly have every right to comment about society as a whole, that people should be paying full tuition and not asking for discounts, while at the same time they are buying exquisite luxuries or going on expensive trips. We are not commenting about any person in particular but unfortunately it’s the truth that people are bargaining on tuitions while using the money for luxuries.

  • Ari says:

    I was there yesterday service was amazing huge selection of magnificent pieces staff is really helpful and prices were great!!

    All you Lakewooders chill Lakewood isn’t r’arons it’s a public town.

  • M says:

    To all you haters, you can try to dress your comments up however you want in order for you to try to feel like you have a legitimate complaint. Bottom line is you can say whatever you want you can use a public forum to encourage your view, but at the end of the day I’m sure this is not the only thing you complain about and I personally feel sorry that you live your life’s off complaining about everyone else instead of minding your own business!

  • G says:

    Good for them to start the business. Lakewood is not what it used to be and there’s nothing you could do about it.
    It looks beautiful and if I need any silver will be shopping there

  • M says:

    To Morde- it’s still none of your business! If someone bargains on tuition that is between that person and the school! The school has a right to accept that or not to accept that! And what ppl decide to spend their money on is again none of your business!

  • Joe says:

    Let everyone mind their own bzns the yeshivos are being supported by balebatim and bzns owners not by the kolel guys sitting in BMG so stop with all this (moderated) and dont tell ppl where to spend and what to spend their money on ppl do make money you know!

  • Yenti says:

    I do not understand the nasty comments. Do all of you really not own anything sliver such as candlesticks or bechers? The store is gorgeous, and the inventory is really unique and beautifully designed. It’s definitely worth a stop if you are nearby. Why make nasty comments about another Jew’s business. What would R’ Aron say to that?

  • Chana says:

    The store is modern and sophisticated and the selection looks really unique and beautifully designed. I will definitely be stopping in sometime soon. To all those making negative comments, do you really not own a single piece of sliver? This is a new store, trying their hardest to serve the needs of Lakewood. Why bash them? What would R’ Aron say to badmouthing another Jew?

  • GS says:

    I personally can not afford what’s being showcased in the store, but I truly enjoyed the pictures they posted. The items are so beautiful, so unique! What a pleasure to see such gorgeous art. Mazal Tov and much hatzlacha to the owners on this exciting venture!!!

    To all those who are concerned about the level of materialism in Lakewood – your concern may be valid but posting nasty comments in response to a specific Yid’s business is not the way to go.

  • B says:

    Wow looks so nice they should make Millions there and the rest of town should be able to demo big bucks there

  • Aharon says:

    Wow! Yanky I am so happy for you that u made it! Keep up the great work. You have stunning items. Ignore all the haters …. hatzlacha!

  • Yeshua says:

    Why the tumel? If you choose to shop there it’s too expensive then don’ different then any other merchant.. beautiful looking store but there are others as well