Lakewood Residents Demand Upgrades To Verizon Network; Petition Launched

For months, Lakewood residents have complained of the terrible coverage they have been experiencing on the Verizon Wireless network, including calls not going through, calls dropping, and data often being completely unavailable.

In one harrowing story reported on TLS, emergency responders couldn’t hear a caller from a Verizon phone, delaying a medical response in a case that could have potentially become tragic.

Lakewood Mayor Ray Coles has contacted Verizon multiple times regarding the ongoing problems and received letters back from them stating that they are working to make upgrades to the network in the Lakewood area. But months after promising Lakewood residents that service will get better, Verizon users are still waiting for a fix.

As Verizon Wireless services around Lakewood continue to sputter and remain well below basic industry standards, many residents have become completely fed up with the company’s apparent unwillingness to make necessary upgrades in a remotely timely fashion. While some residents have just given up and switched carriers, many are locked into phone leases which make it far more difficult to switch without losing a significant amount of money.

Now, TLS is learning that numerous residents are choosing to take further steps to force the company’s hand into making upgrades it has been promising for months that it has not yet followed-up on. Many residents are being encouraged to call Verizon and demand refunds on their phone bills due to the lack of service.

One resident has started a petition to Verizon demanding that they make meaningful upgrades to the service in Lakewood. And there are those who have suggested starting a class-action lawsuit against the company over its refusal to provide adequate service to paying customers.

Which plan of action will work is not clear. What is clear, is that the company has been dragging their feet, delaying making upgrades for issues that they are already well aware of. And residents have had enough.

To demand a refund from Verizon, you can simply dial 611 and then dial 0 to speak to a representative. You may also sign the petition here.


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There are 37 Comments to "Lakewood Residents Demand Upgrades To Verizon Network; Petition Launched"

  • Goodbye Verizon says:

    I am out of contract on my phones and I’m looking to change carriers. Which cell service is the most reliable in this area? Is there somewhere I can go that can change over 5 lines without a causing a major disruption and hassle?

  • Frustrated customer says:

    I cant call Verizon for a refund cause my service doesn’t work.

  • Lkwder says:

    Just switched to AT&T today. So far its been amazing. Only wish I had done it earlier its faster and cheaper then verizon

  • TMobile says:

    TMobile is the best by far.
    I had AT&T for over 10 years. Finally made the change.
    TMobile has in the last few years passed all other carriers.
    And have great rates.

  • angry at being lied to by verizon says:

    verizon executive told me on Friday they have not had serious complaints since December 2018
    she told me that if the service is bad they are legally obligated to downgrade the level of advertised service!!!

  • angry at being lied to by verizon says:

    can we get more feedback on a the best network in this area?
    can we get a vote

  • better service says:

    file a complaimt with fcc

  • Tello says:

    Tello uses the Sprint network. Generally I have not had issues and you can’t beat their prices.

  • verizon HELP!!! says:

    i have spent hours and days on the phone with verizon a few months ago and they claimed they had fixed an issue. then they said it was the area i was in. before the major issue never had a problem indoor or outdoor. now forget about verizon.. they ignore you and have not fixed the problem.
    this is not just in lakewood. live in toms river…

  • Good yid says:

    Switch to altice mobile. All optimum customers get unlimited talk text and data for $20 a month. No catch. Sign up myself!

  • anonymous says:

    Switch to at&t they have the best network and recently opened a store in the gourmet glatt plaza

  • Muti Klein says:

    I use Verizon and I have been having horrible experiences the past few months and they wont allow me to drop the contract. Should I try to switch to at&t or tmobile?

  • Yy says:

    I have Verizon service and besides for a 2 days a few months back I have had great service from Verizon. Maybe you should update your phone..

  • Mom says:

    Had Sprint for years with hardly any issues.

  • if thousands switch you will see change says:

    As long as they dont see enough clientele lost nothing will change so just switch

    • David says:

      i switched to Verizon last week & already switched to AT&T. did not have service around town & limited elsewhere. The clerk at the Verizon store in Howell admitted they are having issues in Lakewood & doesn’t see it getting better until the majority of users in Lakewood up grade to newer phones. thanks that really helps me now! tell us that before we get service!

  • Af says:

    My family has verizon for close to 30 years. No issues whatsoever. I dont seem to know what everyone is angry about. Just relax and take it easy everyone.

  • H.monahan says:

    Is everyone that has problems using a flip phone on 3G. The rest of the world is on 5G. Maybe that’s the problem?

    • Chaykie says:

      I have a 4G smartphone. I drop calls all the time and my data is almost non-existent. I am on an unlimited business plan. No reason for me to have such bad service.

  • Muti Klein says:

    Af I wonder if you would b so relaxed if ur business is conducted mostly with ur Verizon cellphone and u have zero reception for the past week.

  • H P says:

    The 4G have much worse service than the 3G had. They convinced me to upgrade INSISTING that service will be better and now I wish I kept my 3G

  • Article? says:

    Does anyone else have experience with altice? Does it work internationally? How’s the service?

  • Lkwder says:

    I thought there was a problem w verizon, but after seeing @af comment, I conclude the problem must have something to do with me. It seems we must all be mistaken and we should take it easy. There is nothing wrong with verizon as @af pointed out, they have been using the service for over 30 years without any problems. After seeing this strong evidence of @AF ive come to Factual conclusion THERE IS ABSOLUTELY NOTHING WRONG WITH VERIZON

  • Atat chossid now says:

    With @af logic there is also no shidduch crisis since Ive been married for a couple of years now

  • TMobile user says:

    @af you must be a single, living in your mom basement.
    Your comment is very immature.

  • Aaron says:

    Ppl should go on Verizon social media and right a compliment about the service in Lakewood

  • me,myself&i says:

    I also have Verizon and i have regular good service. I wonder if the previous comments about the problems occurring with flip phones is correct. Even if it is correct, though, Verizon can’t sign you on if they can’t provide the service to you.

  • Shmoiger says:

    3g service is acrually much better than 4g (for voice). AT&T has voice 4g much better than Verizon’s.

    To AF: Verizon is not around for 30 years (Its about 20)! 30 years ago very very few people has cell phones.

  • Moishe GROISS says:

    I think @af is talking about his land line…

  • Moishe GROISS says:

    Sounds like @af is talking about his land line…
    That he can have for 30 years and he is satisfied with their land line service…

  • Frustrated says:

    I have Verizon service for the past 3 years. The past few months have been bad and this week has been HORRIBLE!!! I have no service on my phone, noon can hear me, I am busy driving around town trying to find service somewhere… very frustrating and DANGEROUS!! I’ve called Verizon multiple times but to no avail. I’m at a total loss… any ideas???

  • Hi says:

    No, everyone I know with verizon issues, including myself, is using the 4g service or maybe 5g. Unless you are on wifi there is barely any internet service and calls are extremely choppy. Probably the flip phone people are the ones saying their service is fine.

  • Verizon Rep. says:

    Please call Verizon to complain. The more people to call the faster this will get fixed.

  • Chaim says:

    The tower at Rt 9 & Central is way too overloaded, to the north it’s carrying all the downtown, BMG, Georgian Court traffic. (Every new semester brings a few hundren more BMG students which explains why now it got so much worse)

  • Sho says:

    I called Verizon on Thursday,after waiting on hold for an hour a customer rep spoke to me and was very nice and apologetic. He told me the day before someone else filed a ticket for lakewood and the problem would be fixed shortly. Yesterday I was messaging them on Twitter and the person told me that no one filed any tickets. I asked him that do you mean to tell me your representative on the phone was lying to me? Then he backtracks and says oh something was filed. The whole thing seems fishy