New Traffic Lights on Route 9 in Lakewood expected in 2020

Some new much-needed traffic lights are expected to be installed at key intersections along Route 9 in Lakewood in 2020, Mayor Coles tells TLS.

Based on traffic consultant and resident recommendations, the Township has identified several key intersections which would benefit from a traffic light, and allow for a smoother traffic flow.

But because Route 9 is a State-owned road, Lakewood is unable to unilaterally install a traffic signal without state permission – even though the Town will be fitting the bill.

In May, the Township Committee passed a resolution to request New Jersey’s Department of Transportation to give Lakewood permission to install traffic lights, but no time frame was given.

Mayor Coles says these upgrades are slated for the coming year.

Some of the intersections identified, were Oak Street and Route 9, at the Evergreen intersection, and Finchley Boulevard.

Recently, the Town also installed traffic lights at other heavily-traveled intersections, including Pine Street and MLK Drive, Oak Street and Vine Street, Oak Street and Albert Avenue, 7th Street and Forest Avenue, and 1st Street and Clifton Avenue.

Also among future upgrades, are turning lanes at several key intersections, such as Route 9 and Hurley Avenue, Route 9 and Kennedy and others.


At which intersections do you feel a traffic light would be necessary?

Let us know.







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There are 50 Comments to "New Traffic Lights on Route 9 in Lakewood expected in 2020"

  • Fred says:

    Williams & James
    Miller & Hope

  • David says:

    Please fix the light sync at 1st x Clifton. Literally makes no sense

  • anon says:

    add a turning signal to make a left at Clifton and RT 88 going N and S while the other side is making their lefts. Will clear the traffic coming up the hill more quickly

  • boruch says:

    9 th and clifton had the parking spots on the street removed . how about removing them from clifton between main st and hurley so we can have 2 lanes of traffic?

  • Hunch says:

    Eastbound on Cedarbridge x clover very badly needs a turning late or at least a green arrow.

  • Anon says:

    I believe the most critical factor in helping smoothe traffic flow, is by lengthening the green light by Central and route 9. What happens often is that before cars even get a chance to start moving again after a green light,they are forced to slow down immediately by another red light. It’s simply not efficient. Lengthening the green light by ten seconds or so will allow more cars to flow through.

    • Hi says:

      This would significantly help improve the traffic by Route 9 and the Lake. This light needs to be extended. The flow of traffic will improve drastically in my opinion.

  • anon says:

    left turn signal on route 9 making left onto pine street
    and left turn signal on pine street turning left on rt 9 . At these intersections there are already left turn lanes but they need to have left turn signals well. This would move traffic along considerably.
    They also need a left turn signal and left turn lane on James turning left onto route 9. These should be a simple fix considering there is already a traffic light at this intersection

  • Shiraesther says:

    Light needed where 14th Street meets route 9 because it is impossible to make a left onto route 9 when you are coming from 14th Street.

    • Uh, Actually says:

      That wouldn’t make sense at all. You can easily take Forest to make a right on County Line. There is no need to make a left from 14th onto Rt 9 at all. Instead it should be illegal.

  • LkwdGuy says:


  • Yitz says:

    A turning light from Oak street going to New Hampshire

  • Eli says:

    Chestnut and New Hampshire its about time that light should happen

    • LkwdGuy says:

      Can’t really put a light there bec it’s too close to the other light.
      There should be no left turn allowed as this is the cause of all the accidents at this intersection. If you need to make a left turn then make a right and turn around after the light. Will take 2 extra min. but will also save a lot of heartache.

  • lakewood res says:

    Light needed
    Massachusetts & Prospect
    Williams & James

    Turn signal needed
    James onto route 9

  • JOEY says:

    RT 9 AND OAK!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Duh says:

    This article should be entitled “how to add 45 minutes to your RT 9 commute”.

  • Frustrated says:

    It’s a waste of time commenting on traffic but here goes.

    Every single light adds 3 minutes to your ride heading up and down the 9. So for those that are going straight get ready for an additional 5-10 minutes of traffic. In addition once route 9 is a parking lot you can’t make turns properly as you see when you need to make a left from Prospect onto Rt 9, thus minimizing the effectiveness of lights for side streets.

    The solution has long sailed so I guess based on the disaster that traffic already is,adding lights are probably better then not.

  • Me says:

    Ridge and east 7th

  • Seen dangers says:

    Rt. and John St needs a light. The light on Oak st. Intersection of vine Eastbound has 2 arrows for left turn, both are supposed to be the same color, however one is green and the other one is yellow then it switches. Really weird !!!!

  • Askan4trouble says:

    Route 9 south gets backed up untill Prospect. Why? Because there’s a light there. When the light goes up by Oak, Evergreen, Finchley get ready for the traffic to continue all the way until Cross!! Solution – Keep on building and pat yourself on the back that the developer is paying for a light! The Prospect light should be less often and shorter. There’s no reason why all the cars on Prospect get to clear by every light and the 9 south is backed up.. The light on the 9 and Central is Fine just not on Sundays why is it shorter on Sundays/Weekends Keep it the whole week the same length please. Williams street and Prospect Light is awfully long Please can you make it change a bit faster Like it does on James and Sunset.

  • QwertyQ says:

    Won’t do much good if people blow through them (look how many videos on this site of people doing thatO).

  • Linda bragg says:

    1. Williams and James, 2. Chestnut and New Hampshire

  • Anon says:

    Why hasn’t anyone brought up Cedarbridge by Clover needs a left turning lane ASAP!!!!
    Enough with the lights, theres a reason they called traffic lights as they create more traffic not less (generally)
    The only reason traffic flows after Prospect on rt 9 is cause there are no lights. Only before Prospect and James is there traffic, but there goes that.

  • Anonymous says:

    He’s a great Mayor.

    Thank you

  • Yisrael says:

    Too many accident happens like oak and 9 also u can’t cross rt 9 there it is very dangerous. That is why u need lights otherwise you can’t cross. It is not only 4 cars also 4 pedestrian

  • anon says:

    Pine Street and Washington, or Marc or both

  • wow says:

    Rt. 9 and Spruce – backed up all the time. Or make a sign no left turns. Would suggest the same for Oad and Rt. 9 or anywhere on RT 9 – no left turns period.

  • Ben says:

    Easy fix- All we need is a left arrow from Cedarbridge to get onto Clover. Let it begin 20-30 seconds before the opposing traffic on Cedarbridge begins moving. No widening of lanes or painting!!!

  • Ben says:

    Another simple solution is- leave lights red and green longer and less changing of the light because every single change takes x amount of time for cars to restart moving(everyone on phones, spacing out, eating, or reading billboards) and go through!!!

  • lkwdresident says:

    Another year, another survey, with the same responses.

    Its been discussed ad nassuem the same intersections every time.

    New Hampshire/Chestnut
    Rt 9/Oak

    And they were always promised to be coming soon.

    The township recently spent 800K to redesign Oberlin/Cedarbridge, one of the most underutilized intersections in this town. Not sure how these decisions are being made.

    And is every traffic light an improvement? I guess waiting for the light feels better than waiting for traffic.

  • Moshe says:

    If you think traffic on route 9 was bad until now, you ain’t see a/t yet. With another 3 traffic lights in a quarter mile span, Route 9 will be atrocious!! It will be one big traffic jam! Vendors will not want to deliver any goods in that part of town, as no one is interested in wasting another 20 minutes each way sitting in traffic!

  • LakewoodDriver says:

    The greatest need for a traffic light in Lakewood is at James and Williams. I can’t understand why one has never been installed! It has been promised before but nothing has happened!

  • cantmakealeftontocrossstreet says:

    Absolutely impossible to make a left there.
    Anyone agree?

  • TheConsultant says:

    Having 3 traffic lights within a couple thousand feet is insane.

  • miss k says:

    Hands down
    James and Williams
    Massachusetts and prospect

  • Interesting says:

    How many people have actually realized that the Green Turning signal and Central and 9 is shorter on weekends? Even wonder why traffic is bad on Sundays?
    Just another point here. Not having a light by now on Williams and James after talking about it for YEARS is an absolute disgrace. Unacceptable.

  • Lovelakewood says:

    Williams and James please

  • Johnn says:

    More police in lakewood please..

  • unreal says:

    When will the traffic people understand? Lights wont help traffic but turning lanes and opening up CLOSED ROADS will.
    Thx, TLS, for letting us comment on a public forum and thanx, Lmwd traffic dept., for following these posts so closely.

  • me says:

    Pine and Washington needs a light with turning signal. Gets backed up every day all the way until Spruce St.

  • w22 says:

    How about getting a city planner to come down to make this town more ped. friendly. A traffic planner only looks at traffic a city planner looks at everything, from walking, biking,driving, ect.. &work with everyone to make the town more livable.

  • Cedarbridge says:

    1-Cedarbridge and Vine: 140 Apartments, 10 stores/restaurant mall, Dina’s furnature, and a Shul and no light. You take your life in your hands trying to get in or out.

    2-Left turn light on Cedarbridge westbound at Clover

    3-Enforce speed limits and no left turn signs both ways on Cedarbridge from Hurley to New Hampshire.

  • Realist says:

    I totally understand you. But for the three cars that turn there a day, I don’t think we need more stopping on Cross. It’s bad enough without adding that traffic light.

  • james says:

    WILLIAMS AND JAMES A MUST!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • james says:

    WILLIAMS AND JAMES needs one asap

  • Alte lakewooder says:

    Stationing Police men and crossing guards to move traffic along at key intersections would do a lot more to ease congestion and help move traffic along safer. People sit at green lights and are texting or spacing out. We need police there with whistles like they have in the city.

  • Ps2 says:

    Pine and Washington gets very backed up every morning and afternoon