BREAKING: Federal lawsuit expected after Jackson Planning Board denies Jackson Trails development application | G. Sonnenfeld

The application for Jackson Trails, a proposed development of several hundred homes, has been denied by the Jackson Planning Board.

The development was attacked on social media as being an exclusively Jewish development (it is not), and was fully compliant with all Jackson land use laws and ordinances. The developer did not request any variances for the proposed development.

At the previous hearing for the development, planning board members, all appointed to their positions by Mayor Mike Reina, voted 4-4 which would deny the application. However, being that the members who voted ‘no’ did not provide a clear explanation for their vote, the developer went before the Board last night for another hearing, but the Board refused to consider it.

Now, the applicant has retained an attorney over the matter and is expected to file a federal housing lawsuit against Jackson Township within the next few weeks.

Jackson Township is already embroiled in two ongoing federal lawsuits, and a third one could potentially place nearly unbearable strain on Jackson’s already stretched legal resources.

19-11-22 Letter to Planning Board


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There are 18 Comments to "BREAKING: Federal lawsuit expected after Jackson Planning Board denies Jackson Trails development application | G. Sonnenfeld"

  • mike says:

    Sad day for Jackson..Reina is two faced..resign Reina

  • Wahhh says:

    This development is clearly built only for Orthodox Jews. Clearly states. Mikvak simca and other words meaning Jewish only and this is discrimination. Sue sue sue to get what you want that’s the way to do it. Bet the scoop doesn’t even post this comment. KEEP JACKSON RURAL

    • moshe says:

      Hold it! How is building a mikva, simcha room discriminatory??? The same as saying that building a church or a mosque is discriminatory!!

      Anything wrong with building a nice church or Mosque in the area to cater to Christian or Muslim home-buyers????

    • Seekerz says:

      Although there are no restrictions on who can buy there, the board fears that it will attract Jews, denied it for that reason, hence the basis for a federal lawsuit

    • Seekerz says:

      If Jackson would not repeatedly break federal law, all
      Awaits could be easily avoided.

  • jenn says:

    bigoted town officals… nixon is gone and Reina and Calogero are next

  • QwertyQ says:

    Color me confused.

    If the development is NOT intended for members of one religious or ethnic group, what would the basis of the federal lawsuit be?

    If the development is intended for members of one religious or ethnic group, would that NOT be a violation of federal anti-discrimination laws?

    • Seekerz says:

      Although there are no restrictions on who can buy there, the board fears that it will attract Jews, denied it for that reason, hence the basis for a federal lawsuit

      • QwertyQ says:

        Seekerz, as Judge Judy would say, that would require reading the board’s mind….not saying you are wrong, though, just not sure that would hold up in court.

        • seekerz says:

          Well, that’s where all the emails or other forms of communication that are OPRA’d from Jackson Township as well as social media posts of Jackson officials come in handy… they can help show what people are thinking.

  • Rina says:

    Not saying that this doesn’t have a tinge of antisemitism, but seriously… jackson residents would have complained (though obviously not as vociferously), if this wasn’t a Jewish development as well. You are talking about building over a thousand homes off a small country road in a rural town. This would totally change the landscape of that part of town as well as increase traffic for the current residents. How is that fair to them? Just cause Lakewood did it, and exploded in an unplanned and unsustainable way, doesn’t mean that Jackson has to do it too. Not everything is antisemitism…. sometimes its just common sense.

  • beehave says:

    i live on the Lakewood Jackson border on the Lakewood side in a private home. My once serene neighborhood is now an obstacle course of cars sometimes double parked endangering emergency services who cant get through into my neighborhood. I didn’t sign up for this. Yes I know I could move. I’m sorry but I don’t see myself as a self hating jew just because I too wouldn’t want a development (which of course will be Jewish) near me further detracting from my quality of life. It is nice to have jewish neighbors and friends who understand though that we ARE living in galus. If anything I see that developers and jews who put 2 families in a one family home , double park, take my husband’s seat in shul.. and other rude behaviors as taking advantage of other jews in the name of religion. People have a right to stand up for themselves and give their vote. If its truly illegal then let the legal process work it out. I don’t think Jackson residents would be so opposed if we as jews in Lakewood had a better track record in terms of quality of life issues. By the way where is the proposed site of this development?

  • frumyid says:

    I don’t think being against a huge development as this one makes someone an anti-semite. I live in Lakewood and am against all huge development in Lakewood.

    I do think Jackson did themselves in by opposing other stuff (eruv, shuls, etc) because of antisemitism and now even when they have valid objections, they will be viewed with suspicion. I think Jackson officials did their citizens a real disfavor by opposing everything and not just stuff with valid concerns.

  • Mark z says:

    I do admit that I don’t know all the details but let’s take it easy with these lawsuits and claims of anti Semitism And reserve them we they are truly warranted. over development is a legitimate concern and the developer should have known going in that approval would have been tough

  • Steve says:

    Based on the law firm retained, it appears that bigger players than just a land developer are involved. Vhameivin yavin. As a Jackson resident I’m also against over development, maybe now is the time to join some boards.

  • Agree with Mark Z. and Rina says:

    Of course Jackson residents- orthodox included- don’t want a development of hundreds of homes..

  • Uncommon sense says:

    People are so busy fighting the antisemitism that they’re not seeing the issues with building. 370 houses, we can assume 4-5 kids apiece. Are the developers building schools for the 1500-1800 kids?

    Can the roads handle an extra 500 cars per day? Is the county going to maintain the roads? What about emergency services? What about water supply? The list goes on and on.

  • the big guy says:

    Keep what’s RURAL , RURAL . That area in Jackson is a quiet, serene area that people enjoy . We don’t want developing to go on there . How about building a large park there for all of Jackson to go to enjoy . STOP the URBANIZATION already . Thank You.