Check this out: School bus stuck in traffic in Lakewood takes the sidewalk

UPDATE: The driver was issued two summonses.


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There are 42 Comments to "Check this out: School bus stuck in traffic in Lakewood takes the sidewalk"

  • Totally get it says:

    Sometimes I feel like doing that too (though I never did attempt it)!

    Traffic in this town causes a mere 5 minute excursion to become a “commute”.

    Maybe we should do that to the sidewalks of all the builders in this town & those whose pockets are lined by allowing such developing!!!

    Right now there is no solution. Even moving to Jackson etc. still brings you back into Lakewood (shopping, schools, work). So in essence the traffic will only continue to worsen…

    Safe driving (& walking!) everyone!

    • PAUL SZELES says:

      what traffic jam ,that was totally unnecessary and could never be NECESSARY.WE all have enough to worry about with our children,let alone a driver that disreguards our children’s safety.Bus drivers have alot of responsibility and this shows a total lack of it I am very fortunate to have a very professional bus driver,Amen to that.HE or SHE should be banned from driving any sort of public transportation,period

    • so maskim says:

      if i had to drive a bus in lkwd during all the traffic times i would do that too. i go crazy driving now imagine driving a big bus all day

  • resident says:

    Reckless and dangerous! The driver should lose his job and his license!

  • Izzy says:

    Indeed the traffic is terrible but do you want YOUR child being on a bus with that driver? I hope that driver has already been let go

  • Bubbie says:

    That bus driver should be fired, lose their license and the bus company fined.

  • The jetsons says:

    Time for flying cars..

  • ari says:

    honestly we dont know how long this jam was their and perhaps this was the only solution as indeed afterwards everything moved

    • TSK says:

      What planet do you live on ari. Do this in my neighborhood, and you’ll be looking up from the sidewalk and counting the clouds float by.

      There is no place for this sort of driving behavior anywhere.

    • TSK says:

      We don’t know? How about that the bus that was parked, had it’s lights on indicating that they were stopped and having students debark off of the bus. Tell me Ari, how long could that have been, or do the kids get valet service, with the parents having to finish what they’re doing prior to going out and meeting their child?

      Is cognition a reach for you Ari?

  • Stop it says:

    The guys a hero!

    • Really? says:

      Laws are meant to be followed,
      Sidewalks are for people, roads are for vehicles.
      Hero with no job after this smooth move.

  • magic school bus says:

    inexcusable! hopefully there were no students on board at the time. Regardless this warrants an investigation!

  • justsayin.... says:

    Thank you Planning Board for your lack of work and letting things get out of hand.

    Keep building houses with no streets to handle the extra traffic.

    Time to make this street parking on one side only.

  • jason says:

    bus drivers are one of the biggest problems facing Lakewood right now. they are reckless and dangerous ,

  • TK says:

    Lakewood Scoop. Did you ask a shaila before you posted this??? MISASKIM put out a mailer about not posting without thinking-specfically mentioning such an event. You have at the very least done tremendous damage to the bus driver, his company etc. I am really surprised as you usually are more careful.

    • Kugel says:

      Its called spreading awareness. If other drivers see this one getting fired because of reckless behavior like this, it will stop them from doing similar acts. We are talking about lives here. That driver should be fired ASAP.

    • jason says:

      This is a great job by the scoop . This driver should e fired and made sure to never drive a bus again.The company should be fined heavily

  • LkwdGuy says:

    Why was that dangerous? Maybe silly and perhaps wrong but not dangerous and didn’t put anyone’s life at risk.

    • Seriously? says:

      LkwdGuy – you can’t be serious. You too are a problem if you think this is safe.

    • Community Member says:

      It is exactly this attitude and disregard for traffic laws that is the reason out of towners will go miles out of their way to avoid driving in Lakewood. It wasnt “silly and wrong”. It’s criminal. He had a busload of kids. He is not above the law if he has to wait a few minutes!

  • Rivka says:

    Ok, so it wasn’t “legal”. And? You would do the same or you’d be sitting there till the next day. And the kids weren’t exactly in any danger. Let’s not accuse everyone and everything so fast. Keep your cool and think before you write. Every town has it’s one culture and one can write a book on Lakewood. Take it from a newbie here. Sometimes one needs to be safely creative to make life work here.

    • Dan says:

      It’s pretty clear that the driver would have been able to get through if he has waited another 30 seconds.

  • QwertyQ says:

    Are you for real??!!!

    Yes, they should suffer damage to the company, if this is the calibre driver they chose to employ. What if a person darted from the passenger side of the parked car the bus next to the BUS DRIVING ON THE SIDEWALK? There could have been serious injuries of such a thing occurred. BUT NO, think of the bus company’s reputation instead.

  • Susan says:

    It’s not a joke and he’s not a hero it’s dangerous he Put anybody on the bus and Everyone around him in danger the bus could’ve tipped over he could’ve hit a pedestrian it’s not a joke he should be fired and ticketed

  • Lakewood Traffic says:

    Never mind, good move out of the gridlock.

    There should be no parking on one side of the street.

    not reckless if driver checked for people on the sidewalk.

  • chaim says:

    Lakewood has become Brooklyn. Its A race to survive, blocking the box , making rights on red even if there isisgn not to and taking the sidewalk. As long as the current board and township committee is in place this will only get worse and not better. You can’t expect to build 13oo houses in eagle ridge and desert the only corridor left in lakewood that is still functioning which is cross street. We now do what ever it takes to get from point A to point B and if we get a ticket we write it off as cost of living here just like we did with pumps in Brooklyn 15 years ago

  • deborah says:

    “TK”, you’re not serious, are you ?? Should “The Lakewood Scoop”, cover up for this driver and bus company ?? What this driver did is extremely dangerous and AGAINST THE LAW !! Should “The Lakewood Scoop”, advocate for breaking the law because of whom the driver and bus company is ??

  • ari says:

    to sum up A)driver was carless and recless should be fired
    B)we would have done the same if faced with sitting their all day
    C)the lakewood township should seriously consider making parking on only one side of the street in order to free up another lane to get by
    i think this is a partial solution to lakewoods traffic wows maybe someone in the town will read this and do something positive we can all applaud and agree on??maybe u think?

  • Anon says:

    Dear Mr Mayor

    Please can you consider to do the following to help alleviate some traffic. I’m on the road in Lakewood all day. I notice constantly that people in the lead car often drive 10 or 15 mph UNDER the speed limit. This is a cause for major traffic! Can the township install more speed limit signs? Does anyone know the speed limit on RT 9? There are barely any speed limit signs.
    Another recommendation is to add a digital speed limit sign that measures the oncoming cars speed. They usually flash when a car goes to fast. In Lakewood, they need to flash when a car is going to slow as well!

  • Lkwd mom says:

    Its amazing how idiotic some of the comments are: No, we would not have all done that!!! If you cant drive safely_ Regardless of the traffic issues__ u should not be driving period. That driver should have lost his license!

  • Chaim says:

    The only other option that existed for this guy was to back up which would have been a lot more dangerous. This guy looked before he did what he did and safely unstuck the gridlock. The ones who should be issued summonses and thrown out of town are the builders and their cronies in government

  • ED GOLDBERG says:


  • Colleen says:

    About time Lakewood is doing something about these bus drivers

  • Anonymous says:

    finally a driver with brains in his head, there’s no other way in this town!

  • bus driver says:

    What exactly was dangerous about what he did?
    Not saying that it should be done but did anyone see a person offering to help him back up as it is illegal to back up with children on the bus too? (maybe he chose the less dangerous of the 2 illegal options?)

    • Community Member says:

      The “lesser of 2 illegal options”…did you really just say that? How about he chooses the LEGAL option and waits a minute or two for the traffic to move? Why do so many people here think he’s above the law for some reason? Why do you think it’s okay to break the law because you may be inconvenienced? Why shouldnt the law apply in Lakewood like it does every place else??

  • Chill says:

    Everyone stop overreacting it was not such a big deal

  • Seriously says:

    For all of you screaming it’s illegal *gasp* , do you ever text and drive??? Everyone chill. And I also think people should be nicer to buses, let them make turns, don’t cut them off, etc.

  • Tammy D Gunnell says:

    Ummmm,BusDriver of 15 years over here and Id never ever do this! There is NOTHING LEGAL OR SAFE about this drivers stupid decision! He should be charged for his crimes to the fullest extent of the law just like anyone else Jewish or not! These comments out here a joke! His family,his reputation,who cares! If HE cared about anything mentioned above HE wouldnt have made the stupid move to jump a sidewalk to avoid everyday Lakewood traffic! Thats rediculous! Family,friends,reputation,and religion have NO PLACE in this situation! Its safety first in protocol or NOTHING! Point blank! I have no patience who cares more for nonsence than Safety! Tho I do sympathize with what us busdrivers go through on the daily(especially when I drove in Lakewood last year)but still…bottom line,its safety or just get off the road and choose a better situation for yourself. That is the real deal here! Lakewood Scoop,I applaud you for raising awareness by submitting this video!