BREAKING: Bill Eliminating Religous Exemptions For Vaccines Put On Hold, To Be Reintroduced

A bill that would have essentially eliminated all religious exemptions for vaccines will not be voted on tonight in the New Jersey Senate after failing to gain enough support among lawmakers. 

The bill’s failed journey through the Legislature is being hailed as a major win for thousands of New Jersey parents who are wary of injecting their children with vaccines, and use religious reasons to demand exemption from having them administered.

Protesters who huddled outside the Statehouse cheered as the news broke. “This is major. Thank you to the lawmakers who refused to do away with my religious freedoms,” one critic of the bill told TLS.

Senate President Stephen Sweeney said that he lacked just one vote to have the bill pass the Senate. Sweeney plans to reintroduce the bill on Tuesday. But with the legislative session ending Monday, the bill will need to go through the entire process again, including hearings and votes.


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There are 30 Comments to "BREAKING: Bill Eliminating Religous Exemptions For Vaccines Put On Hold, To Be Reintroduced"

  • Thank them says:

    This was about all of our religious freedom! It was a violation of the 1st ammendment.

  • Ben says:

    This is an important win. There are people with legitimate concerns about some or all vaccines, based on their own medical or family medical history or questionable ones, such as HPV. Yet this bill wanted to force an all or nothing situation.

    • Just be honest says:

      Exactly. It is not for RELIGIOUS reasons that these anti-vaxxers are refusing to vaccinate. But they are using RELIGION as their excuse, and that is plain wrong! Whenever RELIGION is abused as an excuse for someone’s own agenda, it will be taken away with the loophole being closed. Let the anti-vaxxers look at themselves for this since they are the ones that brought it on.

  • EMES says:

    This is only about the anti-Vaxers getting their own way!!!! What about choosing not to wearing helmets or using seat belts? is also a constitutional rights? It’s
    mind boggling! Is being forced to drive the speed limit and paying taxes also against their religion? Anti-Vaxxers do what you want !! But Don’t kid yourself!!

    • keepyourcool says:

      Government telling you what to inject into your body and when is against basic human rights! It should be between you, your Rov and your doctor.

  • Boss says:

    @thank them. You need to Learn the constitution the first Amendment is freedom of speech. The Fifth is for religion

  • No agenda here says:

    B”H this is very important for those that can’t vaccinate for whatever reason. I vaccinate my children but 1 child is allergic to some vaccines and we need to use an exemption, it is a matter of pikuach nefesh.

  • Mig says:

    Baruch HaShem!!!!

  • Learn american history says:

    The 1st ammendment is freedom of religion, speech, press, assembly and petition.
    The 5th is grand jury, self incrimination…

  • chaimL says:

    im not worried rich roberts will take care of this he is the man

  • mig says:

    Baruch Hashem!!!!!

  • Boss says:

    @ploni@Learn . . . I stand corrected.

  • moshF says:

    chaim not sure what you mean this is not child play

  • keepyourcool says:

    Hoidu L’HASHEM ki Tov ki Leolam chasdoi!!!

    It is about you being able to say no to government mandated medical procedures that can at times contradict clear Halacha and your own better judgement.

    Big Win for Yiddishkait.

  • Shalom says:

    Thank you Hashem that this state has senators who didn’t fall for pharma’s bribery & lies. We have to thank them for staying strong.

  • Ploni says:

    @just me, you are right that they need a medical exemption but it is very difficult to obtain one, so many people use the religious exemption which is much easier to obtain.

  • TorahTruth says:

    This has nothing to do with Yiddishkeit, this is simply anti science and fringe pseudo-science. I do agree that this should be between the parents, their Rav and their doctor, but you have no right to impose your irresponsible decision on me, my wife, my children and grandchildren. If you want to go against the overwhelming medical and Halachik conclusions, by all means do so, but pick yourselves up and move to an island somewhere where likeminded people live. You have no right to put the rest of us at risk. Not causing har to others… I would say that is Yiiddishkiet

    • keepyourcool says:

      FYI: It is a scientific consensus that humans came from monkeys. Most doctors worldwide agree to that and therefore see value of individual human life in a way that is in total contradiction to the way Torah & Yedishkeit see it!
      They calculate benefits vs. harm of vaccines looking at us as a horde of animals. As long as it is beneficial for most of the horde, it’s perfectly fine to sacrifice the few. Yedishkeit looks at each person as an individual that the whole world was worth creating for, and as such every individual deserves to be protected from undue harm!
      We are called Adam for a reason, we are all one Nefesh, like it or not.
      You have a problem – go to a Din Torah. But you can’t tell your fellow Jews to start moving over to some island, just because you think they might put you at risk or cause you harm one day!

    • nyj says:

      to quote Dr Naor Bar Zev, at the Monsey Pro- Vaccine Rally:

      “Healthy unvaccinated people cannot spread disease”. which means that the unvaccinated are not putting anyone at risk.

      May I ask you to ask yourself why you are vaccinating , if you don’t think it works to protect the one being vaccinated?

      completely illogical to say that You, your wife, your children and grandchildren are not protected by their vaccinations, because some other people choose not to vaccinate.

  • To Torahtrutv says:

    Please watch the 9 hour deposition of dr Stanley plotkin the worlds foremost vaccine expert (it is available on YouTube for anyone to see) and only then after you personally review what the doctor says under oath, come back to this page and comment on the science. Every parent should watch this as part of their responsibility to their children and you should also ask your pediatricians to watch this. What the science actually says and what the cdc says is not at all consistent. But don’t take anyone’s word for that not mine and not your pediatricians watch the deposition and decide for yourself.

  • Shalom says:

    @torah truth. If you’re afraid of vaccine preventable disease, you might want to move to your own island. I know many kids who contracted flu, measles, or the likes, from the vaccine. You can’t outsmart the virus. You have to keep your body healthy and daven to Hashes for protection.

  • Shmeel says:

    To Torahtruth – NOT! Unfortunately, the reality is not like him. Go to the CDC and see how many lives have been saved from Vaxxing. Nothing in this world is perfect – so the Good of Vaxxing outweighs any small chance of side effects!

    • TrustTheCDC says:

      There they go again! “Go to the CDC and see how….”

      The whole point of the anti-vaxxers, actually the pro-safe-vaccine’rs is that you can’t trust the cdc website.

      HOW can you believe ANYTHING from the CDC website regarding vaccines safety while THEY themselves are owning more than 20 vaccine patents…?

  • HM says:


    We can only use comparisons when the mandate is to wear our vaccines like seatbelts.

  • TorahTruth says:

    @keepyourcool. I’m sorry to confuse with with facts, but it’s called the “theory” of evaluation. All science agrees that it is only a theory, though most subscribe to it. When it comes to vaccination, it is NOT a theory and all of the data and statistics prove that it by GAR outweighs any risk. I don’t understand your comparison.

    • keepyourcool says:

      What does GAR stand for?

      Everything in science is based on theories.
      Some theories have more experimental proofs than others.
      Herd immunity is a theory.
      Concept of vaccine was discovered through observations and is supported by practical experiments, but the mechanism of how vaccination creates immunity is theoretical.
      Vaccine manufacturers are trying their best to create effective “software” to program you immune system to react to harmful viruses and bacteria with proper immune response. Unfortunately for them, they were not the ones who wrote the original “code”, so they have to “hack” it as they go along. Sometimes their “software” is less effective than expected and can make the whole immune system unstable. Just like those annoying windows updates that you must have to ensure security, some times cripple you computer, vaccines can do the same, just you can’t by a new body if immune system gets corrupted. Anyone who experiences that will demand ability to choose when it comes to the next update.
      No matter how small those statistic odds are,

    • nyj says:

      To Torah Truth:
      did you ask yourself why you are so afraid of people who did not vaccinate? You, your wife, children and grandchildren are vaccinated.

      Do the vaccines work or not? According to your previous post, vaccination doesn’t work, so why don’t you understand that some people don’t think that the benefits outweighs any risk. .

      You seem to be OK in injecting chemicals into your family that don’t protect them, others are not OK with that, and they don’t want the government forcing them to inject them into their bodies.

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