How Coronavirus Is Affecting Lakewood | Aaron Neuman

The coronavirus epidemic, while still mostly confined to China, has health experts concerned that a global pandemic will soon break out. Still, with few cases in the United States, the coronavirus is little more than in the periphery of most Americans, and to many, it is simply an internet meme and something to joke about. But in reality, the coronavirus is causing great distress to individuals right here in Lakewood.

Certain measures have been implemented regarding imports from China which has caused shipment delays for many businesses. Those companies that rely on timely shipments of inventory to have enough available cash to operate other parts of the business.

A local business owner told TLS that the coronavirus and the measures taken to keep it from spreading are causing severe disruptions in his ability to manage his cash flow.

“This virus has been slowly destroying my bottom line and making it impossible to maintain positive cash flow,” the businessman told TLS. “My Amazon inventories rely on shipments from China to arrive on time, and the virus is wreaking havoc on those timetables,” he continued.

The businessman says he takes issue with all the jokes and memes being shared on social media regarding the coronavirus. “This is anything but a joke to me,” he said. “There are people dying from a disease and people’s entire livelihoods are getting crushed. How is that funny?”

The latest figures show that the coronavirus has killed at least 2,800 people and has sickened over 80,000 individuals. Most of the cases are still contained to China, but it has slowly spread to other countries in the world, including at least 15 cases in the US.


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There are 9 Comments to "How Coronavirus Is Affecting Lakewood | Aaron Neuman"

  • Menachem says:

    It us hard to even imagine the fear and anxiety that is gripping all those who are sick, and who live in fear of getting sick…I too think that the memes are in the worst possible taste- and am happy that you addressed this. Praying for an immediate end to this all, and a full recovery to everyone who needs one..

  • Not a Joke says:

    I cannot wrap my head around the jokes- I saw a clip from a wedding recently where friends of the chosson came in wearing medical face masks for “shtick”- hundreds and hundreds of people dying each day and we joke about it!!! Am I missing something?!? Second to the sudden failing health and well-being of whole neighborhoods and families (which if you stop and think is really a horrific tragedy) is the horrible economic mess this is causing- on a global level and a personal level (as the author of this article explains.). Please let’s stop the jokes and start the prayers!

  • Ari says:

    It is also causing disruptions to many Kashrus operations. It will not be long before everyone sees a significant effect at the local supermarkets.

  • Chaim says:

    Do you think this is just a coincidence? Don’t we all know the famous line that there’s no such a thing as coincidence?

    I think it’s time for us to stop living in denial and face reality and start doing teshuva ASAP as a nation together to stop this virus before it gets worse C”V

    may we all wake up to Teshuva ASAP and bring all tragedies in klal yisroel to a complete halt

  • jaxonite says:

    Please be sensitive with your Purim themes this year..

    Look no further that the Dow Jones who had it’s 1st and 4th largest daily point losses in history this past week.

    We need a real Nes to stop this viral epidemic before we all get affected in one way or the other Chas Veshalom.

    ותשובה ותפילה וצדקה מעבירים את רוע הגזירה

  • Eli H says:

    We need are rabbis to guide us. But hashem first sent us a message with the measles outbreak but we all got caught up in the vaccination debate and missed the boat, so now we have something that vaccine isn’t a factor!

  • janet adele wood says:

    I only hope if and when it comes to NJ that people and their families that are effected stay home….stay away from others.stay out of the stores.
    They are saying to keep items in your home as to battle any flu. stay home fight and don t hurt others because you have to get out. Stay home with your children . do not go near stores like Sams Costco BJ’s. stay away. please keep it contained…….

  • Amil Zola says:

    Horrible payback for those that supported cutting CDC personnel and resources. It’s not easy to restore these positions once eliminated. Nor is it a matter of just hiring more Drs and researchers. You get what you voted for.

    • Linda C says:

      Your statement is a lie it is fake news educate yourself. Watch CSPAN or Fox news the other channels are opinion news not facts.