FBI visits warehouses in Lakewood; Here’s what we know [VIDEO & PHOTOS]

Over a dozen FBI agents were in Lakewood today, and here’s what we know about the visit so far.

According to sources who were visited, the agents were investigating local companies selling medical supplies and equipment, including masks.

Several business owners were questioned during the investigation, and all – so far – were found to be operating within legal boundaries.






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There are 27 Comments to "FBI visits warehouses in Lakewood; Here’s what we know [VIDEO & PHOTOS]"

  • Mk says:

    Never talk to law enforcement without your attorney present , no matter how scared you are.

  • JK says:

    nice! a purchasing team

  • Mark Levin says:

    In particular they wanted N95s , but didn’t find any and left.
    I’m sure the Asbury Park Mess will figure out a way to make this look bad

  • Unbelievable says:

    The antisemitism is simply out of control!!
    And everyone is just watching silently!

    • Phyllis says:

      antisemitism for this situation is a COP OUT! Please don’t go there with your total ignorance for the rest of humanity in ocean county

      • Anonymous says:

        Right Phyllis. Totally a cop out. So question for you. Did the FBI actually admit there was any wrongdoing here? Did they provide any explanation? Will they? Might just expose them in a little bit of a negative light if they explained themselves. And it doesn’t even matter. Antisemitism or not they are showing their citizens that the playbook on people’s rights has been thrown out. You might just want to feel slightly uncomfortable at this moment because once the ball is rolling they aren’t just looking for masks in bulk. They will come down to people’s doors in desperation. Anyone’s.

        • Phyllis says:

          nah not uncomfortable ever when i speak the truth as seen by the majority. also i am an educated older woman who is in ill health who has been reading and educating myself on these
          events since january of this year. i do know this…i have not been in any type of social gathering and i can no longer shop at my local shopping centers because i am fear of getting sick. you see…this is a social health issue that should not be ignored for by anyone for anyone…so guess what annymoose…i welcome the FBI to knock on MY door…stay woke….shalom

  • ha says:

    hard to believe that they came with all their levush blocked off everything made it all moish official and then said whoops sorry our mistake! do you by any chance have any masks we could purchase? doesnt work like that the feds dont need masks from some guy in lakewood. if you wanted to minimize the lashan hara all you had to do was not post this articke at all not twist some story. very lakewoodie thing like trump is coming to the siyum hashas

    • Sammy says:

      only lashon horah i noticed was your derogatory statement about “lakewoodie” things.
      a Brooklynite.
      (now living in lakewood)

  • ns says:

    where is the scial distancing???????????????????

  • Anon says:

    Do not cross tape usually indicates criminal investigation but with all our Jew loving shechaynim who knows.

  • Me says:

    They’re obviously not up to anything good. Probably another failed attempt by the New Jersey prosecutors. Tell them to find something better to do with their time and with our tax money. They should be helping out in the hospitals etc if they have so much free time or just stay home and safe. It’s not the agents fault, they are usually really nice guys but they are sent by some not good people sometimes

  • Thats weird.. says:

    Thats weird.. did they have a search warrant? Was anyone questioned being detained? Who authorized their operation? This should be a lesson to people not to utter one word if asked questions from law enforcement. If they ask if the sun is shining you keep your mouth closed until you are properly represented. Dont fall for their scare tactics they have one job to do and that’s to investigate crime.

  • Yisroel says:


    Yes it does. That’s the only way they can force someone to sell to the government.

  • Anon says:

    That’s disgusting. 1st the Americans steal France’s masks. Then they take away Germany’s also at the airport Tarmac. Then they hold up orders of our Canadian masks. Now they turn up at their American’s doors. Perfect. Good going guys. Anyone ever tell you that stealing never works out. Yeah I know desperate times. But careful there still is a G-d out there.

  • cakes says:

    A lot of people scared and they dont even know what was happening.

  • Dovid says:

    I sure hope they did not sell anything to or through the FBI – that would be really foolish

  • J says:

    The FBI is under the control of Trump and Barr. I wonder why they would target Lakewood…?

  • Lkwdguy says:

    Lakewood is a very attractive town.
    Coffee with an FBI agent, anyone?

  • Porch guy says:

    Looks like more than a minyan…

  • Moshe says:

    Reportedly they were just making sure that there was no price gouging going on for the sale of face masks.

  • True Grit says:

    1. The FBI does not take orders from the county or state.
    2. FBI agents do not buy anything for anybody.
    3. Justice Barr is going after: counterfeit masks, hoarding and price gouging.
    4. The FBI knows who has, bought, stores and sells masks.
    5. They can ask to buy masks as a ruse, but not the way they showed up, basically as a swat. They would do it undercover on a tip, suspicion or investigation.

    If that leads to a credible allegation, then they send a team with a warrant to proceed to a possible arrest. They are not targeting any ethnic population or location. They are under the above stated orders from William Barr, which affects the entire USA.

    Unless there was a valid reason to be there in the manner they were, they would not be there.

    Questioning and canvassing people is routine law enforcement. if no one was charged, the investigation was wrong for whatever reason: false tip, wrong suspect, incorrect information.

    Crime scene tape should only be used in an actual crime scene investigation. That does not mean a crime was actually commited only suspected or alleged for any number of reasons.

    Suspicion of hoarding, counterfeiting and price gouging PPE is a serious federal matter, therefore DOJ FBI. They are not even required to notify state or local law enforcement in most cases unless potential harm to the local jurisdiction exists.

    • Anonymous says:

      Right. Ok you probably work for the FBI/Law enforcement. Do me a favor and please be careful next time you come by.

    • LkwdGuy says:

      Does the FBI do anything else other than investigate lakewood “crime” and the president’s activities?

  • Bob says:

    There’s no law against hoarding or price gouging. In fact the idea of price gouging doesn’t even have any legal definition.

  • Y says:

    At least no names were mentioned ..i know the owner..a amazing baal tzedakah and im sure he dealt within his perimeters …just jeolous ppl out there and our dear neighbors who “assume” we are getting special treatment

  • Community Member says:

    We absolutely DO have price gouging laws and the fines can be severe.. Please look it up. Price gouging in a state of emergency is illegal. Educate yourself, Bob.