New Daily Shiur Live From Harav Asher Arieli For American Lomdei Torah




THE CALL IN NUMBER IS- 646.726.9977

A phone line has been set up for,בחורים yungeleit, and all ,לומדי תורה to call and hear שיעורים about עניני חג הפסח and the סוגיות ofפסחים ערבי ,, Halacha l’maseh Shmiras halashon as well as דברי חיזוק about the current difficult מצב. The דברי חיזוק and שיעורים will be given by גדולי ראשי ישיבה and מגידי שיעור.

All live shiurim can be heard at 646.726.9977

To hear the שיעורים and shmuessin that have already been recorded as well as the upcoming schedule call:

732.363.6713  or  718.766.4572 or  732-301-4043 (Chayeinu)

Every night there will be a live שיעור on the סוגיות of ערבי פסחים given by גדולי ראשי ישיבה and מגידי שיעור.

The number for the live שיעורים is: 646.726.9977

All throughout the day you can call

732.363.6713  Or  718.766.4572

to hear a שיעור הכנה for this שיעור, as well as the מראה מקומות for the שיעור itself.

These shiurim should be a shmira for all of klal yisrael and a refuah shliema to all cholim. A Z’chus for the sponsor.  

Lz”n . Rochel bas Eliezer, Chaim Moshe Noach ben Tzvi, Yitachok Asher ben Moshe Noach, Mordichai Tzvi ben Moshe Noach, Eizik ben Eliyahu, Ettel bas Moshe Yakov, Yosef Yisraelben Moshe


Wednesday night’s – live shmues and shiur will be given at:

8:45 – Divrei Chizuk and Shiur from HaravLipa Geldwerth

9:45 Shiur from Harav Simcha Bunim Paller

10:15 Divrei Chizuk from Harav Shmuel Dishon

11:00 Live Shiur from Harav Dovid Cohen from E”Y (R”H Chevron)

Thursday night’s – live shmues and shiur will be given at:

8:45 – Divrei Chizuk from Harav Chaim Mendel Brodsky

9:15 Shiur from Harav Berel Shachar

10:00 Divrei Chizuk from Harav Elya Chaim Swerdloff (for all bnei bayis, this shiur can be heard on 646.726.9977 and 929.219.1197)

Sunday night’s – live shmues and shiur will be given at:

8:45 – Divrei Chizuk from Harav Chaim Yehoshua Hoberman

Shiur 9:15

10:00 Shiur from Harav Elya Chaim Swerdloff

Monday night’s – live shmues and shiur will be given at:

8:45 Divrei Chizuk TBA

9:15 Shiur TBA

10:00 – Shiur from Harav Isamar Garbaz R”H Orchos Torah (B’nei Brak)


There is also a daily תהילים conference for תנוקות של בית רבן at 6:45 and daily תהילים at 11:00 a.m. and 8:00 p.m. – 646.726.9977

Past Shiurim and shmuessin, schedule and ma’areh mikomoscan be heard at 732-363-6713 and 718-766-4572

For all questions and ideas please email
More Shiurim will added throughout the week.


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