PHOTO: The Levaya of Reb Zeev Rothschild Zatzal; Held in the same quiet way he lived his life

Though thousands would have attended his Levaya, Reb Zeev Z”L had a Kevura in the same manner he lived his life – quiet, B’Hatzeya Leches, and without Kavod.

May he be a Meilitz Yosher for the entire Klal Yisroel.


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There are 5 Comments to "PHOTO: The Levaya of Reb Zeev Rothschild Zatzal; Held in the same quiet way he lived his life"

  • Sara says:

    OOOOY I am crying as I write this. I barely knew this Tzadik yet he helped me out when the situation arose. Not only did he not expect a single thank you, he knew how to stay quiet and calm even when others around him weren’t. A pure pure tzadik who lived to see how he can help others even when they didn’t know how to help themselves. He knew what others needed way before they knew it. I’m talking from experience, Hashem wanted this gem to reside close by. Hashem please bentch the family with a nechama and no more sadness in the zchus of this heiliga neshama, and bring mashiach please!!! To the dearest family please know you are not alone!!! Klal yisroel is with you.

  • libi mizrachi says:

    i tried logging on and it that said over 1,000 people were watching it on zoom

  • Moishy Grama says:

    After Reb zeev helpd me with a major personal issue, I called his wife at home and asked her how can I repay him to show him some sort of hacoras hatov, she said (after nemorous attempts)…all he wants is to see yiddesha nachas!!!!!

    What a giant of a man, selfless, completely for the tzibur with out any strings attached. I was gladly ready to spend hundreds. I still can’t believe and process this terrible loss.

    He should be a mailetz yosher for his family and for all of klall yisroel.

    We should all try to emulate as much as we can this great tzadik

    I miss you Reb zeev

    With a broken heart,
    Moishy Grama

  • rikki says:

    is there a link where we can contact the family to let them know what chassidim he did for us?

  • jaxonite says:

    Hashem is obviously taking the finest Korbanos from our midst, on the Parashios of Korbanos (ויקרא, צו), when we can’t even substitute them with Leining them beTzibbur (ונשלמה פרים שפתינו). What a tragic situation we’re in…
    May Reb Zeev’s Neshoma be a Kapporah for the entire generation אשה ריח ניחוח לשם

    PS: Let’s be Mischazek with at least saying the Ketores 3 times/day which was instituted in a time of plague, as brought down in ברכי יוסף מהחיד”א או”ח סימן קלב

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