PHOTOS: Shul in Lakewood gets ready for reopening


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There are 20 Comments to "PHOTOS: Shul in Lakewood gets ready for reopening"

  • Chacham says:

    Where is the sign “Do not enter with a cell phone at any time”?

  • Question says:

    How many people are allowed inside?

  • Avi says:

    I would much sooner daven at home than wear a mask in shul. why would they require a mask when everyone agrees the danger has passed and even the social distancing shuls are doing is just to placate the politicians not out of concern to health

    • me says:


      “…when everyone agrees the danger has passed…”

      Um, where do you get your information. Who is this “everyone” of which you are referring?

      I have not heard one person say that. Except for you.

    • It aint over yet says:

      Because now that people are starting to gather together again all it takes is one person to enter with the virus to start another out break CHV. Therefore proper precautions are still a must. A bunch of states saw a rise in positive cases today there were a total of 27000 new positive cases across the US today as which is abt 7000 cases higher than yesterday. Worldwide this past week had the largest rise with one day seeing well past 100000 positive case. look at brazil a country that didnt prepare properly now the entire healthcare system is on the brink of collapse. we dont want to g-d forbid end up like that. Its very simple just be carfeul and we could avoid a 2nd outbreak!

  • alter says:

    the danger has passed ? let me know not to be near you. also, shules were not permitted yet.

  • shaila says:

    Are you allowed to wear a mask in the street on Shabbos?

    • LOMED says:

      Rav Chaim Kanievsky shlit”a said you may wear the mask out of the Eruv on Shabbos

      • Anon says:

        @Lomed You may be correct but I am not sure. If you look at the translation of his letter, I believe that may have only applied to Eretz Yisroel for that week, where there was a requirement to wear masks, and therefore it was considered a “Tachshet”

        @Shaila – Shailos should always be asked to a competent Rabbi and not the commenters on TLS.

  • Avrohom says:

    Because the rabanim recommended masks and legally you need a mask indoors just like you need when you go into any store. If you want to join the shul we can send you the rules, During davening when you are in you place with proper distancing you can take off mask. However, whenyou walk into the building in common areas you need a mask,

    Regarding cell phones. Our Rav has long ago hung signs regarding cell phones in the bais medrash. These are hanging all over and we did not need Covid to institute this takana. Of course we will reinforce it now that all the gedolim have spoken out about it.


  • Muti klein says:

    how can we have all our shulls open with less than 10 people at a time,I am confused.

  • Eli says:

    Wearing masks for prolonged times is dangerous! You don’t have enough oxygen, and can result in headaches, and even worse!

  • Brooklyn says:

    In Brooklyn there are many shuls are booming near to normal capacity. Where is the long warned spike??
    After these super dangerous levaye in Williamsburg where so many gathered what happened where is the spike?
    Don’t bring me examples of other places that didn’t have yet the virus!!

    • muti Klein says:

      While I hear there are not really any new cases in Lakewood my children’s pediatricians are still warning that’s its still dangerous out there and that allot of people are still dying so I am confused.

    • kjk says:

      OK number 1 it takes several weeks to see if there will be an increase cuz the virus has a very long incubation period. Number 2 Iran opened up and is now facing a 2nd surge. South korea and china both now have small outbreaks that they are trying desperately to contain. Number 3 There was a large rise in positive cases yesterday across the US yesterday.

  • Rn says:

    I wear a mask at work for over 12 hours straight and my oxygen level is normal (above 95%, I’ve checked)

  • Yesh Omrim says:

    My understanding is that it allows only10 mispallelim for a minyan.

  • chiller says:

    ah finally a shuls opening thank u hashem mi kamcha yisrael

  • lives in Brooklyn says:

    In Brooklyn where I live the shuls are not booming to capacity. I daven in two shuls ,one of them has exactly a minyan, not more. the other shul has around 20 people, one person, to a table unless it’s family where they can sit on the same table.

  • gg says:

    there’s your answer to everything…..Brooklyn…streets are paved and shuls are open….