Take Note of New Schedule for NJ Unemployment Benefit Re-certifications [UPDATED]

[UPDATE BELOW] The NJ office of unemployment has made a completely new schedule this week for re-certification of benefits.

Many people have been going online each week during the allotted time-slot and have been certifying, but this week they can get messed up.

Those utilizing the system should check to find their new time slot and set a reminder.

The website wrote, “NOTE: The schedule is NOT the same as last week’s. This week, the schedule is spread out over six days, Sunday through Friday, with Saturday being the “make-up day” for all claimants. It is still divided into half-hour increments to ensure the stability of our certification application. If you miss your scheduled time earlier in the day, there is a make-up window later in the afternoon.

Please locate the schedule for your assigned day based on the last four digits of your Social Security Number (SSN). All SSNs are assigned time slots on Saturday.”

More info here:

Sunday, 5/17:

“WEEK OF SUNDAY, MAY 17: Schedule for certifying for benefits:

This week, we’ve expanded the certification hours through 9pm Sunday through Friday, and reduced the number of claimants assigned to each half-hour window. Saturday is still the “make-up day” for all claimants. If you miss your scheduled time earlier in the day, there is a make-up window later in the afternoon.

Please locate the schedule for your assigned day based on the last four digits of your Social Security Number (SSN). All SSNs are assigned time slots on Saturday.”


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There are 40 Comments to "Take Note of New Schedule for NJ Unemployment Benefit Re-certifications [UPDATED]"

  • david says:

    what do i do if i just got approved now for a claim 3/15/2020. How do I certify the last 7 weeks?

    • j says:

      Lrrc talks about it in their faqs.

    • Welldone says:

      After you claim your first time, there will be an additional claims available button on the bottom of the page. I had just claimed the last 5 weeks doing this.

    • Lessor says:

      After you certify for the current week, it will give you the option of certifying for the other weeks.

  • seankonnery says:

    I am still showing “pending” after applying three weeks ago. They have not contacted me at all. I am not even up to this part yet.

  • Help says:

    Never got paid, but was approved. How to best get my money?

  • Mom says:

    To david. When you go in to certify you will be able to do one week at a time but you can keep.doing it over and over until you get to current week.

  • Tzvi says:

    This is really important being that we won’t be able to get the only makeup day-Shabbos!! Please tell your family and friends!!!

  • Anonymom says:

    Took us about 4/5 weeks and I believe the first time you certify it’s for all up to and including week you certify for…

  • Shlemazal says:

    Ahzoy! My make-up window was on Shabbos.

  • Abe says:

    Although everyone should certify at the correct time, if you must your slot, you can look at the schedule and put in a number that fits the current time window, and then put in your ss in the next window with no issues.
    V’hamaven Yavin

    • Eli says:

      @Abe: As of last week, that method is not working anymore. They now require both SS an DOB in the first window, and verify it against a valid claim, before they let you go on to the next page.
      Try it now…

  • Savta says:

    There’s always a makeup time later on that same day- check again. Saturday is just a general time for anyone who missed their day altogether.

  • S says:

    Whenever I try to quickly request money for that week in the half hour they give me they say to call them but when you call they don’t pick up. Any ideas?

    • AB says:


      I’ve been running into the same issue. My claim status says “Filed”, and my Weekly Benefit Rate says $0 and I can’t figure out how to change it. When I do the weekly certification, they say I need to call Reemployment call center, but I tried dozens of times, with no success in reaching anyone.

      If anyone has any recommendations on what to do to solve this, it would be incredibly appreciated!

      • DW says:

        I have the same problem, filed but WBR is $0…it doesn’t seem like they are taking calls at all.

  • justsayin.... says:

    The Democrat Governor put so many people out of work he over loaded the unemployment system and the only fix he has is to make it too hard and complicated to apply. That way the system can catch up.

  • anonymous says:

    When I applied for unemployment, I was sent to a page requesting more info. That page keeps glitching out and I’m unable to complete it. Did anyone successfully complete the form because there’s no way I’m getting through to the UI office.

    • Anonymous says:

      Do you have a filter? I had the same problem and my filter company was able to resolve it.

  • Jon says:

    I just tried to claim my benefits in my alotted time slot and it says I’m claiming at the wrong time. Anyone else having this issue?

  • Anonymom says:

    AB- for the last 3 weeks (I applied 6/7 weeks ago) my benefit was $0, when I called I couldn’t get through. I got an email motzei Shabbos that I was approved and can start claiming my benefits, and was told it would be retroactively to date I submitted my application. I’ll see tomorrow iyh when I certify.

  • david says:

    my slot was Sunday and I missed it only general make up is shabbos? what do i do now? did I lose this weeks payment or worse will I be taken off?

    help please

    • BG says:

      You will not lose this week’s benefits. Next week when you certify you will be able to certify for 5e one you missed too.

      • anonymous says:

        Are you sure?? How do you certify for more than one week at a time??
        Should I ask a shaila if I can get an aino yehudi to claim for me on saturday?

    • YitzyS says:

      You didn’t lose it, it’ll just be delayed until you certify for this week too when you certify next week.

  • Tzurty Klein says:

    I also applied weeks ago and every time I check still says pending. Will I get a letter in the mail before I can start claiming benefits which I hope will be soon….

    Sitting pretty…

  • anonymous says:

    same here! I missed sunday! now what ??


  • Calm Down! says:

    You can claim weekly benefits by phone during normal biz hours! Regardless of your social security number. It is an automated system.

  • Aaron says:

    For those seeking unemployment benefits for NJ, There are system issues. You can alternatively file over the phone. The phone system will ask if it’s for Covid-19 related unemployment, select the option for no, otherwise the system will tell you to go online and then hang up.

    The number to certify for claims is

  • paperwork says:

    Anyone know which documentation is needed to file a claim if I was self-employed but currently not making any money?

  • #Hope that's helpful! says:

    I used the info on my 2018 tax return since I didn’t do my 2019 taxes yet. They accepted that. However, I am getting the minimum amount. Now that I’m receiving there is an option to appeal for the correct amount. I would recommend trying that.

  • Desperate says:

    Anyone can help me. Filed claim. When I try to check status, get told that there is no claim. When I go to file new one, get told that I cant because a claim is pending. Any idea of what to do?

  • M.K. says:

    If your amount shows filed but -0-, that means that your information was received but they haven’t determined the amount you will get, so you can’t certify yet.
    NOTE: Many who are self-employed have been approved at a standard amount of $231 weekly, regardless of what they are actually supposed to get. They haven’t reached to filers requesting earnings data,,,,are they just making an assumption? Does anyone know if that means an appeal needs to be filed?

    • Lessor says:

      I believe you can certify even during those weeks that the claim is still pending. I have been doing it. In fact the email they sent me confirming the submission of my claim and advising decision would be made ALSO said to certify weekly pending the decision.

  • Eli says:

    I only got the weekly benefit rate not the additional 600 a week. Does that come separately? If yes any idea when?

  • Shay Cohen says:

    Does anyone know when the retroactive unemployment benefits get paid? The first week they allowed me to certify I certified for that week and for the previous 2 weeks before that. I only got paid for that week and the following weeks and NOT for the previous 2 weeks.

  • Akiva Greenebaum says:

    I hope next week they make allowence for Yom Tov since makup day is same as scheduled day, and Saturday is a no starter.8

  • Lea says:

    i tried for the past 3 weeks nothing worked but i got paid for 2 weeks before that this week they tell me its not payable what does that mean
    someone please answer cause noone from the office is available