BREAKING: Governor Murphy Cancels Plans To Reopen Indoor Dining

Governor Murphy announced at his press conference today that indoor dining, which was scheduled to begin at 25% capacity on Thursday, is now postponed indefinitely.

The plan to allow for indoor dining was made as cases of new Covid-19 cases in New Jersey continue to plummet.

But Governor Murphy said that while he would like to loosen restrictions, spikes in new cases in many other states, driven in part by a return to indoor dining, forced his administration to postpone their plans.

Murphy said that the decision to postpone indoor dining plans also comes in part due to a “complete disregard for social distancing” and overcrowding that he has seen in some establishments across New Jersey.

“The scenes we see in our newspapers and on social media CANNOT CONTINUE,” Murphy wrote on Twitter. “Compliance isn’t a polite suggestion. It is required. Selflessness, not selfishness.”

Casinos, whose reopening was also planned for Thursday, will still be allowed to reopen as scheduled.



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There are 20 Comments to "BREAKING: Governor Murphy Cancels Plans To Reopen Indoor Dining"

  • mosh green says:

    knucklehead murphy

  • Anonymous says:

    How about his selfishness when he showed up at a protest?????

  • Teacher says:

    If Murphy saved one life, he has saved a whole world.

    I simply do not understand the mentality of the young people today.

    Yesterday had more infections than any other day since March.

    America will come out this leaner, stronger and more prosperous than ever before, as it always does after a crisis.

    As an aside, compare America before the 1918 pandemic to the nation afterwards. It would be hard for me at a glance (without staring at length) to see much difference between America at the close of the century and America in the 1920s ,with eight million cars and one million trucks on the road, most of our modern electrical appliances, wireless communication and indoor plumbing. Get ready for a glance of the world of the twenty-first century.

    • This is nuts says:

      He is not doing this to save lives he is doing this to show that he is in charge. Everyone must bow down to him. The infections might have gone up but the hospatals rates are down. The only reason there are spikes is because they are testing everyone even if you are not sick.

    • loops says:

      If Governor Knucklehead’s intention is to save even one life then;
      the speed limits on the parkway & turnpike should be no more than 5 MPH
      he would ban all swimming pools & close all beaches (People drown all the time)
      Ban bike riding (people get killed even with helmets)
      Require a government inspector in everyone’s kitchen all the time (remember- food poisoning can kill)
      In 1918 we went to war putting millions of lives at risk so we can keep our freedoms. Today, we lose our freedoms in the name of saving even one life.
      In 1918, we stood up to depravity, totalitarianism, dictatorship. Today we risk everything because we fear the crazy mob. Freedom of speech is gone as people are afraid to speak the truth for fear of being “canceled” by immature, foul mouthed, stupid, lazy, no common sense “progressives”.
      In 1918, there was a concept of morality. Today anything goes.
      If you want to compare to the 1920’s, it is more accurate to compare to Germany’s 1920’s.
      You don’t understand “young people”? did the country destroy millions of livelihoods in the 1969 hong kong flu? Do you understand the young people calling to defund the police? taking us back to the crime of the 60’s 70’s & 80’s?

      • Teacher says:

        It is not the young people who want to end qualified immunity and the militarization of the police.

        What happened in Ruby Ridge? What about Waco? For minor offense of modification of guns, the ATF couldn’t just ask Koresh to talk to them and ended up calling in the FBI who burned all those women and children alive.

        As the line goes, all bets are off as long as they have a warrant. It does not matter if it is the wrong house. It does not matter if someone is an innocent guest.

        Police were not held accountable for pulling an innocent man and woman out of bed (wrong house) without anything on and not allowing the woman to cover for several minutes. Why, she could have had a gun under the sheet if they let her cover herself. (LA County v Reetele 2002). And naturally, as long as they had a warrant, it is of no consequence to pull a woman (a house guest) out of the shower and forcing her to lay on the floor without a towel (I forget the name of the case, but the officer was liable only because he slapped her — while lying on the ground), or busting into the house of a widow with a no-knock warrant and killing her because he confronted them with gun thinking they were burglars (see Atlanta Const. Journal May 21, 2008). No need to mention the countless cases, where people refuse to talk to police because they did nothing wrong, but in the name of security, they kill him for not cooperating. What about that Amit Bernstein in Monmouth jail? How many times have we seen a dozens FBI agents in Lakewood on rooftops and of course, securing the perimeter, dressed in combat gear to arrest a poor little old man, albeit a white-collared suspect.

        What happened to the heroic concert of the Ranger who stoped the bad man with the black hat with a single bullet; why now does it take six bullets? Oh, it is just collateral damage if a bystander is killed.

        No you are wrong.

        What you call the mob is the conscious and anger of the American people. We are tired, tired and tired of this obsession with “securing the perimeter,” the indignities of forcing everyone to lay on the ground face down, and if you are a minority without influence in your town, getting beat up or killed. But of course, it is justified because it is for the “safety of the officer of and the suspect.”

        How many times in the 1920s, in the heyday of prohibition, did cops use these tactics? Were more police or innocent people killed because police did not yet develop the concept of securing the area and did not yet have qualified immunity? Moreover, we had a more robust Fourth Amendment then (federal of course since we did not yet have the ridiculous Warren Court to incorporate it into the 14th amendment), did not have no-knock warrants (the idea was that police knocked on your door and respected your castle and your wife), and were held to the old common law standard of liability (albeit not applied equality before it was federalized).

        BTW, I remember the Hong Kong Flu in 1969 and did not know anyone who died from it.

        As for freedom of speech, Justice Roberts, who might be compared to Holmes and Brandeis in his depth of understanding the First Amendment, the Roberts Court has maintained robust freedom of speech. (Tocqueville ironically pointed out that on his continent any opinion found protection somewhere in some principality whereas in America, should you speak against core democratic values such as freedom, equality, etc. you would be forever shunned. )

        I do not understand what you mean by morality in the 1920s. Was it moral to lynch Blacks? The second incarnation of the. Klan was in 1920s and it had a larger membership than ever. Perhaps you forgot the Speakeasies in which everything was allowed? What about the organized crime and bootlegging? I am not even sure that people were more moral in their private lives, but they certainly were not in their public lives. We have much more stringent and complex standards of conduct and ethics today.

        As for defunding the police, I am not sure if that will help, but I am sure that qualified immunity has to end.

        • loops says:

          We can argue all day about individual police abuses. Everyone knows some cops that can be real morons. At the same time we know the criminal element hate the police because they know the police stand between them and civilization.
          It is ironic that you complain of heavy police tactics yet you have no problem with Governor enacting heavy handed executive orders with no legislative support- randomly destroying small businesses while forcing customers to support large corporations.
          As far as morality in the roaring 1920’s, while I’m sure there was plenty of shmutz going on, It wasn’t idealized as the law of the land with a stamp of approval from the supreme court. And while you may feel that today people have a higher sense of morality when dealing with their fellow man and the need for racial justice, in reality, if there is no fear of heaven, there can be no morality bein adom l’chaveiro.

        • JustWondering says:

          I think qualified immunity for police officers may work, but I think we should have a trial run to make sure. Lets stop qualified immunity for politicians first, since there are much fewer of them, and see how it works out.

          So politicians could be held liable for inciting a mob. they can be held liable for slander. They can be held liable for conducting political persecutions. If it works out well, then maybe at that point we can consider removing qualified immunity for police

    • JustWondering says:

      Murphy’s “saving a life” is not a zero sum game. it comes at a severe cost, including the life’s of others, and that doesn’t even consider the fact that “uni chashuv K’mes”.

      The Spanish Flu had a reported death rate of 2.5%. According to the latest stats from the CDC, covid had a death rate of .6% (one quarter of the Spanish Flu), and the rate keeps dropping as testing expands.

      The Spanish Flu also dis-proportionately impacted healthy people in their 20’s and 30’s, whereas Covid has the greatest impact on seniors. Not that one age group is more important than the other, but knowing which group is act risk, allows for better, more targeted precautions to be taken, without shutting businesses down.

      • Teacher says:

        Look at the numbers on the APP and anywhere else and you will see that the death rate is 10%. Worldwide, five million, deaths, 500,000. America, infections, 2.5 million infections, 125,000 deaths, about 5%.

        Look at the rate concerning certain age groups including my own. All my best friends here in town, with the exception a few, have died. And the worst might be yet to come, ChV’Sh.

        People, do you have your heads in the sand? Don’t you know these people who have died?

        You trivialize the Big One, the super-pandemic about which we have been warned for decades, by comparing it with the de minimus risk in food poisoning, car driving, etc.These other risks have not gone away; risk has just been exponential increased. Had you gone to minyan in March or a wedding, and were over 50, you had a significant risk of death.

        What exactly do you mean that others die because of the restrictions and it is not a zero sum game? About a hundred people died of starvation during the depression in NYC, and we had a complete collapse of American agriculture at the time. American agriculture is still now strong as ever. As I said earlier, we are going to emerge with a new economy stronger, faster and better than before. Do not doubt the resilience of the American people.

        • loops says:

          You are assuming a 10% death rate from what you are reading in the APP???!!! Don’t make me laugh! Even the APP doesn’t believe their own numbers. They just repeat it as part of the drama culture – It’s like believing the John Hopkins numbers that only 7 million have been infected.
          Why don’t you take a look around you in Lakewood. If we conservatively estimate that in reality 40,000- 60,000 were infected the week after purim – that means the fatality rate is closer to the .05 range. And that was in the beginning when our local community hospitals had no idea what they were dealing with. Add to that the fact that with no patient advocates present in the hospital, staff scared to enter rooms and many other issues, you are going to get some fatalities that could have been saved.
          Hey, if you’re still concerned because you feel you are high risk, then by all means isolate yourself (I personally know quite a few elderly and high risk people that barely had any symptoms but I also knew quite a few people that didn’t make it R’l) But don’t destroy the rest of the world because of it. Besides – it’s a virus and it needs to run it’s course. You can’t isolate the world’s population forever. The idea was to flatten the curve not the world!

          • Teacher says:

            Sure thing. But those working from home are learning something and you might be at a disadvantage in the new economy by sticking to the old.

        • JustWondering says:

          The CDC has the cumulative Covid hospitalization rate at under 10%, and many who are hospitalized for covid, are there short term, so I don’t know where APP is getting their numbers from. The CDC map also has Influenza Activity at minimal (the lowest level) for all 50 states. you don’t have to believe me, you can look it up.

          While the U.S. may very well recover long term, many individuals will not. Sure Apple and Amazon will still be around, but many people had their life savings invested in their business, and their businesses will not be able to re-open. Many people lost jobs that will not readily be replaced.

          I find it interesting on how regarding certain aspects you dwell on the danger to the individual, yet when it comes to the financial and emotional suffering, you completely ignore the impact on many individuals, and defer to your belief that the “United States will recover”

          Perhaps it is your experience as a teacher, that limits your view of the economy to it’s impact on the “United States”, after all government employees were hardly impacted by the economic devastation wrought by the shut down.

          However, we are not yet B”H a communist nation, small business are still the largest employers in this country, and their impact from this shutdown has been severe.

          If you are truly so concerned, no one sis stopping you from self quarantining. You can still have your essentials delivered, and if you due want to go out, KN95 masks and hand sanitizer are now readily available

    • cyrano says:

      We don’t need no thought control. Hey, Teacher! Leave them kids alone! All in all you’re just another brick in the wall.

  • james says:

    Hey Teacher, if by saving one life Murphy killed ten others, is it worth anything?

    And what about all those elderly people that he murdered by sending them back to nursing homes?

    Puleaze, Murphy ain’t no saint.

  • Red Ant & Tick says:

    Hey Phil, go take a picnic near an insane asylum. Make sure there are a lot of trees and bushes close by. Have a beer, I’m paying.

  • dito says:

    gov murfy garunted this date for opening dinning and pushes it off ‘cuz other states have had a lot more cases’ well i think we shd base our laws by our state alone why look at other states when our state has had very little serious cases(if any) in the past few days

  • know it all says:

    he thought he was losing some power so he stopped it

  • Tempest says:

    Murphy’s full of (moderated), plain & simple. Thousands can go to a casino but 50 can’t go out to eat. The sad part is all you people complaining will either vote fo him or not vote at all, which is voting for him. He strangles us with taxes & tyranny, yet you all vote his kind back in. He’s not the problem, you idiots are. If all the gun owners alone last election would have voted against him, he wouldn’t have won. So keep in mind as you’re complaining about the coming tax increases, you did it to yourselves.