COVID Update from Lakewood Physicians


Baruch Hashem, through our hishtadlus of the steps we’ve taken in our community, including social distancing, we are able tocontinue to work towards the opening of our community and still maintain a minimal number of cases. However, as we move into the next phase, we must continue to be vigilant to make sure that the situation is maintained.

As the country reopens, it is extremely important to pay attention to the rapid rise in cases throughout many areas of the United States. Lakewood has seen five COVID-19 cases in the last week that originated in Florida. Any person who visits those areas with a significant increase in positive Covid19 cases, which include Florida, Texas, Arizona, and California, are at increased risk of contracting Covid19 and bringing it back to Lakewood and should, therefore, quarantine for two weeks upon returning to Lakewood. In addition, any guests from those areas of rapidly increasing infection must also quarantine for two weeks upon arrival to the Lakewood community. A Covid 19negative test on returning from one of these high covid-19 areasis not a substitute for a 14 day quarantine. A negative test could simply be due to a test being performed too early in the 14 dayincubation period.

We ask the kehilla to please continue being vigilant so that we do not C”V reverse the tremendous strides that we have made in the past few weeks in opening our community.

Dr. Shoshana Bacon

Dr. Jonathan Cohen

Dr. Neil Gittleman

Dr. Elchonon Glantz

Dr. Binyomin Greenberg

Dr. Nochum Indich

Dr. Jeffrey Kaminetzky

Dr. Baruch Kassover

Dr. Howard Lebowitz

Dr. Micah May

Dr. David Ogun

Dr Hillel Peltz

Dr Samuel Preschel

Dr. Daniel Roth

Dr. Reuven Shanik

Dr. Laurence Shoner

Dr. Clara Surowitz

Dr Mordechai Tarlow

Dr. Miro Ukraincik

Dr Yaakov Zamel

Dr Shimshi Zimmerman (Hatzolah)




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There are 25 Comments to "COVID Update from Lakewood Physicians"

  • Chaim says:

    Stores should enforce the policy no masks no service no kidding. Unfortunately people are not being considerate of others and are making light of the situation.

  • Ralf says:

    Totally agree with comment one just because our area is better doesn’t mean we have to let down our guard

  • Yo says:

    What happened to everyone’s antibodies

    • Just Me says:

      I know plenty of people, including my husband and I, who tested negative for antibodies.

  • Reality says:

    I disagree with the premise of this letter that people in Lakewood are following guidelines, we all know that to be sadly enough not true. What social distancing. Bh cases have gone down and with Hashem he we should be zoche to be protected, however we don’t know the future And what could happen. We do know the Torah says that we are obligated to guard ourselves. It’s time people get with the program and realize we must still be careful, and recognize no Jew is above the Torah.

  • Agree with 1 & 2 says:

    I third that.

    Stores in town are not enforcing and by in large dismissing the danger.

    You or child can give it to your parents and in laws.

    We aren’t out of the woods.

    • zumy says:

      If you are in a store and see other customers without a masks, you should politely recommend that they mask. The stores are having a hard time enforcing it because it is a challenge to walk the fine line between good customer service and insistence on masks. Sometimes an awkward scene results when store employees ask customers to please put on a mask, whereas these customers wouldn’t respond the same way to a fellow shopper.

  • Eli says:

    Perhaps there should be a more direct letter aimed at the community as a whole, reminding about social distancing.

  • me,myself&i says:

    I, too, would like to stress what the previous comments have said. Unfortunately, people think that bechause they can lower their guard because of Lakewood’s lower numbers, they don’t have to wear masks. They don’t realize that masks are more to protect others from you than for you to protect yourself. So if you want to lower your guard, that’s your choice. But you still should be considerate of others and wear masks TO PROTECT OTHERS. As an older person, I hesitate to go out and do errands because others aren’t taking proper precautions.

  • Get Over It says:

    The quarantines are voluntary and are not enforced. Unfortunately, for some reason, many in our community think rules were made for others, not for them. So these quarantines are nice in theory, but I wonder how many will actually quarantine themselves. Our country does not like the idea of tracking, but that would really be a help.

  • Anon says:

    These people coming from Florida & other current volatile areas are selfish, Inconsiderate and don’t have concern for others. I said the same thing, when people from the East Coast hightailed it to Florida when it was bad here and not there.While it seems like Lakewood residents have been virus free pretty much the last few weeks or more, there are many people who still won’t leave their home specifically because of people coming from out of town cities like Florida. And now the people that finally are starting to go out a bit are at risk of catching it from these selfish visitors.

    Most of what we learned throughout this horrible virus is that there are so many selfless people who put themselves on the line to help others. Unfortunately, on the flip side, we are also learning who is selfish and only worry about themselves.

  • SF says:


    “Everyone’s antibodies”?

    Do you have numbers to back up that everyone, or even close to 50% have antibodies??

  • ANON21 says:

    If you think that everyone is following the rules then yes we may not be out of the woods. But if you open your eyes and see reality that no one is following any rules that means it’s obvious that we’re done with this and have been since basically pesach

  • Moshe says:

    While standing in line at one of our larger supermarkets someone without a mask was standing very close to me. I turned to him and in a loud voice I said ‘yes you may.’ He said May I what? I said you may take two giant steps backwards mother May I’. He scoffed at me. I told him he should be wearing a mask and stay away from other people. He said it’s over in Lakewood. What do you say to someone like that?

  • hadassa buxbaum says:

    to our shame, our heimishe supermarkets and eateries are not complying with the law regarding the wearing of masks. Neither employees, managers nor customers wear masks. When I complain they shrug, they
    pretend to care, but bottom line they do nothing. Even a store that advertises early morning hours for seniors does not actually enforce that. I was the ONLY senior there. Young men coming from shul were shopping with children, hardly a mask in sight. The manager didn’t wear a mask. Try shopping at a non Jewish store without a mask! I have decided to take my business to these non Jewish stores who seem to care more about me than unzer.

  • Miss r says:

    This is not true. Many stores are enforcing it. I was in a judaica store just yesterday and I heard and watched the manager walk over to 2 teens and tell them to either buy a mask or leave the store. (They left the store) please Don’t generalize.

  • E h says:

    I don’t think there is one shuel in Lakewood where anyone is wearing a mask anymore…. Can someone explain to me why nobody is wearing masks in shuel?

  • Reb says:

    I came to visit Lakewood this past week, people stared at me like Im from another planet with my mask and gloves, I am so sad that the chevra is not being careful with masks and distancing. It is not safe, and we cannot afford to lose another yid chas veshalom. I dont get it , even if numbers are down , we cannot manage anymore cases and being careful will prevent another outbreak cv

  • Markus says:

    People in Lakewood should be ashamed of themselves. Did we not learn our lesson the first time?
    Absolutely nobody wears masks or social distances themselves. Nobody

    • pfeffercook says:

      Absolutely no need to make such a sweeping statement. I look around and see that 90% of my customers come in with a mask, and another 5% will
      quickly oblige when asked. there is a small percentage who will walk out insulted when told to wear a mask.

  • WWG1WGA says:

    for those of you that think we aren’t “following the rules” by wearing a mask. maybe those who don’t wear it is because we think it’s LUDICROUS! Wearing a mask only makes you sicker and following what ppl do without doing your own research is unintelligible. Wake up!

  • Always Masked says:

    In every store I have been in the vast majority of customers and employees have been masked . I agree that we must be at 100% compliance, and I am personally deeply disturbed when I noticed someone without a mask – but the claim that “no-one” is masked- is far from the truth.

  • DM says:

    Wearing a mask does not make you sicker.

  • Don't be naive says:

    Read the study from the new England journal of medicine regarding masks before you disparage your fellow brethren. The scoop website is not letting me paste the link, sorry. In short the study says that outside of Healthcare facilities, masks aren’t showing much protection from infection. So don’t jump on non-mask wearers as being selfish or harmful.