Governor Murphy Extends Public Health Emergency For 30 Days

Governor Phil Murphy today signed an Executive Order extending the Public Health Emergency that was originally declared on March 9th for an additional 30 days. Under the Emergency Health Powers Act, a declared public health emergency expires after 30 days unless renewed.

“As we move forward with our restart and recovery plan, maintaining access to all resources available is essential,” said Governor Murphy. “Extending the Public Health Emergency allows us to continue to work to save lives, while safely and securely reopening our state’s economy.”

The Executive Order also extends all Executive Orders issued by Governor Murphy under the Emergency Health Powers Act, as well as all actions taken by his administration’s departments and agencies in response to the Covid-19 pandemic.


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There are 31 Comments to "Governor Murphy Extends Public Health Emergency For 30 Days"

  • Lakewood Mom says:

    So what does this mean l’maaseh? Please people don’t start bashing again. He’s in charge and he’s trying to do his job. I just want to know if this affects me personally or is it a technicality having to do with funding various services.

    • Sam says:

      I hope you don’t mean that his job is destroying the economy! Please think about what’s happening clearly. Did you notice that he had nothing to say about all the ‘protests’ in the state?

    • Sammy says:

      how do you know he’s just trying to do his job? maybe he has an agenda which requires him to maintain control?
      Just asking

  • yidel says:

    i beg everyone to remember at the ballot box how this clown dealt terribly with this crisis

  • Mordekhai says:

    This is Democratic and if you voted for him you will find painfully time. We need end voting for democrats..

  • stam a jew says:

    This is a largely symbolic move which enables him to keep passing executive orders, so depending on how you look at it, this either means he is continuing his dictatorship or just making sure he can keep being the one to relax the restrictions as we move along.

  • Anonymous says:

    Why are they giving out permits for protesting if there is a public health emergency?

  • Dovid says:

    Did anyone notice the LARGE amount of people in Linden, NJ, who were not “social distancing” nor wearing masks while attending that religious service for Floyd? Likewise in NYC. Too bad the governor won’t allow large groups to attend their relatives and friends funerals.

  • Status Quo? says:

    I would think it means that things will stay as they are currently until July 9th. What is not clear to me is how this will affect his staggered return to a normal schedule. I heard a disturbing thought that the lock-down may continue for two or three months more due to a fear that the riots may have exposed enough people to cause a second wave of the virus. Even so, I think it’s worthwhile to see part two of Rich Robert’s video regarding his realistic and practical view of the issue.

  • Voter says:

    And please remember at the ballot box how our local officials did absolutely NOTHING to open up shuls and schools and instead sanctioned protests that had no social distancing by providing food and transportation.

  • Power says:

    It gives him the power to mKe excecutive orders for another 30 days

  • TheConsultant says:

    But protesting in big crowds as long as the protest is for something the democrats support is allowed if it’s for anything else like our constitutional rights then you’re killing grandma. This is because to Murphy the constitution is above his pay grade.

  • Yochy says:

    The Governor forget to mention, BESIDES LARGE GATHERINGS FIR GEORGE FLOYD!!!!


  • me says:

    What does this mean for the DMV? Will it be opening this is drivers licences season!

  • Loops says:

    Why doesn’t he just come out clearly and extend it for another 30 years?
    This way he can give a briefing every day for 30 years allowing something else every day. In June 2031, he will finally allow cars to open their windows 3 inches while parked within 12 feet of a tractor trailer.

  • Chaim Yankel says:

    Our great supreme leader has now granted himself power for 30 more days…

    When will the legislative branch along with the judicial branch get some power and do what the people elected them to do?

  • To Yidel says:

    Chochom, how informed are you? Pray tell how you would have dealt with this crisis differently without more fatalities?

    • cyrano says:

      I would ban public protests until after the “Emergency Health Crisis” is over.

      • dovid says:

        WELL SAID!!! Thanks for answering so well!! we have no place activating for these double stranded people!!!

  • LPD says:

    If it wasn’t so sad it would be funny! Let’s continue to be in a state of emergency let’s continue to choke small businesses of their livelihood let’s continue to ruin people’s lives let’s continue to torture kids that they may be scarred forever because of this terrible terrible dangerous virus that the governor doesn’t want you to realize was over a month ago but let’s encourage “Protests” of thousands of people without social distancing because….I’m not sure why?? Because it’s the “Woke” thing to do?? Enough is enough if it’s dangerous stop the “Protests” and if it’s not then open our stores,schools and shuls ASAP

  • affected seriously says:

    For those who wanted to know how it affects anyone this affects me big time. I have properties of tenants who have not been paying rent in months way before covid19 and all evictions are delayed until two months after public emergency ends. My tenants are living for free for six months already and now even longer…… Im sure other ppl are gonna be affected tremendously

  • Shepsil says:

    Like the Mitzriyim hitting the Tzfadea though they knew it would only make things worse for them, they continued to hit. It takes tremendous courage to admit you chose the wrong track & so the governor keeps up his lunacy. We should learn from him to stop chasing our own tzfardeas & instead rethink our priorities & goals.

  • zeidy says:

    you gotta love him!!

  • Uncommon sense says:

    Why aren’t people seeing Murphy for the genius he really is? He has a no-fail plan here. The longer he stays closed, the more dependent on that stimulus check we are. If Trump/ Republicans don’t sign off on it, people hate them and vote Democrat next time. If he opens while the emergency order is in place, he gets to act like the hero for pushing NJ ahead in a crisis.

    In the meantime, he won’t mess with the protestors he needs to support them in hopes of getting their vote. If he stops them, the news will point out how he’s ruling with an iron fist.

    Now if only he put all this intelligence towards making the state affordable.

  • cyrano says:

    Under the Governor’s order is entering a non-essential retail store permitted if it is for the purpose of looting? If one cannot riot effectively while observing social distancing can an exception be made for a first time rioter?

    Vote the bum out of office.

  • LkwdGuy says:

    I must admit, sometimes when someone does something totally insane I stop and think, what’s he thinking, like try to see where he’s coming from. For private individuals it works soemtimes, but for public officials, there is no need to go down that road. It’s obvious.

  • perplexed says:

    its clear, he and his democratic friends have one agenda, and its to break the economy that trump built with his sweat and tears

  • RebRambo says:

    What happened to the good ole days when Murphy’s Law meant, well, Murphy’s Law?

  • steve says:

    if Christie was governor we would be open already

  • jaxonite says:

    I don’t get why people are all up in arms regarding the double standard…

    If Black Lives really Mattered to them, they would NEVER allow protesters to endanger their lives at the risk of getting infected by the virus!!

    Unfortunately though, it’s only Black Lives’ VOTES that Matters to some politicians…

  • Lakewood Mom says:

    Again, I ask, does anyone out there have a clue what this means for us on a practical level?!