PHOTO: Preparing for this weekend’s walk in Lakewood

Getting ready for the weekend with a Siddur (prayer book), Challah, and a cookie.

The food, donated by Michael Inzelbuch, will be given out to those attending the march this Saturday in Lakewood.

“Thousands will be praying for no more hate, no more disparity, and justice this Shabbos,” Inzelbuch said.


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There are 21 Comments to "PHOTO: Preparing for this weekend’s walk in Lakewood"

  • Fred says:

    Why are you going them asiddur to throw out?

    • TLS Editor says:

      Where does it say anything about a Siddur being given out?

      “The food, donated by Michael Inzelbuch, will be given out to those attending the march this Saturday in Lakewood.”

      • Davener says:

        I think the Siddur represents something we can do during their protest, like a prayer for peace or a Kapitel Tehillim. If there were an Eruv I would go with a Siddur and maybe a Talis. I think that would be a Kiddush Hashem. Surely and the APP would never expect to see that scene. Guaranteed front page.

  • Alex Libman says:

    That’s called appeasement.

    The protesters don’t care about the facts of the case, and they jump to conclusions for their left-wing political ends. There’s zero evidence of “racism”!

    Floyd was approached by the police for passing a counterfeit bill. He was clearly freaking out on drugs while driving, which the toxicology report had confirmed, and he was refusing to get into the police car. He had a long history of prior convictions, including for armed home invasion. The police made a mistake when using submission techniques, and there was always going to be an investigation, but calling it deliberate “murder” is insane!

    A member of the Jewish community is far more likely to become a target of race-baiting than actual racism.

    • MARK Z says:

      Alex, are you for real? did you watch the video? i am the biggest fan of the police but lets call a spade, a spade. we should all be absolutely outraged about what happened and not try to minimize.

    • Community Member says:

      “The police made a mistake when using submission techniques” is a disgusting comment. Kneeling on someone’s neck for 8 minutes is not a “submission technique”. It was no mistake. It was murder. On camera.
      After they beat the tar out of him in the back of the police car. And you have no idea what protesters care about. Would you talk like that if the victim was a Jew? The Lakewood community sof all colors and all faiths should be ashamed of you.

  • Mark Levin says:

    Random minus the ran

  • Thank you again Michael says:

    Fantastic effort! Thank you for doing this for the community. We are all behind you! May HaShem bring a true and everlasting peace for all people, for now and forever!

  • amharatzus says:

    the african americans do not need our challahs at their march. historically there have been many Jewish plantation owners who treated their own african american workers very fairly and nicely like the Rambam says to do way way before abraham lincoln was even born. what african americans do need from the Jewish community is just to continue in the ways of our fathers, the way of the Torah and to maintain honest, respectful and benevolent business relations with all and without any bias. i remember my Rabbi invited his african american employees to all of his children’s weddings and all danced together.

    • Alex Libman says:

      > …historically there have been many Jewish plantation owners…

      I don’t think that’s accurate. Historically there was a small fraction of the Jews that were disproportionately involved in finance (due to being barred from other professions, and having special easement on the ridiculous “usury” laws that were in place at the time). They invested in everything that was hot at the time, including the slave trade, but most didn’t get involved in agriculture directly. They were a very tiny minority. The vast majority of Whites and Jews (especially the poor recent immigrants) were only hurt by slavery driving down their wages.

      Most ancestors of today’s Jewish-Americans were still in Europe during the times of slavery – Jewish immigration had increased considerably by the end of the 19th and in early 20th century. (All of my ancestors were in Russia until the 1990s.) The slave population in the US South reached its peak in 1840, and then started to decline – at the time of that peak there were only 15,000 Jews in the United States! And most Jews lived in the North, and the vast majority of Jews who fought in the Civil War were fighting to end slavery.

      Everyone has ancestors who were slaves, if you go back far enough. Slavery took many forms. All prior political systems have been authoritarian, so nearly everyone was a slave to a degree, but there was plenty of total chattel slavery as well. In Ancient Rome even the slaves could own other slaves! Serfdom was very common in Medieval Europe, as well as Asia. Every agricultural pre-industrial civilization had slavery – and the alternative before that was for tribes warring over scarce resources to take no prisoners, which is called genocide. It was the rise of modern science, capitalism, literacy, and the industrial revolution that made it possible to end slavery for good, and Jewish investors, inventors, scientists, engineers, administrators, educators, and entrepreneurs have had a disproportionately large contribution towards making this happen.

      Most importantly: you can’t hold people accountable for the alleged sins of their (great*X)-grandparents! You can only judge the living, not the dead. In the present there are no laws that discriminate against black people, and a ton of laws that use government force for their benefit: Affirmative Action, income redistribution through the Welfare State, anti-discrimination laws, etc, etc, etc…

  • bizarre says:

    Thisbis a truly beautiful gesture by our very own R’Michael whobhas, once again, shown his live for all people, regardless of race, creed, religion etc…
    I’m just puzzled by the siddur here. Who from the marchers uses a siddur ?
    Maybe someone can enlighten me.
    Challahs look Yummmm, tho !!

  • avraham says:

    Thank you Attorney Michoel Inzelbuch.

  • Lkwdguy says:

    very nice gesture. Won’t make the criminals not loot if any of them are coming to make trouble. The only language they understand is guns, handcuffs and long prison sentences and even that doesn’t work for the hardened ones but at least it protects others from harm.

    • Alex Libman says:

      The protesters in Toms River were relatively mild. It was mostly the local white Jersey Shore hipsters, and no communist terrorists like Antifa. I think Lakewood would probably be the same.

      I’m sure the Lakewood PD will see this as their highest priority. Mob violence and looting only happens in left-wing cities, where the police look the other way…

      I was thinking of organizing a #PropertyRightsMatter counter-rally with MAGA hats, at very least to intimidate them from looting, but decided it wasn’t justified and could do more harm than good…

      • Community Members says:

        “Mob violence and looting only happen in left-wing cities”….Hate to break it to you but it has been confirmed that white supremacists are also involved in stirring the pot. Terrorists come from both political parties. You, sir, are a bigot of the worst kind. And MAGA hats are a joke, they dont intimidate anyone.

  • no siddur says:

    they aren’t giving out a Siddur….just food…read the post

  • Crazy says:

    Can BMG do a Riot/Protest Box?

  • masha zentman says:

    doron,tefilla, and chas veshalom…milchama.

    You make a kiddush Hashem, Mr. Inzelbach

  • anon says:

    very cute but dont see a point.

  • Newsworthy says:

    Maybe I will walk over there with my jacket and hat on. When the press wants to interview me, I will take them aside and say, I am not permitted to use a microphone on Shabbos. I’ll just make a peace sign, put my hand over my heart and, close my eyes while I put my hands together in a silent prayer.