UPDATE: Message from Lakewood Police Chief Greg Meyer

UPDATE: We have received information about a possible protest and/or gathering in Lakewood on Saturday June 6, 2020.

As a result, we are preparing with the help of our community liaisons, so that we can handle any situation that may arise. It is our priority to maintain the safety of the community we serve, while allowing and respecting the right to a peaceful demonstration.

We ask that you keep all of those affected by the events in Minnesota and around the Country, in your thoughts and prayers.


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There are 41 Comments to "UPDATE: Message from Lakewood Police Chief Greg Meyer"

  • True Yid says:


  • lakewood man says:

    uh ohhhh !

  • ANON21 says:

    You think they picked shabbos by accident?? They know during the week the Jewish drivers won’t tolerate this

  • Average Joe says:

    There are plenty of well armed homeowners in Lakewood. I say let them come and protest peacefully. It’s their right under the constitution of this great country of ours.
    Our police force will hopefully not tolerate damage to life and property. And if they do, we will be prepared to defend ourselves exercising our own constitutional rights.

  • Another True Yid says:


  • Yehuda says:

    The chief did not mention that he’s giving a permit for a protest despite the chatter that there are plans by anarchist to use the opportunity for anti semitic attacks. There is a week to prepare can he tell us what steps he is taking to prevent harm and loss of property?

  • Zumy says:

    Maybe its naive or overly optimistic, but i do think it was thoughtful of our neighbors to choose Shabbos so as not to disrupt commerce. It is the weekend when they are off from work and they can protest peacefully. As an aside, i hope it pours all day just to maintain a safe tone.

  • perplexed says:

    will there be more then 25 people in one yard?

  • Branovicher says:

    how is our great governor allowing the lack of social distancing? the fraud that he is, he is encouraging it!

  • Chaim says:

    Is social distancing over. I mean Heaven forbid we have a gathering for a levaya or a minyan, but this is ok?

  • SB says:

    This smells like the pogroms in the old time shtetls. Whoever would have thought we’d be talking like this in 2020 USA!

    • Alex Libman says:

      Things are very different. In some ways the roles are reversed.

      European pogroms were largely caused by the Jewish role in socialist conspiracies, terrorism (ex the assassination of Stolypin), and eventually their support for the Bolshevik Revolution. My grandparents were among the many Russian Jews who’ve made that terrible mistake…

      In 2020 USA things are very different. Lakewood’s Orthodox population are more comparable to the Kulaks (hard-working business-people) who were targeted by the Revolution. Trump won Lakewood by more than fifty points! The Antifa terrorists are the new Bolsheviks (ignore their name, it’s just propaganda with no connection to reality). But their grievances are far, far less legitimate than the grievances our (great)grandparents’ generation had against the Czar…

  • Chiarra says:

    What about the state of emergency that prohibits gatherings of more than 25?

  • Born in the Bronx says:

    Public assembly is a public right. However,
    (1) if all public gatherings, even funerals, must be limited in size, why does this not apply to this proposed protest?
    (2) Since there have been threats against Jewish interests, it should not be allowed on Saturday when the Jewish population is less positioned to deal with any developments
    (3) It should surely not be allowed in downtown Lakewood, where properties will be more available for vandalism if agitators come in.

    The permit should be rescinded and reissued for a different date, place, and with strict size limitations.

    • My2Cents says:

      Public assembly rights can be suspended if their is a fear of violence, damage or looting, since that has happened in almost every place where peaceful protests were allowed, a permit should not be issued

      There is no obligation to permit the protest, particularly when those doing so maybe coming from outside of town

  • Don’t close your eyes to what you see! says:

    This protest is being sideswiped and arranged by people who don’t give a hoot about poor Mr Floyd May he Rest In Peace – you see what is going on in the rest of the country by people who don’t follow the rules people who thrive on hate mongering, ,vandalism, and the president is not closing his eyes – he is preparing to bring in the appropriate soldiers to guard our country-don’t close your eyes chief. These are Evil dEvils villains of the worst order seeking only to line their pockets with other people’s hard earned money what did target and Walmart do to deserve all this looting. They provide everybody including blacks with jobs, with good prices etc. There is none so blind as those who will not see- protect The Lakewood you love and the people who love you and pray for you and your wonderful force’s safety daily in their prayers – see what is going on in the country and don’t give the hate mongers the right to ruin our town. Take them to ocean county park. They need six feet social distancing and that is the only place big enough for that type of gathering under our current corona threatened situation. You broke up our prayer groups You broke up our weddings. You broke up our esteemed great men’s funerals. Don’t go down in history caving into the demand for a gathering so vile – just keep the rules and show them that goodness prevails

  • bizarre says:

    I think the LPD should do what they did in Philly: Block the exits from the highway into town. AND, Rte 9 closed from Walmart to the north and Kimball from the South. 88 blocked off from CVS.
    County line blocked from WaWa on the east side to Dunkin’ from the West.
    Oh, I almost forgot, and bring in the National Guard.

    • A Yid In LKWD says:

      You people are all forgetting something. All small town protests were peaceful, why do you assume that there will be violence? Did you already forget about how upset you were when you felt Jackson/Toms River residence were falsely accusing you of crimes? How do you not realize that you are all embodying the very same thing that they are protesting?
      As yidden, when you saw a human being choked while laying on the ground handcuffed, how did you not feel sympathy for him as you saw him being murdered in broad daylight? He didn’t commit a Violent crime, he simply handed the Cashier a fake 20. No one ever said that he knew it was counterfeit, you decided he was a criminal because of a bias. There hasn’t even been any proof that he resisted arrest, just many videos showing him following instructions. The original police narrative was proven to be a lie, so why would you think it’s true that he resisted arrest?
      And even if he did resist, does that deserve capital punishment?

      You don’t have to worry about violence. The only thing telling you that we need the national guard is a bias.

      (Ps: LKWD scoop, pls post this, you didn’t post my last comment)

  • resident says:

    Better safe than sorry. Better over-prepared than under-prepared. Better Shabbos that has extra shemirah to it.

  • Lakewood Res says:

    People need to be aware if they see pallets of bricks being delivered on street corners and/or bags incl fireworks and spray paint showing up anywhere in town needs to report it immediately! This is a well funded calculated attack and it needs to be stopped..!
    Also if you see anyone dressed in all black with an umbrella (shields from drone cameras) watch out because he will be the main instigator as was seen in previous riots..
    please daven
    Hashem should keep us safe

  • Ari says:

    Can I and my son keep our rifles on us on shabbos? muktza litzorach gufo?

  • Eli g says:

    Will the state police that visit us on a daily basis be here to protect us? Perhaps our wonderful president can send in the military to hang out here . I can make a crockpot of chulent for them.

  • Isaac says:

    Sadly the organizers probably know that few if any frum Jews would join a protest in support of black lives. Unfortunately racism infects our community like so many other communities.

    And with all the talk about violent protestors, it seems like we’re ignoring all the police violence against peaceful protestors; some police units are indiscriminately tasing, wounding, and blinding protestors – they even killed some people. Let’s hope our police don’t start violence like that here and that everyone is safe! Black lives matter!

  • A chiller says:


    all people protesting:

    You think your little protest in LAKEWOOD is gonna do anything like c’mon there just bored with nothin better to do

  • Josh Verstandig says:

    Hashem is great

  • Sam says:

    Did we hear a single word from the Governor about the rioters who are breaking the ‘lockdown’?

  • Public Health Specialist says:

    I won’t even let my relatives come from New York to visit yet, because of the corona virus situation, which may have passed from Lakewood, but there are many other individuals who carry the germ and the poison. And they’ll bring it here.

    If most of the township is closed on the sabbath, where will the protestors go to relieve themselves or eat. And why are outsiders permitted to come and have a demonstration in this township anyway?

    Who needs it. None of you need it. Open your eyes, now YOU CAN RISE UP and get rid of this nonsense before it even goes further than wild radical publicity. What a ploy for antisemitic pogrom pillaging.

    All the dirt, all the filth, all the germs, defecating in this streets, you will have a replay of SARS COV 19 all over again. Declare a state of emergency for the sake of the disease, and dump those idiots out of here. Just last week a fine was issued for a clothing store for Jewish woman in Gourmet Glatt Plaza for having more than a certain number of people in the store. It was a steep fine. Where does the police and the leadership of this township come off allowing this parade of rogues to come in here, by the thousands.

    Do you want this? Police Chief, do you want this? How about our senators and reps. Do our children need to be exposed to this? Do the Police want to be tested and restrained for police brutality?

    Does Governor Murphy want this? You haven’t even opened up the swings in the park yet on South Lake Drive. Why are the social distancing guidelines being dumped in the garbage. I can’t even see a dentist yet, nor go into a shoe store. Why are these people allowed in? Are they paying for the right to come in. Who gave them permission?

    Maybe they’ll like it so much here, they will set up their life and build another TENT CITY. Rise up citizens and declare your rights. Kick it out before it comes.

  • Truth says:

    To “A Yid in LKWD” : absolutely NO ONE in our community that I am aware of thinks what happened to George Floyd was acceptable. EVERYONE in our community that I am aware of was disgusted and sickened by that officer’s murderous, callous actions and is full of sympathy for George Floyd and his family. Why do you arrogantly ask “how do you not feel sympathy”?? Why do you assume that because people are against the wild rioting and looting seen across the country that we somehow are unsympathetic to the terrible injustice perpetrated on George Floyd? Peaceful protests and marches holding up signs are completely fine and even warranted. Lawless destruction and stealing of innocent, hard working people’s property does NOTHING at all to effect positive change. Have you seen the videos and pictures of innocent people’s shuls, businesses, and homes defaced, destroyed, burned to the ground? THAT is what nobody here wants. All that the rioting and looting does is to sow hatred and stereotyping. Those rioters ruin the message trying to be made by the Floyd family and on behalf of the African American community, and only demonstrate these rioters’ inability to be a part of a civilized society. Sure, let the peaceful protesters speak up. Let them shout. But keep OUT the opportunist destroyers looking to steal and wreak havoc.

  • avraham says:

    I agree with you 100%.
    Very well said and that is the real truth.

  • Morde says:

    To a Yid in Lakewood

    With all due respect, you are totally off the mark. Everybody in our community that I have spoken to, thinks the police officer who killed Floyd in cold blood should he prosecuted and given life in prison or even the death penalty for murder .

    I personally believe that these types of bad cops are simply evil and would do the same to a white man also. Its not racist, they are simply bad ,evil rotten power hungry people .

    What does that have to do with breaking windows and stealing merchandise and torching police cars and creating total mayhem? Most of the looters admit they don’t care about Floyd, they just want free stuff from the looted stores.

  • Concerned says:

    How can we protest this protest ???? What can be done beforehand to have OUR , the tax paying citizens of Lakewood, voices be heard ???????

  • Concerrrned says:

    How can we protest this protest ???? What can be done beforehand to have OUR , the tax paying citizens of Lakewood, voices be heard ???????

  • Y says:

    White lives matter! jewish lives matter! The justice system served the officer who killed George Floyd was charged with murder…Thats Justice system..Looting ,burning down cars and buildings thats just a excuse to get free merchandise ..Who is kidding who ?

  • Josh says:

    Good point, chief Meyer

  • Ben says:

    Peaceful protesting is legitimate . Violence and looting is not .

    I call on elected officials to

    1. To amend laws to triple penalties for violence or destruction during or after a peaceful protest .

    2. Take visible and covert video of protest so that police can in the aftermath diligently follow up and prosecute looters .

    The above should be widely advertised prior to the legitimate protest .