VIDEO: Check out one local day camp’s opening day activity


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There are 15 Comments to "VIDEO: Check out one local day camp’s opening day activity"

  • whisleblower says:

    I saw helicopter rides few years ago. Now hot air balloon. In few years it might be a SpaceX rocket.

  • Chaya says:

    They should start making some takanos for daycamps…never mind weddings.

    • Sammy says:

      I dont get it. Do you KNOW that its “over the top”? Or are you just assuming that?
      How do you know that this was more expensive than taking the kids to some trip?
      Just because its innovative doesnt mean its over the top!

  • My Take says:

    Is that safe. Did everyone get to go in it? I think these over the top activities are waste of money and cause camps to charge too much. They cause kids to have higher and higher expectations every year. What’s wrong with the simpler camps of yesteryear?

  • Pashut says:

    What a missed opportunity. All the Gedolim have been calling for a “New Normal”, of going back to simplicity. Our children who have been home and feeling so deprived would actually appreciate have some simple fun – it doesn’t have to be so grandiose. They are happy to just go out, and go to camp. Why raise the bar again and again, forcing those day camps who wanted a simpler approach to feel they have to compete or top that. And please don’t say they have to – kids will be kids- and this will definitely raise their expectations for more excitement. What a shame.Opportunity lost.

  • SM says:

    Such a fun and different activity! Kol Hakavod for taking the time to give our yingelach some hard earned fun! In the current situation now there is only so much we can do to give our kids an “outing”
    I am impressed that this Yeshiva took the time and found a healthy and fun way to welcome summer

  • Ruchy says:

    This was a beautiful activity done in the evening after a full day of learning. This
    “Camp” is basically school and the boys learn most of the day, with several fun activities dispersed throughout the month. Dont pass judgement until you know the situation.

  • Anon says:

    With so many summer sleepaway plans canceled I think it is wonderful that they put effort into starting off the summer with a fabulous activity! Giving these boys an amazing summer is what they need desperately after being quarantined and then being told their summer plans will be canceled as well. Kol Hakavod for going above and beyond literally!

  • Anonymous says:

    **CORRECTION** This is not a opening day activity. This was a local school who felt it was important to give the Talmudim a KOSHER good time after they have been home for weeks…The school did not charge the parents. Before you criticize think if it was your child’s school what your reaction be. And I’m sure you would be proud to say that your school provided this for your child.

    • anon says:

      The school also pays their rabbeim on the lower end of the typical rebbe salary. definitely not a living wage.

  • Leah says:

    Wow. This is super impressive.
    Amazing how the school pulled this off to arrange a safe and enjoyable activity for the boys.

    I’m sure this is well deserved after weeks of remote learning.

  • Moshe says:

    Kudos to the school that decided to give their students some fun after months of remote learning after months of being told you can’t leave the house. A bit of normalcy to the kids lives is an amazing thing. And this school didn’t charge the parents anything so no one was pressured. I wish my child’s school would do the same!

  • Unbelievable says:

    Trips are cancelled
    Overnight camps are cancelled
    Interent is assur
    So what do u want kids to do all day? Stare at the walls? Hang out on the streets? Worst thing is for kids to be bored. Great activity! I hope my daughters camp does fun things like this to make up for no trips etc

  • abie says:

    Achim did the same activity around five years ago, they’re only going around 15-20 feet high. Everyone’s gotta relax a little, and allow kids to have a little fun.

  • aguda says:

    btw i was a camper in camp aguda 30 years ago and they brought in a hot air ballon to break out color war nothing new
    still upset they didnt let me on