VIDEO: Coronavirus 6.2 – Part 2 of 4: What we need, why we can’t have it, what we must do, and dangers | Rich Roberts



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There are 18 Comments to "VIDEO: Coronavirus 6.2 – Part 2 of 4: What we need, why we can’t have it, what we must do, and dangers | Rich Roberts"


    Can we have a transcription of what he says? Not everyone has time to listen, but a quick read would be very helpful.

  • loops says:

    Thank you Dr. Roberts and very informative.
    One question: is Dr. Roberts aware of the following sentence printed in the New Jersey Department of Heath’s Investigation Guidance for New Jersey Local Health Departments?
    “Infectious virus has not been cultured from urine or reliably cultured from feces (CDC unpublished data, Midgley 2020, Wofel 2020); these potential sources pose minimal if any risk of transmitting infection and any risk can be mitigated by good hand hygiene.”
    Maybe we are making ourselves crazy enough without having to worry about bathrooms.

  • Smart guy says:

    WE REALLY ENJOY YOUR FISH……………………MAYBE A DIFF BACK ROUND?????????????????????????????????????????

  • My2Cents says:

    Just want to point out, the most recent study, by NYU, showed that HCQ, when combined with Zinc and Azithromycin reduced death in Covid19 patients by 44%. That is a significant number, far more impressive than the Redemisvir study.

    Additionally, the studies that showed that HCQ was not effective and possibly dangerous were extremely faulty.

    It did not take into account the condition of the patients when they were administered the drug. And at least one of the studies acknowledged that the patients given HCQ in general, were in worse condition prior to administering the drug with over 40% having already been placed on respirators prior to administering it.

    Considering that initially, HCQ was only administered for compassionate use, logic would dictate that the average patient receiving the drug, was in more dire straights than those who did not receive the drug.

    These studies acknowledged that HCQ patients, where in worse condition to prior to HCQ treatment, yet did not adjust its analyses based on those facts.

    India has been treating it’s citizens with HCQ prophylactically, as has Turkey. In a poll of Dr’s on the frontline, it is still considered their treatment of choice.

  • Amazing says:

    Thank you Dr Roberts. Can these messages be printed in one of the weekly publications so that everyone will have a chance to be “exposed” to an honest factual up to date report on the virus. That way no one will have any excuses for not being able to hear these super important warnings.

    • Ed says:

      I’m curious how you’ve determined that this is an ‘honest factual up to date report. Please let us know how you’ve come to that conclusion. Thanks!

  • Richard H. Roberts, M.D., Ph.D. says:

    Dear Amazing,
    The Lakewood Shopper told me today that they are going to transcribe all four videos that I posted on YouTube a couple days ago. It should appear in The Shopper next week.
    Best wishes,
    Rich Roberts

  • Not sure says:

    Question to Dr. Roberts on the first video posted earlier this week. At the end of the video you mention that many people are heavily exposed to this virus or even have the virus and then do not have antibodies. If that’s the case, then what you start out talking about in the beginning that if only %15 of people have antibodies means that another %85 is still at risk of contracting the virus and many more people dying in the future, How do you know? Maybe many more people have already been exposed and are not contracting the virus and therefore don’t have antibodies and really we should be in much better shape. There may be only a small % of the population that still hasn’t been exposed and still at risk?

  • Question says:

    Dr. Roberts, Can you please comment on this. If the vaccines being tested are not including children in their clinical trials, and are not including those with health issues, such as cardiac issues and obesity, would you recommend that these groups still get the vaccine when it comes out? Thank you. (Prominent lawyer Alan Dershowitz recently said that if specific groups are not being tested in clinical trials they should not be legally ever forced to take the vaccines.)

  • Richard H. Roberts, M.D., Ph.D. says:

    To “Not sure” – You are correct. We don’t know. There are two more videos that I posted to YouTube and which I think TLS will post here over the next few days. I don’t remember in which video I made the following point. I mentioned that maybe the virus has already spread through most nursing homes so those who will most likely succumb to this virus are already gone. We don’t know. But with 22,000 new U.S. cases yesterday, and the U.S. death toll over 110,000 people in 4 months, taking actions that might result in many multiples of that number is very inhumane and irresponsible in my opinion.

    To “Question” – Alan Dershowitz said that the Supreme Court would uphold the power of the Federal government to forcibly vaccinate everyone in a vote of 8 to 1 or 9 to 0. He said that the Federal government can even put someone’s life in danger if it is for the national good. He cited the power to draft people into the military where some will die. Kol V’chomer certainly the government can force people to be vaccinated against coronavirus.

    • Misleading.. says:

      He also said that this would not necessarily apply to children since they are at very low risk of dying/ being harmed from the disease.

      Ultimately, the verdict will depend on a variety of factors (not limited to the effectiveness and safety of the vaccine and the specific sub set of population being targeted). At this point there’s way to many variables for anyone (including Alan Dershowitz and Richard H. Roberts, M.D., Ph.D) to know how the Supreme Court will vote.

  • Watch out says:

    Please dont give more excuses for people not to vaccinate. We have enough anti-vaccers already

    • To watch out says says:

      Would you give heart medicine to a child when it was not tested for safety in children? If not, why would you give a child a vaccine that was not tested for safety in children? (Especially when children are usually not affected by the illness that the vaccine targets.)

  • Not sure says:

    Thank you Dr. Roberts for your response. One more question. Those that clearly had the virus (even tested positive) and do not have antibodies and maybe its innate immunity. do you think they have any protection for the future not to contract it at all? Or as if they never got it?

  • Yossi says:

    Thank you Dr Roberts for your informative clip. I was hoping you’d touch on the riots but I guess you’ve left that for others. I haven’t heard any of your other clips but you mentioned that in a different clip you recommended buying up stocks. It is obviously basheret that I didn’t hear that and didn’t invest but for the future when you have such good investing advice, as we can see by the way the market is going, if you can please share that with us in a seperate Clip with a clear heading not mixed in with all the controvertial meds and other stuff so we don’t miss it 🙂

  • Question says says:

    Dr. Roberts, Yes, Alan Dershowitz originally said that when he was asked the vaccine question out of left field by an interviewer. But when he was subsequently interviewed on the Highwire show, he qualified his statement. If you have time, please go to and google “The Highwire with Alan Dershowitz” and you will learn how he really feels about this issue. It is a very thoughtful, civil discussion. If you are short on time you could start at the 15:10 mark. Thank you very much.

  • Study retracted says:

    Authors have retracted the study claiming that hydroxy had fatal side effects (published in the Lancet in May). Google “Authors retract study claiming hydroxychloroquine had fatal side effects.”

  • AAP info says:

    For those doctors who follow the recommendations of the American Academy of Pediatrics: Do they know that the AAP gets funding from the CDC and from vaccine manufacturers like Merck and Sanofi Pasteur? (Google AAP funding sources). Do they know that the CDC gets money from various vaccine manufacturers through its non-profit CDC Foundation? You can google “The Unofficial Vaccine Educators: Are CDC Funded Non-Profits sufficiently independent?” for more information.