VIDEOS: Hundreds of Lakewood children take to the streets in protest…

The kids are chanting “No camps no peace” and “Kids’ lives matter,” in protest of the summer camps being banned from opening in upstate New York.

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“Kids’ Lives Matter, Kids’ Lives Matter….”

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More from the protest in Lakewood.

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‪Protest crowds growing…‬

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Kids will be kids.

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And the protest continues…

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There are 62 Comments to "VIDEOS: Hundreds of Lakewood children take to the streets in protest…"

  • Yeshua says:

    To editor..
    Parts of conventry have been without power since 3:30..only us??

  • Mordekhai says:

    Dear Governor Murphy,
    Open up camp and stop this nonsense. Children already suffered from this terrible virus. We need open camp stop hurting them.

    • Steve says:

      Not sure if you realize that Gov. Murphy has no control over NY. Not sure why you think protesting in NJ will help.
      WRONG STATE! Doesn’t anyone learn basic government in school???

  • Anon says:

    Great job kids!! Why is the officer sending them home??? This was a peaceful protest. Pure discrimination!!! Where is Menashe Miller Meyer Lichtenstein and all the others????

    • My2Cents says:

      The Police officers did well. they let the kids make their point, have their fun, than go home before there were any traffic accidents.

  • shocked says:

    this is the new jewish way? shocked!!

    • is it the Jewish way to close yeshivas? says:

      that roman noblewoman said to protest but maybe only in that case but either way since when is it the Jewish way that our yeshivas are closed?

  • Anon says:

    Why the double standard?? Blacks can protest noone else???


    Dear shocked,
    When the blacks were protesting, thousands at a time, the police did absolutely NOTHING! But when a few children were playing in parks the police rolled up their sleeves and kicked all the kids out.
    Is this really America I ask you??
    Or is this ANTISEMITISM the way I see it???

    • Community Member says:

      Maybe because in Lakewood it was 100s of unsupervised children out on very busy roads? I watched the videos and I saw very few adults other than the police. They are not babysitters. Stop with the victim card and keep an eye on your own children.

  • Eli g says:

    Gov Murphy can’t open camp in upstate ny u gotta speak to cuomo perhaps protest in albany

  • Chanie says:

    This is crazy. Did parents actually allow their kids to do this?
    Why oh why. Let us live in peace without drawing press opportunities to our usually quiet and pleasant neighborhoods.

  • Moishe says:

    The kids had a great time
    Thank you LPD for providing a fun day for Lakewood kids

  • Eli says:

    It’s not the end of the world camp !and it’s can get the Rell protests angry that we use the same text message!its not the Torah way ask a Rav before u use your children’s!!!!!!

  • David says:

    Kids can carry the Corona and affect older look what up now t com8n* agin all over the world

  • me,myself&i says:

    Is this what we’ve come to?? We take lessons from outside our machaneh (and I don’t mean machaneh kayitz) and try to imitate them? We behave so arrogantly in golus?! Who are the “brilliant” adults behind this? What a terrible terrible Charpa!

    • ZUMY says:

      B”H there are voices of reason! When I hear and observe the entitlement protests of the Yidden, it shakes me to the core. Let us be grateful that we live here in peace, prosperity and health. In the words of Yaakov Avinu – Lama Tisro’u? Keep your profile low and your voice quiet and submit to the vicissitudes of golus. May we be zoche to the Geula Shleima bimheira through the merits of our conduct as Bnei Melochim and not bnei arurim. Make a Kiddush H-shem at every turn and opportunity.

    • also,me,myself and i says:

      i dont think adults were behind it it was ran by a few kids and more kids

  • Mordechai says:

    Wow. Let’s see..chilul Hashem, stopping traffic is achzariyus, what other issurim can we find for this terrible protest? Since when do we set the bar by the outside world?? We’re frum yidden, and our actions are dictated by halacha and hashkafa. Until now it was a point of pride for our police that the yidden in Lakewood are peaceful and law abiding, and now we stop traffic?? A cop told me “if they want to organize a protest, we will drive them through! Where are the patents of these kids??

  • Ashamed says:

    Im ashamed. Where were the parents? Do u realize how much bitul torah was caused by making all those going out to learn? Hundreds of minutes.

  • Yoni says:

    So sad that kids think this is a correct thing to do. Even more sad that there are parents that actually condone this foolishness. What’s the chinuch value of this? Not everything that one sees should be imitated. Act and feel like you are a memlechad kohanim vgoy kadosh.

  • Sam says:

    The police on duty must have loved this. No looting. No attacking cops. No abusing cops. Very chilled protest. Jewish children are not learning from goyim, as some commenters said. This was truly a peaceful protest. Not the looting and shooting done by the Only Black Lives Matter crowd.

    • Lessor says:

      Nonsense!! “NO CAMPS, NO PEACE” is a clear threat of violence if they don’t get their way. I know they did not mean it that way, but that is the poshut peirush hamilim. So, in other words, they DID copy “the goyim”

  • Mark Levin says:

    It’s high time we start protesting. The gross injusticesthat keep happening dailiy is unreal and we allo sit quiet.

  • Anon says:

    This turned into a fun night for the kids and cops alike. There was no harm and hopefully no disrespect.

  • Dave says:

    לא זו הדרך

    אתם בכיתם בכייה של חנם….

    We should never know from what real tzaros and tyranny are.

    • סגירת ישיבות בכייה לדורות says:

      Rav Aharon Kotler zt”l in Mishnas R’ Aharon said from the gemara in chagigah that the the greatest tzara of all tzaros is bittul Torah and it is happening right here right now because like the gemara in chagigah says yidden cannot get together to learn and Rabbi Chanaya ben Tradyon was moser nefesh for this and here in this goldene medinah we all celebrate the opening of outdoor seating at the local Kosher eateries while those who do want to learn Torah are hindered and in hiding as if they are not the shpitz that they really are this is like Tur Malka who celebrated while their brothers were slaughtered because they were too shortsighted to see out of their own windows at the tzaros haklal

      • מי שאומר די says:

        They were protesting for opening sleepway camps in NY state , not the closure of the yeshivos here in New Jersey. I wonder if Rav Ahron would even been maskim to sleepway camps!

  • Really? says:

    What an embarrassment. No words. The saddest part is seeing some comments here of people being okay with this.

    • Y says:

      So your embarrassed of ppl who have different views and opinions then you. You have a lot to work on and you might benefit from professional help

  • crazy says:

    this is not das torah!!!

    • J says:

      How do you know? You are no different then CNN

    • gander says:

      Who are you to decide what das torah is?

      Is das torah that kids should suffer locked in for endless months because some tzudreyte governors need to stay on power?

  • J says:

    To all you clowns that are shocked to the core and are horrified and it’s not the way Jewish kids act and we were the parents and where are the rabbis and that the kids can transmit the virus. So to all you people go back to sleep.
    Nice Jewish religious kids are doing this all over the world because they are extremely bored and they are as well as the parents second tired of being controlled by liberal politicians.
    Both parents and children have suffered enough over the last couple of months so stop trying to use all your misguided feelings, and if you do not support it do not send your kid out there locked him in the house I don’t come on a public platform to condemn it Who the hell do you think you are?!

    • Scarred says:

      LIttle man!!!!i wanna tell u wat!!!!were In this world to serve Hashem!!!! It’s called chilul Hashem!!! I’m ashamed

      • James says:

        You’re ashamed?!?! Go back into your hole and bury yourself just like the DemonRATS want you to.

        I’m PROUD of these kids who are standing up for their rights and protesting the idiocy and foolishness of the these meshugena power hungry governers

    • Reality says:

      It’s their parents job to educate them to the best of their ability. Being bored doesn’t remove the parents responsibility.

  • Anonymous says:


    • J says:

      So funny because you are so full of garbage! The only person that you are fooling is yourself! The same breath that you were saying that the entire purpose of your being is to serve God you’re screaming at someone on the Internet! People over here see right through you so go back to the coffee room and maybe you can try to influence some other people that do not know better.

    • James says:

      Nonsense, this is not a chilul hashem

  • Lets be honest says:

    I preface i dont agree with what children did. i repeat i dont agree with way was done.
    Children are Children immature and not always wise lets analyze though where this came from . the entire lakewood community has cooperated fully with the law for over 10 weeks the government which we respected and obeyed all sudden not only allowed but encouraged thousands to protest shoulder to shoulder de blasio didn’t stop looting in nyc then still have nerve to forbid over night camp lock up playgrounds demand mask and all other type of crap. when at same time allowed and encouraged thousands to protest in streets the government supposed to be mature responsible adults running the states . children who haven’t had a structure healthy life in 3 months! saw and heard all that, so let be brutally honest who is to sincerely blame here ?!!!!

    • loops says:

      This is the most honest assessment yet. A few commas & periods and this comment should be on billboards.
      Bottom line the kids are not stupid. They saw supposedly mature authorities shutting down weddings because there were 12 people spread out in a large backyard but have no problem with thousands protesting, burning & looting. Every one of these kids already survived covid with barely any symptoms yet they are being told they’re going to die if they go to camp. They know there hasn’t been a covid in Lakewood, monsey, brooklyn or KJ in months. They know that it is more dangerous for a kid to cross a street in Lakewood than to go to sleep away camp or to school. Yet our “authorities” insist on playing this stupid game until the whole country disintegrates.
      Wake up adults! kids aren’t stupid!!

  • Mordekhai says:

    Dear Everyone,
    These children want camp Upstate NY and Governor Cuomo is blocking children freedom and I think it unfairly for Parents too. We all suffered from This crazy Virus. We need Government of NY stop adding painfully to these children. I think he is nonsense and closing school next year is also crazy. I think if protesting is allowed then camp should be allowed.

  • Parents??! says:

    Looks like a case of too many kids – not enough parents!

    On a side note, how many of these children went to overnight camps?
    If you went to a local day camp, how would you be affected?!
    Am I missing something?

    Parents, know where your kids are.

  • Chaim says:

    We have a tradition of making a tumult and sticking up for our rights that dates all the way back to the people of Anshei Kartofel who demanded that their shul not be dismantled before Cousin Lemel’s bar mitzva. Their protest went all the way up to the office of Mayor LaGuardia. I really don’t understand those who say that this isn’t the Jewish way.

    • Heshy Himmelstein says:

      That was one polite letter to the mayor, not an entire demonstration blocking East Broadway.

  • Yochy says:

    There are two parts to this so called protest.
    1 The kids gathered very nicely and made a point.
    2 All the comments that the people are screaming here is really hilarious.

    I am not saying what the kids did was right or wrong.

    What i am saying is, its really historical how everyone is getting so worked up about it.

    Please keep on posting comments, so I can enjoy the comedy!!!

  • DISAGREE says:

    with all due respect to those who disagree with this protest let us tally all our ruchniyus places that got shut down:
    1. our shuls were shut down
    2. our schools were shut down
    3. our yeshivas were shut down
    when that closed down we were fine
    but when we cant use our playgrounds CHAS V’SHALOM!!!
    were were you people when the shuls, schools, and yeshivas closed down??

    • steven says:

      It’s not their argument (they are simply mimicking adults and don’t really understand what they are doing) it’s how they are doing it.

      By opening their mouths too and not following law enforcement orders acting as if they are better higher and more moral than everyone else, inconveniencing hundreds of people by dangerously blocking streets,

      If they want to protest or play any other big boy games, Fine, just play by the rules, stay on the sidewalks and follow instructions by law enforcement.

      Kids taking things into their own hands is EXTREMELY DUMB and DANGEROUS!

      • James says:

        EXTREMELY DUMB and DANGEROUS tactics is the way to deal with EXTREMELY DUMB and DANGEROUS governers

        • steven says:

          maybe, but only if it has a chance of success, otherwise it’s just dumb and dangerous!

      • loops says:

        “higher”? “more moral”? do I hear some code words from one of our local anti-semites who hates what he sees in the mirror and feels “judged” every time they come through Lakewood?

        • steven says:

          @loops please read the first sentence i wrote without the parenthesis

          I don’t care if they protest as play time to keep themselves busy, as long as they do it safely and listen to the cops

          I’m not OK with having children some very young defy the police like they are part of this game and therefor don’t have to listen to them and end up endangering their life and others lives.

  • quatsch says:

    seems like 50 kids involved in this demonstration. Love how the media portrays as if hundreds of kids took part. It also seems that this was one particular group from within our community at large. it doesn’t seem as if the police were disrupting them, to the contrary, the police are trying to ensure the safety of these young kids who are not necessarily responsible enough to start taking over public streets with oncoming traffic. This is not Kikar Shabbas in Geula

  • Joe says:

    Your barking up the wrong trees folks.This is NJ last time I checked.NY upstate is your sleep camps.That is up to Gov Cuomo not Murphy.

  • cyrano says:

    It is our job to defend yidden to the utmost, if there is even one chance in a hundred that their behavior is consistent with Hallacha or Hashkoffa. To all the naysayers that have been critical of this protest: Are you so sure that this protest is so completely beyond the pale of Chareidi behavior that you are so quick to condemn it.

    This reminds me of the story when a guy got his feet stuck in hardened cement and began shouting, “Fire, Fire!” When his friend asked him why is he yelling, “Fire”?, he replied, “If I yelled “Cement!”, you think anybody would come?”

    Do you have a better alternative to deal with our situation? Well, we could always do what Jews do in an Eis Tzorah: we could gather in shul and daven that the gezeirah should be nullified. Oops, I forgot. Murphy doesn’t allow us to go to shul, Murphy’s law and all.

    Of course, we have the Agudath Israel of New Jersey to plead our case in Trenton. How well will that work for us? I heard that the Agudah got Murphy to promise to allow sleep-away camps a day before Moshiach comes.

    So there, don’t say that our shtadlunim can’t accomplish anything.

  • James says:

    Protests is totally part of our Mesorah


    The Rabbis march

    Rabbi Wachtfogel protest

    Gedolim have always protested, Giyus banos, autotopsies, chilul shabbos etc etc

    What a wonderful kiddush hashem to see yiddeshe kinderlach peacefully protesting

  • Amil Zola says:

    Oh please, this wasn’t the kids idea, they didn’t organize this ‘protest’ the parents did. The least they could have done was have a demonstration for the girls as well.

  • David says:

    The Cops aren’t anti-Semitic it’s just easier to tell kids to go home than adult African-Americans.

  • Avi says:

    I think this is so awesome! Would love to see more children coming out and maybe just maybe they can nudge our leaders a little bit! Hooray for the children!