P’SAK HALACHA: Hagaon Rav Chaim Kanievsky Shlita: One who is in quarantine may listen to music during the 3 weeks

The question was posed to the Rav today.


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There are 16 Comments to "P’SAK HALACHA: Hagaon Rav Chaim Kanievsky Shlita: One who is in quarantine may listen to music during the 3 weeks"

  • beth horah says:

    show it to us in writing please. how are u defining quarantine?

  • Backup please says:

    TLS – for once and for all, if you state such a psak like this please provide back up.

    Severely negligent if you do not.

  • Wth says:

    Who what where when how

  • Music Therapist says:

    I would think that the rationale is rather simple, and perhaps the Rav is relying on previous psakim. (Hilchot Chag B’chag p.63, Halichot Shlomo, Moadim 2:11:14). It is my understanding that even the more stringent authorities permit one to listen to recorded music in private if not being able to do so would result in being sad or depressed. The subject has been widely studied and well-published in science. Music therapists, musicologists, and those who produce music for relaxation and meditation base the while premise on this proven fact: that music has an actual physiological effect, a beneficial effect on physical and mental wellbeing. I would think that one who is in quarantine would be amongst those who are in that category.

  • Old Lakewooder says:

    it comes from Derech Emuna, a compilation of R’ Chaim’s P’sakim

  • Fred says:

    I dont beleive it

  • Not depressed yet says:

    Blanket Heter??
    A guy who is not depressed and won’t get depressed is also allowed to turn on music ???

  • not suprised says:

    Whilr I don’t need this heter, the psak is music to my ears!

  • I don't get it says:

    Isn’t the whole reason why we do not listen to music during The Three Weeks and other times of aveilus b’davka because we are supposed to be sad? We are supposed to think about what our loss and what we are missing. So, saying that one can listen to music because it causes an uplifting of spirits defeats the whole purpose of NOT listening to music. Why is everyone trying to “water down” the aveilis for the Churban? What a bunch of snowflakes we have become! Can’t handle a bit of inconvenience or discomfort. I realize that music is a mood-lifter, but one who is truly depressed will not be cured by listening to music. Why are we always looking for heterim and loopholes?

  • Alteh Bucher says:

    Always have to be leary of things being said in the name of R Kanievsky and other G’dolim, until you see it in writing or hear it in audio from them.

    And in most cases you want to check out how the question was posed, and by whom and and what information they were given about it, even if the ruling is one on leniency as in this case.

    A B

  • For your info says:

    I asked a shaila bc I was going for an MRI on shiva asar btamuz and I get chlostrophobic. The Rav said I could listen to music to relax and calm me down. He said it is not even a shaila and is not even considered a heter bc the whole point of not listening to music now is to not bring Simcha. The gzeira was made to not bring Simcha if you are listening bc you are in a matzah that you need to be calm so it’s not even a shaila. Being depressed and sad are 2 very different things. Yes we are supposed to be sad during bein hamitzarim but not depressed. Clinical depression is real and a Machla so you can not compare sad and depressed. The Torah bdavka says to avoid depression and we are not supposed to bring ourselves to depression. We are morning the loss of the Bais hamikdash not via depression but through a feeling of sadness. May moshiach come immediately and may this Tisha bav turn into a Tom tov in Ey

  • RebRambo says:

    Derech Emunah?

    Uh, not quite.

    I will reach out to Maran’s shlit”a family.

  • wow! says:

    Mi k’amcha Yisroel! It’s so nice that everyone in the comment section isn’t jumping to rely on the heter because it is convenient. Instead people are looking to be makpid and follow Halacha in order to conform with the spirit of the three weeks. (Which is not to deny that for some people this heter is necessary)

  • Sure thing says:

    Quite a few years ago HaRav P Sheinberg z”l said at a shiur in Stolin that it is OK to listen to classical music in the 3 weeks and Sefira as it calms the nerves. Heard it myself

  • Ad shetagia limkomo says:

    It’s very easy for people that aren’t in quarantine to not rely on such a psak and to judge people that are in quarantine that want to rely on it for their sanity, does anyone understand what it means to be stuck in a room for 2 weeks straight without being able to see anyone?

  • Possible Heter says:

    Not a posek or saying this is the same – just food for thought – during the Spanish Expulsion which was on Tishah B’Av – the psak was to play live music while they were leaving. This was due to the tzar they were going through and to help them be able to cope with it.
    For people going through COVID, there is a very real effect psychologically – even not in quarantine. If you are doing well and don’t need it – great!! However, for those dealing with depressions or other issues due to the pandemic and rules around it, this could be a very real need.