UPDATE: More details regarding Rav Chaim’s P’sak about music for those in quarantine

See below.


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There are 10 Comments to "UPDATE: More details regarding Rav Chaim’s P’sak about music for those in quarantine"

  • Mutty says:

    I Remember Rav Avigdor Miller held that during the “3 Weeks” you are allowed to listen to Music from a Radio or a Device (a cassette tape during his time) as he called it fake music , he held that only from a live band or from a musical instrument is forbidden.
    This Choel Hamoed Pesach I go down to my daughters basement and I see my granddaughters watching a kids video on Mute or soundless, I ask them why , they tell me that it’s Sefira and the video has music (I gave them my 3 year old big screen TV as every 3 years I buy the latest big screen TV for my bedroom) I tell the kids that only live music is Usser, they turned the sound back on and they were very happy.

    • jaxonite says:

      Mutty, you make me laugh. What did Rav Avigdor Miller hold about owning a TV? Selective memory?

  • Rachel says:

    Mutty, What? During chol Hamoed you are allowed to listen to music, and I don’t know anyone who listens to recorded music during Sefira. Recorded music now sounds great. Music is music. It can give a person the same amount of Simcha. I would definitely ask a Rav.

    • Mutty says:

      The Sound from a slim TV’s built in Compact speakers is not the greatest, they never connected the high-end sound bar speaker to the TV which I also gave them, the video sound with the occasional music is definitely Muter.

  • kovod 2020 says:

    chazal say “ain issur chal al issur” so ur allowed to listen to music in ur case

  • Ben says:

    Your name is “Mutty” that’s why you hold it’s “muter” if R’ Avigdor zatza”l was here, he would agree it is Assur.

  • Ben says:

    Did R’ Avigdor held that a big screen TV in the bedroom is muter?

  • Yitz1 says:

    Was R Avigdor Miller your designated Rav and Posek? Do you follow all of his Pesakim, lechumra as well? If not, you probably need to ask a Rav. Even if yes, you should probably ask a Rav.

  • Berliner says:

    Rav Hutner Zatza”l held the same way, the minhag only applies to real music. But being that the whole thing of music is only a minhag, and it seems that the common minhag is to be machmnir, Rav Shachter Shlit”a holds that recorded music has that same chomer of the original minhag.
    It’s interesting they’re only publicising this from Ra Chaim Shlit”a now, Rav Shachter gave this psak already during sefira.