VIDEO: Dr. Zelenko on The Highwire show with Del Bigtree: Hydroxychloroquine Deniers are Guilty of Mass Murder


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There are 22 Comments to "VIDEO: Dr. Zelenko on The Highwire show with Del Bigtree: Hydroxychloroquine Deniers are Guilty of Mass Murder"

  • rebc says:

    Zelenko and Bigtree, strange bedfellows.
    If you go to bed with fleas, you wake up a dog

    • Jimmy says:

      True, but Bigtree did sober up at the end of the interview and Dr. Zelenko admitted the mainstream media did not reach out to him. The word must get out.

  • Ron Benvenisti says:

    Absolutely correct. Zelenko has been ostracized, persecuted, silenced, and sidelined for four months, and counting…

    • Get Over It says:

      @Ron Benvenisti, do you believe that was done for good reason or not? I am not sure, at this point, which side is correct.

      • Ron Benvenisti says:

        II don’t believe it. I know it. I’ve spoken to him personally, and he has all the receipts. We live in dark times, my friend. You are going to have to pick sides sooner than you think.

      • JustWondering says:

        There have only been 2 credible reports regarding HCQ, A report from NYU released about a month ago, showed HCQ reduced the fatality by 44%. This report was completely buried by mainstream news.

        Then, the most recent report by Henry Ford Hospitals, showed it reduced death by 50%, for some reason, the media was unable to bury this one.

        2 of the negative reports were retracted, and the report from the VA admitted that those who received HCQ were in far worse shape to begin with then the comparative group.

        There are no “2 sides” to this debate. There was a mass attempt to detract from the effectiveness of HCQ and it duped a lot of good people including Dr’s. There needs to be accountability for this

  • Emes says:

    Spectacular interview of Dr Zelenko! It’s been known for years that hydroxychloroquine works to treat SARS and other corona viruses. The recent studies on this drug were designed to make it appear ineffective and dangerous. One such study was retracted.

  • it works says:

    Just ask all your friends and neighbors – of course it works… It’s not hard to figure out at this point. Just needs to be given early, with zinc and low dosage

  • justsayin.... says:

    Excellent information. The Dr has no agenda he is just presenting facts.

    Don’t worry Dr. the main stream media won’t be knocking on your door for a interview you don’t fit their narrative.

    • Sammy says:

      The Dr. may be presenting just facts. But everyone has an agenda. Saying otherwise makes your comment look foolish

  • Medical guy says:

    I have seen some of his pre-published manuscript data, I stopped reading early on because some of the data was grossly inaccurate compared to what I have seen, making his statistical benefit dramatically exaggerated.

    But how could you believe me, I am mass murderer.

    Sorry but I need to stay anonymous before a goel hadam breaks through my window…

  • Sammy says:

    Well, I’ve been skeptical for a while about Dr. Zelenkos idea. And I still am a little. However, today there is a study that came out from Henry Ford health system, which is a non-profit health organization based out of Detroit, put out a study which concludes that Hydroxychloriquine “significantly reduces” the mortality rate of infected patients. So there is definitely what to be discussed!

  • Sammy says:

    Added to that, That the VA study was retracted…

    • JustWondering says:

      The VA “study” was never really a study if you read it. The “study” acknowledged the fact that those who received HCQ were in far worse shape to begin with than the control group

  • it helped says:

    I know 10 older people that had symptoms and within 2 days of taking his advice, were better.

    i know its not data, but when its someone you know, i feel confident to take it,

    To DRs if you aren’t prescribing anything, why not try it and see for yourself if it helps,

  • FrumStatistician says:

    The new study from the Henry Ford system, while interesting has two major issues that stand out to me. First, the group that received HCQ had twice the rate of receiving steroids, yet the authors don’t properly adjust for that. Second when you dig deeper into the results, there are indications that the group that received HCQ was healthier at time of admission and the authors fail to properly account for that. This does not necessarily invalidate the results, but it definitely makes me wary of trusting it, especially when the Oxford study with a much better design and analysis showed no effect on death at all.

    And the VA study was not retracted. It was a different study that claimed to have collected hospital data from around the world that was published in Lancet and then retracted. It was retracted because the data was fake. Interestingly, it was a statistician who is on the record as a skeptic of HCQ helping, Andrew Gelman of Columbia University, who brought mainstream attention to the flaws in the Lancet study when he published comments from a researcher in Thailand who found things that were impossible in the results.

    • JustWondering says:

      “Frum Statistician” I don’t know where you are getting your info from, but either you did not read the report, or you did not know what you were reading.

      The report utilized Cox Regression Results to account for co-morbidities. Aside for that, even though the sample group for some comorbidity was marginally higher on those who didn’t receive HCQ, those with the biggest differential (to their detriment) in co-morbidities, where among those who received HCQ.

      Aside for that, the study found 191 patients with identical health profiles, and those who received HCQ had a 50% increased .
      chance of survival

      Very different than the VA study that openly acknowledged that patients who received HCQ were in more serious condition to begin with, yet made no adjustments to the statistics to reflect that

  • Yehudis Stein says:

    YouTube took down the video. You can find the video here:

  • mig says:

    Unfortunately, Youtube is at it again censoring Dr. Zelenko. For those who have not watched the video you can go to the following link: and skip to 43:40 to watch the interview. If this doesn’t work, just search COVID crimes against humanity the Highwire on youtube.

  • goel hadam says:

    i personally know of many people who it saved maybe we should follow coumo blindly he knows how to clean out nursing homes
    of course its the sleepaway camps that arent safe
    govt knows best is from the communists

  • Gennadiy Baruch Faybyshenko says:

    Dr. Zelenko knows what he is talking about and many hospitals are following his advice. It’s a shame to see politicians deny something that for sure works. Few hospital nurses told me that their hospital totally denied them HCQ but whatever the meds they used didn’t save many patients and they were very upset. Totally political. I guess Doctor Cuomo knows better.

  • Liora says:

    There is also a little known peer reviewed study put out by frum Cleveland Dr Leon Margolin MD- giving OTC tools to treat COVID at home without a doctor necessarily to prescribe. It prevents COVID becoming severe and uses the similar mechanisms to the Zelenko protocol. Copy/paste isn’t working for me here. You can find it recently at , Journal of Diabetes Treatment and Prevention, called “Review of Formulations and Methods for Prevention and Treatment of COVID-19”