WATCH: Lakewood resident asks USPS why his neighborhood isn’t receiving mail

See the video below.


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There are 34 Comments to "WATCH: Lakewood resident asks USPS why his neighborhood isn’t receiving mail"

  • Lakewood Driver says:

    United States of socialism

  • menachem says:

    Talk respectfully!

  • David D says:

    i know that guy he happens to be a nice guy

  • Sam says:

    What’s the purpose of positing this video?

  • Yitzy says:

    I live in Prospect area. I didn’t get Friday and Shabbos, but I got yesterday (Monday) for all three days.

  • uum... says:

    I hope this wasn’t a chillul Hashem.

  • Just sayen says:

    Your directing your anger to the wrong address, have a little respect for him.

  • Amil Zola says:

    This has been in the news. The president’s newest appointment to director of the USPS made this policy a week or so ago. Don’t blame socialism, blame the man who appointed the head of the USPS.

  • Lol says:

    Federal law regulates the postal service. Does federal law/regulations require the postal service to promptly deliver mail in its posession? That may be helpful to know if this continues.

  • avraham says:

    I guess maybe we should daven that Moshiach should come already.

  • steve says:

    the only language they speak is vote!!!!!!!

  • Ridge ave says:

    I live on ridge ave. We also didnt get mail delivery Friday,saturday or monday. Received mail today.

  • Avi says:

    Rent a PO Box since i started using one its been great i always get my mail on time

  • reb yid says:

    easy on this guy behind the counter, hes just an employee. Ask for supervisor or district manager or something.

    • loops says:

      Yes – he is just an employee but this is what customer service looks like under Socialism.
      Thank you for posting this – a sneak preview into what Healthcare will look like in a few years.

  • Ron Benvenisti says:

    Could be Trump picked a dud to replace a dud. They would obviously need more time to “check” more ballots. But then again, maybe the new guy is going to take that time to make sure there aren’t any fake ones.

  • newcomer says:

    maybe the mail wasnt delivered in lakewood for the same reason twitter locked all accounts that have star-of-david symbols because a mogen dovid is considered a symbol of hate by twitter

  • Shachein Tov says:

    This concerned neighbor spoke very patiently and nicely to the USPS rep. The rep behind the counter seemed equally frustrated. There is no chillul hashem in politely asking how to get your mail when trying to call many times and getting nowhere.

  • zman says:

    Maybe instead of confronting the worker the person making the video should have called the Whitehouse. The new director was appointed by Trump and made the new rules which probably came at Trumps suggesting. Trump had complained that Amazon was getting too good a deal (though Amazon was helping to keep the USPS afloat) and has stated many times he wants the USPS to go away. That is what a dictatorship looks like friends.

  • Meir tzvi says:

    Maybe we all should stop focusing on petty issues and start focusing more on our real issues, namely us being in galus still!

    My rav sent me this today and it’s worth sharing, so here:

  • Lora says:

    I received a peach noticed. Stating that they would redeliver my package since I wasn’t home to sign. It is now two weeks and I still dont have my package. When I called the post office in Lakewood and Steilacoom, they didnt know where it was. How can you have it one day and lose it at the Post Office the next day. I sent messages to have it delivered even for me to pick it up. It disappeared! Very disappointed in the Postal Service. No one wants to answer the phone. Still waiting and wondering where my package is.

  • Chris says:

    It’s sad how many people here blame “socialism” when it’s republicans who’ve been trying to kill the post office for decades. Trump is here trying to game the election because absentee ballots during a pandemic will be his ending.

    Not getting your mail? call your house/senate representatives.

  • Mike says:

    i don’t like to use “violent” metaphors, but you know what they say: don’t bring a gun to a knife fight….this was too confrontational…this video was made with too testy a tone of voice for a first time approach, which is what it sounded like.
    the guy behind the counter held it together at least.
    the best point made by the questioner was if you are gonna leave stuff for the end of day then customers who don’t make the 8 hour cutoff should be first the next day.
    but he could have spoken more gentlemanly and asked: if mail delivery to my zone gets cut off and doesn’t make the 8 hour window, can you please prioritize us for next day delivery so that it goes sequentially at least? and mail left off from the night before gets delivered to us the next morning?
    and then he could have asked the guy behind counter that if he could put a word in about that, that would be great. and perhaps also, there’s a manager i can ask about that issue.
    it takes more work to speak properly. you gotta find a more cooperative and patient tone of voice, like you’re trying to work things out together with your friend at the post office. (if he chooses not to be your friend and gets hostile…well then in reaction…you can fight fire with fire)

    the tone of voice from the outset of this video by the questioner/videographer is one that you’d use after being ignored despite prior complaint to higher up workers, not the cashier/clerk.. i know he said he called the post office, but also said he didn’t get through. and he’s pushing the first guy he spoke to about the matter with too much a forceful tone. maybe next time start off a little more gentle…and take it a little slower, with a little less heat… you can still make all the same points.

  • C.W says:

    I work for the USPS as a retail and dispatch clerk. The employee behind the counter doesn’t deliver the mail, sometimes there are call outs which causes other carriers to deliver parts of the routes which aren’t covered. By doing this the mail will arrive later in the day because they have to finish their own routes first. There is a time where they have to be back off the street to get the outgoing mail to the office so it can make the truck going to the distribution plant. As far as calling the office, our phones ring off the hook everyday by both carriers and customers. So yes at times it is incredibly hard to get through. As far as packages, we were told if the apartment office isn’t open, to bring it back. We do not leave packages on front porches or do face to face because of the pandemic. We are responsible for the packages if they are left at the door. For signature items, if you take the redelivery slip, sign, print, and address on the back and place it back in your mailbox they’ll deliver it to your mailbox or door. Yes I understand the new guy in charge has put out what seems to be new rules, they’re not. He is only enforcing what the post office has written in it’s books. Overtime should be used when necessary. Daily use of overtime is the reason the post office is spending so much money on wages, not to mention maintenance and other needs. The post office is basically a nonprofit organization, we are only allowed to make enough money to operate, we’re not supposed to make a profit like UPS and FEDEX.

  • Resident was very reasonable says:

    How do these things get video’s? Does the resident come in prepared to video it. I always wonder if people go through life wondering if they should video their next conversation with a public official. Lets learn from this. Before you act, Remember that the videographer is always there from shamayim and try to go the extra mile. I don’t appreciate people saying he wasn’t nice enough. I think he was fine under the circumstances-both men held their tongues for two people dealing with a very frustrating situation

  • theresa watson says:

    The P. O.. Guy is a very helpful and respectful guy. Direct your concerns to the proper administration . As we say in our church take the problem up not down.

  • Shmiel says:

    pompous donkey.

  • George says:

    Isn’t illegal to record inside a post office without permission from USPS? 🤔