Few New Cases In Lakewood, Despite Thousands Of Recent Tests [UPDATE: Positive Cases Revised Downwards]

UPDATE: The Ocean County Health Department announced on Monday NEGATIVE 12 new positive cases in Lakewood, revising the 20 new announced cases from yesterday down to 8 over a 48 hour period, in line with recent averages of 2 to 4 per day.

As part of attending camp in Lakewood, staffers and campers of all camps have been required to get tested for Covid-19. This led to thousands of coronavirus tests being administered over the past few weeks in Lakewood.

Still, even with the massive amount of testing, Lakewood has still only reported a handful of new cases, far fewer than what was expected from the number of tests administered.

According to one clinic that administered several thousand tests in recent weeks to campers, the vast majority of individuals tested negative and only two of those who tested positive had any symptoms.

The continued relatively-low number of newly confirmed cases of Covid-19, despite thousands of tests, lends some support to the theory that the virus, which tore through Lakewood in early April, infected enough people in the town to provide some level of herd immunity.

Still, many medical experts urge everyone to continue wearing masks and abide by social distancing measures to ensure that a second wave of the virus does not hit Lakewood or New Jersey.

Governor Murphy has been at the forefront of warning New Jerseyans not to throw away the progress made against Covid-19 in the state and has been admonishing those who have held large house parties in violation of his executive order barring them.



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There are 67 Comments to "Few New Cases In Lakewood, Despite Thousands Of Recent Tests [UPDATE: Positive Cases Revised Downwards]"

  • Boruch says:

    And if you think in a million years we’re going to have in person school 5 days a week I have a bridge to sell you

    • Anon. says:

      1) A large number of parents in the district are undocumented and work in violation of federal law. 2) The district is the only in the county that will be open five days with a regular schedule. 3) The district made this decision because the parents have to work.

      Shame, shame, shame. Put lives at risk to aid and abet illegal activity.

      • me says:

        You’re a fool if you think lives are at risk. Lakewood clearly has herd immunity. We have been fully open in many areas and congregating for months with almost no new cases.

        • Anon. says:

          What is it to you that I do not want to die? What do you gain by being the only district to stay open? Do you send your children? You want to risk my life without any gain. This is worse than midos s’dom. What is mine is mine and what is your’s is mine.

          Our faculty comes from outside Lakewood. What do you know about our students?

        • S209 says:

          Did you say this in March before thousands of Frum Yidden were niftar? If you can prove that you didn’t then I’ll lend you credibility (although nobody following the advice of their doctor can ever be called a fool). I have my money on you sticking to your guns straight through despite being proven wrong because your cognitive dissonance is too much for yourself. Sheeple indeed.

      • Teachers are American says:

        He is so worried about the poor he forgot the law.

        8 USC 1324a Employment of Undocumented Aliens

  • Simcha says:

    BLM protests are OK?

  • Fine says:

    20 less people that can now get the virus.

  • ANON21 says:

    Of these 20 how many are actually sick and how many are seriously sick? If you TLS can’t answer this question then your confirmed FAKE NEWS like the rest of them. And if you don’t know where to get that information from I can suggest you call Hatzolah and ask them how many people have been rushed to the hospital with corona since pesach and you’ll understand why this is fake news. והאמת תהא נאדרת the facts may be true but it’s still sheker because your pushing a false narrative

    • jaxonite says:

      Unfortunately, we learned the hard way that when Hatzolah starts getting calls it means the pandemic is already out of control.

      There were no tens of thousands of tests yesterday. Most kids going to camp have already been tested.

      Thanks TLS for posting. Please keep us updated.

    • Understanding says:

      I know some of the people that recently tested positive. They are home sick in bed. Real news means reporting the facts and in this case that means reporting the twenty new cases. Fake news would be to hide the news and not report what is happening.

      • loops says:

        I know some of the people home sick in bed now too. I also know quite a few people who passed away among the thousands who had it back in March.
        I also know have always known people that were sick. Fake news is dramatization and excessive focusing on certain aspects so as to give a false impression.
        The fact that the media doesn’t routinely report on the actual suspected cases of covid based on antibodies testing thereby significantly lowering the fatality rate is fake news. The media still gives the impression months into this that 100% of people will get Covid with a fatality rate of 5%. (meaning 5 out of every 100 people will die). Numerous studies have shown that the fatality rate is .26% and plenty of people have natural immunity meaning 26 out of a thousand WHO GET IT may die but not everyone will get it and the vast majority of those 26 are high risk. FAKE NEWS.
        The fact that the media keeps harping on the number of actual positives in Florida & Texas without contrasting that to the suspected positives in NY & NJ when nobody could get tested (numerous studies based on antibodes show that over 3 MILLION New Yorkers were infected by mid April) thereby showing that the positivity and fatality rate in those states is nowhere near as bad as it was in New York & New Jersey is FAKE NEWS.

        • S209 says:

          Not going to nit pick every part of your idiotic post but you’re a total LIAR. There isn’t a credible medical opinion in the world that the fatality rate is anything less than .5. You got that right, out of every 200 people infected one will DIE within weeks, and DOZENS will be severely sickened, some needing kidney transplants, some on dialysis for life, some will suffer severe heart attacks in the aftermath (like Rabbi Sasson Gellerman), some severe strokes (like several people I know). MANY many victims from a full 5 months ago still cannot walk, cannot eat or breathe unassisted, have lost their hearing completely and are obtaining cochlear implants, are undergoing daily grueling therapy, and some have even lost their memories. Oh, and many of the “mild” cases will end up losing their sense of smell for life, with terrible lung scarring and blood clotting which bodes very darkly for them in the future. I don’t know about you, but I wouldn’t want my family to be part of those statistics.

          In short, you’re a liar. Stop spreading misinformation.

  • Onbehalfofnormalpeople says:

    Cases don’t matter they are all prob asymtematic Is this dangerous? No. So not very concerning only 6 deaths today don’t be stupid

  • Rand says:

    How many people got a cold?

  • SCARE YOU says:

    Lets scare and panic people like the democrats do!
    Lets keep Covid going that our agenda! everyone get scared!!! please get scared please

  • DB says:

    Testing does not cause an increase in cases, it only alerts us to the growing number. Chances are most of the new positive cases would not have even bothered with the test unless they were required.Recovering from recent case of covid 19, I can say with certainty it is not gone and people can still get very sick. I hope people get the message and rethink their mask stance.

  • gabi says:

    IMHO, while most of Lakewood is going about daily life like in pre-corona times, which is because alot of our oilam has been infected already, the visitors to Lakewood from outside the tristate area should be very careful and only wear masks, social distance and NOT daven in a shul with the rest of Lakewood. These people can CV bring the virus back to Lakewood for their own selfish reasons.
    Camps and shul should enforce that anyone coming from any of NJs self quarantine advisory states, that they are not welcome to Lakewood.
    We don’t want to learn the hard way.

  • Miss Informed says:

    Whatever the case is , the law is that Masks must be worn in stores. After going to a few stores today, MOST people are not complying, ridiculous. Put on a mask, it’s the law !!!

  • Gabi says:

    The only way for Lakewood to start wearing masks is if: the rabbonim wear it and hopefully everyone lead by example; the police enforce the law and shut down stores for non-compliance; or last but not least and CV if there is a resurgence of cases and there is a very great risk that shuls may be forced to close and chedorim may not open. Let’s hope that 2 & 3 don’t have to happen.

  • Franko says:

    All the kids tested a week ago for camp. Now the results are in. Out of the thousands that tested we got 20 positive tests probably with no symptoms. Is this accurate reporting?

    • jaxonite says:

      Children have been testing in mass for weeks now. We should definitely be vigilant if we hear a jump for 3-4 positives a day to 20 positives in a single day.

      Chemed has a Corona Tracker with all the doctors in town and I hope they will warn us of red flags if need be C”V.

  • Yosef says:

    The biggest problem isn’t the twenty cases; it’s the chance that these 20 people infected 50 others and then CV it multiplies from there.
    We need everyone to go on living their lives with precautions like universal masks.
    It would take a real miracle for us to continue to escape from a second wave without precautions.
    Just wear masks and try to social distance for the sake of others.
    It’s the least we can do.

  • Skewed mumbers says:

    If somebody tests in Monday and gets a positive and then tests three days later to testing they are still positive. That gets counted as two positives. The WHO admitted to publishing lies. The system is terribly corrupt. Unfortunately nobody wants to err on the side of a possible pandemic but We have to consistently beg Hashem and hear what He is trying to tell us That is the epidemic That is the RED ALERT. Ain od milvado

  • Muti stein says:

    I unfortunately have no problem if we do home schooling again as I know multiple children that have no school for next year so at least they won’t feel different than everyone else.

  • Oy vey! says:

    Masks are the law? Says who? Says our democrat Governor who every 30 days extends the emergency just so he can make up laws without having to get them passed through our elected officials?

    Come on, wake up. Its all about making sure you are not forced to go out and vote in person and can paper vote. It WAS a pandemic.

    Elul is around the corner and if we allow the Soton to win and don’t have our town soon buzzing with Toirah thats a pandemic of epic proportion.

    If mid Elul the Yeshivos are closed, the Shuls closed and people start getting sick (not just a positive test) again then we must realize we are our worst enemy. Our history is filled with attacks of all types and the warriors, heros and giants who fought for Toirah. Lets fight for the Eibishter and he will protect us

    • jaxonite says:

      Kashya Saifa Areisha.

      Teirutz: Yes we’re our own enemy. If we don’t exercise caution we may have to close down mid-Elul and the rest of what you predicted is true.

    • S209 says:

      Just because you put a bunch of words together doesn’t mean it makes sense. Call it what you want, the law is the law. If you disagree with the law you can disobey? Do all of the sudden anarchists on this site believe that the people burning down buildings also have a right to apdisobey the law because they disagree with them?

      Use your brains, people. Laws are good for Yidden, dinim is a chiyuv. Don’t disobey a simple law WHICH IS EASY TO FOLLOW AND IS PROBABLY SENSIBLE just because you disagree with it. That’s not how it works. I shouldn’t have to tell you this. Follow your minds, not your heart. We all want to believe things, but you need to use your brain.

  • Lifelonglwoodperson says:

    I See buses frequently and none of them have on any Masks besides the drivers of the bus and if they are Teenagers and Above Should have to wear masks and Stop all the gatherings around

  • N. Oyb says:

    Why do all the commentators ignore comment the earlier comment by “Understanding” that claims that he knows some of those that tested positive and are sick in bed? If true, most of the comments here on this subject are blowing hot air and/or are pushing their own wishful thinking or the “political correctness” that permeates the frum community that it’s all over

  • hg says:

    This just prov es theres no herd immunity yet so just be careful for evry ones sake

  • Wonder woman says:

    every supermarket should have
    a guard at the entrance like they had at the beginning. Nobody should be allowed in stores without a mask and all the employees should wear one.

    • jaxonite says:

      I think the stores who are asking for compliance are getting it. Another issue is the Shuls. But to put things in perspective here is the list of risk level for common activities published by the Israel’s Coronavirus National Information and Knowledge Center on July 6th:

      Highest risk activities:
      Indoor parties, concerts and other shows are the riskiest
      Attending Shul

      High risk:
      Attending weddings
      Hugging or shaking hands
      Eating at cafeterias
      Visiting amusement Parks

      Moderate Risk:
      Plane Flights
      Eating at Restaurants
      Public Transportation

      Schools or Camps

      Lower Risk:
      Swimming Pools
      Public Bathrooms
      Outdoor BBQs, picnics

      Low Risk:
      Visiting other families
      Doctor visits
      Grocery shopping
      Walking on a crowded street

      Lowest risk:
      Exercising Outdoors
      Eating takeout

  • Concerned resident says:

    I just don’t understand why people won’t wear masks in stores. You won’t be in there very long it protects you and the next person. Why fight it?
    And it gives ammunition against the frum Jews. How hard is it to wear the mask.

  • Hello says:

    If you are wearing a mask and social distancing and washing your hands and not going to shul and ordering on line etc…why are you so concerned about everyone else? You are well protected (according to the news you follow) Perhaps you just want to validated..? I don’t have any issue with what you choose to do, please don’t get involved with my choices. I am just as “Educated” as you and have made my decisions based on my beliefs and faith.

    • Dov says:

      strange that something like this would be considered ‘belief’ or ‘faith’ related…

      Also, curious if your “education” based on medical experts and proper research methods?

    • S209 says:

      What makes them “your” choices? If they affect me, they’re my choices too. Your right to swing your fist ends at the beginning of my face,

  • Get The Facts says:

    PLEASE: Go to this site:
    to see real-time actual data for every state. I can’t vouch for how true the data from hospitals are but, this is what it is. New Jersey doesn’t look good. A lot of states don’t look good. Is this the second wave? Is it a [DS] [D] panic and fear operation? Decide for yourselves, After all, it’s YOUR LIFE and YOUR FAMILY’S LIFE that matters most.

  • M Blum says:

    I would like to make it clear that I know of 4 Kolel Yungeleit from 2 different kollelim in Lakewood (one being a close family member of mine) that are just getting over corona. They were all sick and bedridden with their families having to quarantine 2 weeks longer then the actual patient. It’s not as simple as you think. Everyone should please take precautions.

  • My Take says:

    We don’t test everyone for the flu in the winter. Why should we be testing asymptomatic people. I’m sure many more people would have tested positive, had they been tested, but they probably weren’t sick enough. So I think everything about Corona is a lot of hupe to scare us into becoming sheeple.

    • Teachers says:

      Is this nonsense because ya’ll don’t have televisions? If you do, don’t you see what is going on in America now? We are well on our way to catching up the 1918 pandemic deaths, the only other pandemic in the nation’s past (there always was inoculation for smallpox-think Washington at Valley Forge-and it hit never swept the whole country). Since I was a kid, the 1918 event gave me the shivers when studying history.

  • A Lang says:

    I reply to those of you who say live and let live.

    True, I do what is good for me and you do what is good for you. The problem is that when so many people write off the pandemic, then because of their nonchalant attitude, those holding the public trust took the anomalous position to put teachers in grave danger. Lakewood is one of the only three districts out of 613 in the state that will be open at full capacity. I have 27 children in my classroom and will interact closely with teachers do not live in Lakewood who do not have this so-called immunity.

    Is this the chesed that the people Lakewood prides themselves upon, to make a decision that does not affect them but will risk the lives of their fellow?

    Think this before you say everyone should do what they want. It affects how public policy is made, to the detriment of some of whom have invested decades in public service; had they served the people of Toms River, Brick or Jackson, they would be able to return to school and properly social distance.

  • yosif lekach says:

    Fascinating and painful to listen to people so confused and separated, no leadership just spells ot all out. Keep on bickering children.

    • jaxonite says:

      How sadly true… Take a look at Passaic and see what true leadership means for unity in the face of COVID.

      • How Sad says:

        How sad that there are people who spend their entire day and night sowing fear and panic. Be well.

        • S209 says:

          When you suffer the losses I’ve suffered, you can call me sowing panic. You’re an evil person. Get help.

  • American says:

    What happened to American exceptionalism. The 1918 flu killed 50 million worldwide but 500,000 in American. Epidemic would kill tens of thousand in Africa, India and China, and at most one or two in America. We prided ourselves on our cleanliness and modern medicine. When Herbert Hoover brought a team to Russia and saved millions from starvation in the 1920, he was ashamed that a member of his team died of typhoid.

    But now it is the opposite. America is standing out with more deaths than any other county including China with over four times the population. How do we explain the change?

    • loops says:

      If you believe the numbers coming out of china, I have a bridge to sell you.
      Secondly, to really understand the fatality rate in the US, you would have to look at extra deaths that you normally wouldn’t have in a given time frame. Then contrast that to the damage being done by all the lockdowns- the increase in mental health issues, suicides, the trauma being inflicted on kids not in school for months on end- abuse, kids with no structure on the internet, getting into trouble, getting hit by cars. The list of pitfalls is endless PLUS any scientist can tell you that the biggest indicator for health and longevity is economic prosperity. The WHO is already calling the economic repercussions on third world countries a secondary pandemic and they are predicting MILLIONS of deaths due to starvation, war, disease etc.
      A smart person looks at the entire picture not at Drama Headlines.

      • US History teacher says:

        And the numbers out of India are false, everywhere else.

        This blog is the exact reason why you have to learn American history.

        What will happen when a popular president, not now, but perhaps in 100 years, defies the Supreme Court and Congress? In 1937 were would you have stood when FDR tried to tamper with checks and balances. Every American gets a three year dose of US history and they stood against him. Ignorance is dangerous. The man before the nation. Like Caesar that destroyed the Roman republic.

  • Raboisai says:

    The fact is that according to many doctors, if caught within first 5 days, give Hydroxycloriquine. If after, give Remdesivire.
    They know how to treat with a ventilator. And they know how to treat the virus in general.
    It is not what it was.
    In addition, at this point studies are clear that if you social distance and wear a mask, you will be safe.
    So just relax. If you have anxiety issues, then put on a mask, and relax. But this garbage of mandates, and closing businesses, and not allowing schools to function is just a power grab, and you need to move on. It is not fun to be sick. I am aware – my wife currently has strep.

    • Teacher says:

      Why don’t you turn on the TV and see what is going on? I never heard so many people with their heads in the sand.

  • ANON21 says:

    A much better article than the one you had up yesterday. Great job TLS. To the one who knows a few people that are actually sick. Ok I hear but you need to understand that this town has been completely normal basically since shavouos. That’s 2 months. And we’re talking about packed shuls and BMG with hundreds and thousands of people crowded together with no masks. And with all that you have 4 people in bed? Not good enough sorry

  • What Shaychus says:

    For all those who are wondering what the comments have to do with the article… well the original article was much more alarmist with reports of 20 new cases in one day on Saturday. Let’s hope it was just a one day fluke.

  • David says:

    Covid has killed more people in the USA in just 6 months than the annual fatalities from car accident, drug overdoses and the flu combined. Soon you can add annual homicides to the list as well.
    To all those who feel this is just a political conspiracy I suggest your reality only reflects the border of your imagination.

  • Abraham Muken says:

    Do you put a seat belt on?
    Do you request of your children to wear a helmit on a bike?
    Do you talk on a cell phone while driving?
    Do you walk in the road at night without a reflector?
    Do you pass cars on Rt 9, on the left?
    Do you put young children in a car seat?
    Why make an issue out a mask?
    I’ts also an issue of safety,
    Or maybe your just one of the many Pessoyim!

    • loops says:

      All of your comments point out that we take NORMAL PRECAUTIONS.
      We don’t outlaw bikes or cars or close down rt. 9 for 6 months or ban cell phones or shut down schools, shuls………..
      We go on with our lives while taking acceptable precautions.

  • anon says:

    if its not what it was, and the doctors know how to deal with it. How do you explain that Israel has seen almost double the number of deaths and has 300+ people in critical condition?
    and please dont say that the health care system there is bad, because while that is true, they have among the lowest case fatality rates in the world

    • loops says:

      Israel is also saying that the death rate during the second wave is half that of the first wave.
      In reality, most people on this site have gone through Covid – the overwhelming majority with only minor symptoms so it’s that much harder to convince people to be afraid of something they have already experienced. I find the same attitude when talking to non-jews in North Jersey.

      • S209 says:

        Ah, you mean the death rate from the first wave based on the malfunctioning tests? They have no clue what the death rate was. If you believe official death rates, then the death rate in NY was 5%. Get real, they have absolutely no way of knowing what it was the first time around with insufficient testing.

      • S209 says:

        Go take a randomized poll, you’d be surprised how many did not get infected in the first wave. And don’t make your own decisions on what precautions are normal and what are not, you should always consult a doctor when you have a medical question. This should not be a surprise or controversial. Anyone who is old enough to live on their own should have this fundamental part of life engrained.

  • Jaxonite says:

    TLS – Thanks for the update BH!!
    We really appreciate knowing that you and the doctors are on top of keeping us informed of the public safety situation and are monitoring even the slightest changes in numbers. Keep it up!

  • anon says:

    The cure for this illness already exists and tragically is being made very difficult to obtain thanks to politics. The hydroxychloroquine, zinc, azythromax protocol DOES work (as long as it’s given EARLY enough and not too HIGH of a dosage.) I personally have a number of relatives who were very ill from Covid and took this protocol and completely recovered within a short time. One is even elderly and has multiple health issues – including diabetes. (I am aware of many others who were also cured by this protocol besides for my relatives.). The faulty studies that came out (trying to falsely claim that this protocol either doesn’t work or is not safe) were either completely fabricated, or were (intentionally) using the protocol either way too late or way too high of a dosage. Pathetically enough, there are people in this country who for political reasons would like to death toll and damage to the economy to be as bad as possible and are therefore trying in all sorts of nefarious ways to block people from accessing this cheap, safe cure. If you care about your life, and the life of your loved ones, (and about freedom of speech) do what you can to fight this undemocratic suppression of truth (which is downright murderous) – and do whatever it takes to obtain this protocol if and when needed.

  • saichel iz a tairya zach says:

    Why do we have to be on extreme opposite ends of the spectrum? There is a middle road, you know. At the same time that Covid19 is a serious danger it is also being overblown by the mass media. It does not have to be mutually exclusive. Nobody is saying that businesses shouldn’t open and to stay at home. What people are saying, is that the reason we are where we are, is because we did take precautions. That is why we’re having so few serious cases today. If we want to keep it that way, then we should social distance and wear masks. I don’t know of a single doctor who doesn’t believe this. Is it so difficult to do so? At the risk of possibly even one life being at stake? I don’t know about herd immunity But I definitely see herd mentality. There’s this vehement agenda of putting down people who are taking this seriously. I don’t believe anybody has the right to not be careful. Even if you do believe that you have no obligation to take this seriously, that definitely does not give you the right to push an agenda on those who wish to be careful. Your doctor, who I hope you trust, is the only one who should be giving you advice whether you should take this seriously or not. This is not a Shaila for a Rov or the general consensus of your oilam at the Kiddush last Shabbos. Please be responsible adults. Yes, your children are looking at how your behaving in the face of a worldwide pandemic. You’re teaching them how to live and be mekadish Shem shomayim. Hasn’t there been enough Sina against us in the media and general population? Do we really need more?

    • loops says:

      I agree with you 100% that there is a middle road. But as I point out in a previous post, it is very difficult to convince people to be afraid of something they have already experienced. Which means half the people you are telling to wear masks see no reason why they should and the other half just go with the flow even if they should be concerned.

      PLUS the experience in Lakewood and other communities show that there is definitely some level of herd immunity (something I’ve heard from more than one doctor). Now, this doesn’t mean that nobody in Lakewood will get it or that immunity is long lasting. What it means is the risk is significantly reduced.
      To explain: Back in March, if one person had covid and he was sitting at a table in shul with six guys, chances are he would give it to four of them since around 20% of ppl are naturally immune plus you need to be exposed to a certain level of viral load to get infected. Those four people are now each going around infecting four others for a total of 16 more sick people. Plus with people being exposed on so many fronts, their chances of getting sick were much higher and that is how you have a pandemic.
      Now, if a person is sitting at a table with six guys and three of them had Covid already, the probability is that he will infect less than one person. That is why we are seeing such low numbers in Lakewood and frankly what needs to happen everywhere else. What Israel and everyone else (except for Sweden) fail to understand is you can’t “control” a virus. and that is why the original idea was only to flatten the curve. It is only once power got in to the heads of these crazy people did they begin to think they could control it.

  • Concerned says:

    I have seen full buses with no social distancing or masks being worn dropping hundreds of kids off at camps around lakewood and neither employees or children are wearing masks or social distancing no surprised the numbers are rising taking pictures and reporting

  • my take says:

    LOOP said it all! this is the only truth. You don’t need to be a genius, just open your eyes and pay attention.

  • Abe Lincoln says:

    Why arewe playing the game of the ‘mainstream’ media, breathlessly reporting on every single new “case”? Get over it, all this panic and hype is not helping anyone.