NJ-04 Democratic Nominee says as Congresswoman she will “ensure that our infrastructure and electrical systems in New Jersey are updated and improved”

By Stephanie Schmid. While I am at my home in Little Silver, still without power since Tuesday at 11:30am, I’m wondering, like many NJ-04 constituents probably are, where is Rep. Chris Smith?

This power outage, which was caused by a minor storm that lasted no more than three hours, makes clear that we must prioritize modernizing our infrastructure and securing our electrical grid. As the next Congresswoman in NJ-04, I will work to ensure that our infrastructure and electrical systems in New Jersey are updated and improved with the latest technology and standards. It’s what we, as taxpayers, deserve.

I am grateful to all of the crews who are working tirelessly to restore power to the more than 400,000 New Jersey homes that are still without it, but we have to ask – what are these utility companies’ plans for the storms that are sure to come our way over the next weeks and months?

These coming months are predicted to be the worst hurricane season we have seen in years. Hurricane Sandy left people along the Jersey Shore without power for weeks. Now, almost a decade later, it seems as though no improvements have been made. This is unacceptable.

Going days and weeks without power puts elderly people, our disabled community, small children, and anyone who needs electricity for basic needs at risk. This pandemic has millions of people working from home, heavily relying on electricity and internet access, and our local businesses are already suffering—we cannot go days or weeks without power, and in 2020 we shouldn’t have to. Send me to Congress and I will use both my voice and my vote to ensure that modernizing our infrastructure and electrical grid is at the top of our agenda.


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There are 8 Comments to "NJ-04 Democratic Nominee says as Congresswoman she will “ensure that our infrastructure and electrical systems in New Jersey are updated and improved”"

  • Democrat SAID, ha ha says:

    The Democrats supports all this “do nothing” unions. They are the problem!

    Did you see how these union workers work? One guy on the pole, 10 workers watching.

    And their lunch break is bigger than the work hours

    The Democrats are all talk but their actions contradict their talk.

    The masses are FOOLS!

  • Vote Republican to save the state and the country! says:

    Typical politician pandering. There was nothing, nothing at all, that anyone can do about this. Perhaps this politician should learn that on federal level this is out of your jurisdiction. Yes you can jump up and down about it all you want so you make noise and you feel relevant however, truth be told this is state and local.

    Perhaps JCP&l or whoever your power provider is should have known that since you’re a primadonna politician, your light should have gone on first as opposed to everyone else?

    I have to say in Lakewood, I am very impressed with what they do as far as trying to minimize outages. As most of us know, during succos time The trees along the streets, those that hang over wires are trimmed, removing dead branches as well as potential hazardous branches. I wish other locales would do that!

  • justsayin.... says:

    I know how she will do this. She will raise the electric rates to the consumers and throw our money at the problem.
    This is a typical Democratic response to any problem, throw money at it until the problem goes away.

  • Ronald Gray says:

    Legislate that every developer should be required to do all external electrical connections, etc. of new construction underground. Given the number of houses which have been built recently, and which are being built, over time a good portion of the area will no longer be subject to power outages like the once being experienced now.

  • Nakdimen Chanina says:

    With gusts of wind clocked at over 100 miles an hour and over 1 million people without power in NJ.
    With all due respect, it was obviously not a “minor” storm.
    Furthermore, like all good Democrats, you’re pandering and playing politics during a crisis. Furthermore, you are trying to make local and state issues into a federal issue.
    Moreover, You’re already making a good politician by make promises you cannot keep and providing impractical solutions that are unattainable.
    Keep it up.
    I hope a majority does not fall for your nonsense.

  • jamesbond says:

    Lets see Mitch does not want to extended unemployment, doesnt want to stop evictions, could careless about middle class and working class and you say vote republicam? Why would any group of people vote fir a group that prmotes racism bigotry and anti semitic views? Let see get rod of blacks, hispanics, and get whos next? I think there another group they dislike? Food for thought!

    • Poshute yid says:

      James Bond
      You are not Jewish. We Jews love Trump and the Republicans, we love America. The antisemites today are on the left.
      The left hates Jews, they keep blacks poor so that they will continnue to vote for them. The Dems are racists and anti semites. How could any American citizen vote for the left is beyond me.

  • diego garcia says:

    this was not a minor storm it was actually a hurricane at the time it touched down in this area.