VIDEO: Shwekey sings song prepared for President Trump’s Long Branch visit

The song, rehearsed at Camp Teumim, was to be sung at the Trump fundraiser in Long Branch, but was nixed due to scheduling issues.

The lyrics below were written by Sruly Besser.

A nation so diverse,
Yet united at its core,
Freedom opportunity
Allowing us to soar,
Its been four great years
Four GREAT years
And you know don’t you really know
You’ve been heaven-sent, Mr President
To stand strong,
The glory of our history,
Our flag its flying high,
The promise of our future,
We raise our voices high
Its been four great years
Four GREAT years
And you know don’t you really know
You’ve been heaven-sent, Mr President
To stand strong,
We love America
We love America
May Gd, hear our prayers, for four more years,
Cause we love America,

It doesn’t matter where,
and it doesn’t matter when,
You’ve got this country in your heart
To make it great again,
Its been four great years
Four GREAT years
And you know don’t you really know
You’ve been heaven-sent, Mr President
To stand strong,

Every day you fight a battle,
On the news they try to hide,
Your victories, your accomplishments,
The way you lead with pride
But truth is always stronger, so join us as we sing our song…
We love America


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There are 17 Comments to "VIDEO: Shwekey sings song prepared for President Trump’s Long Branch visit"

  • Eli says:

    Great son, great lyrics. Very astutely done. I think the President will really appreciate

  • KAG 2020 says:

    WOW What a song! Hashem bless the USA and our great president!

  • Hashkofes Hatorah?? says:

    Are we nuts??
    This is what we are teaching our bochurim who are supposed to be shteiging in Yeshiva?
    BTW I’m a strong Trump supporter, but this is way off……

    • Why not? says:

      Hispaleil Bishloimo shel Malchus
      In England even in the frummest of kehilos they say a mishebeirach for the Queen every Shabbos by Kriyas HaTorah, Chassidish, Litvish, find me a Shul that doesn’t.
      I’m not equating the two, but perhaps that was the intention of this?

    • @realdonaldtrump says:

      You sound like the type of guy who pushed for shuts to be open when it wasn’t safe

  • bizarre says:

    No. We’re not nuts.
    Hakoras HaTov is a basic brick in the building of our children’s education.

    Great lyrics, great vocals. R’ Yaakov Shlit”a is an insane talent, aside from being one of the hidden Tzaddikim of our generation.

    And Camp Teumim Rocks !!!

  • Resident says:

    “Hashkofes Hatorah??-“
    Hakoras hatov, for one. Also, in Avos: Hevei mispallel b’shlomah shel Malchus.” And modeled throughout Jewish history, too.

  • cool masmid says:

    There’s a lot of love for this president amongst us yidden and a lot of money has been raised for Trump 2020 but votes is what he needs more than anything and sadly our votes – at least in NY and NJ won’t amount to much to help his reelection chances….

  • Veizmir says:

    @Hashkofes Hatorah??-
    You are 100% correct. However, the unfortunate truth is that this is what our chashuveh bachurim want to hear and emulate.

  • ANON21 says:

    Any ideas on how we can try and get Trump to retweet this?

  • Anonymous says:

    Nice video
    I dont like when they say all Jews are liberals.
    No. Orthodox Jews are more conservative

  • Shot in the foot says:

    It is a great danger to follow this path. Trump will lose, and when the other candidate will win, he will hate the Jews, because he knows they were supportive of Trump.

    Jews in Germany were “patriots” and then Hitler came.

    A shame Yidden are involving themselves in politics, we are in Golus and need to to thank the President for Shlomo shel Malchus.

    However the “Ruach” and “Nigin” of Jews are so ensnared and in love with a goyishe nation will only lead to Tsaros Ch”v

    • Biden isn't James Baker says:

      I don’t think that if Biden wins he will “hate the Jews”, especially because most Jews will probably vote for him. In any case he isn’t the sort of person to criticize a deceased Senator or Congressman because the lawmaker voted against a specific law or didn’t attend a speech.

      It’s appropriate for the Jewish community to thank a president who helps Jews. When Trump freed Rubashkin, many Jews and Jewish organizations praised him. And while I don’t remember specifics, I’m sure there was a similar outpouring of gratitude when Obama made sure Alan Gross was released from the Cuban prison where Gross’s wife said he was dying. But I agree that this sort of chanifah isn’t appropriate and should be avoided.

  • Camp rocks! says:

    This was better suited for camp then the trump fundraiser

  • Gluckel of Hameln says:

    If these are 4 great years with people dying in the thousands then I don’t know what you call bad years? This song smacks of חניפה and is just plain wrong. I fear that this is what people were singing during the שבתאי צבי Times. May השם help us find our way back from the abyss.

    • Abe Lincoln says:

      This type of stuff has been done for world leaders for millennia. And what does thousands of people dying have to do with the president? Do you think he made them die? And שבתי צבי has nothing to do with this, I’m not sure what that one was about…

  • Mamash A Great Avreich (MAGA) says:

    I’m sure we all know that the gedolim of the previous generation were very patriotic and supportive of this “Medina shel Chessed” (Rav Moshe zt”l see igros moshe ch”m chelek beis siman 68 and Rav Avigdor Miller zt”l would hang out a flag) and the reason being that it was founded on religious freedom which we Jews had not had for centuries. However I think at this juncture in history now more that ever one has to support this president for he stands for that original founding of this freedom and iits more than just Hakaras hatov for what he’s done for us and for the country as a whole