BREAKING: ‘The Big Bar Mitzvah’ Event Postponed Over Covid Concerns

The organizers of ‘The Big Bar Mitzvah’ have released the following statement:

Dear Bar Mitzvah boys and family,

It is with disappointment and perhaps some joy that we are announcing the postponement of The Big Bar Mitzvah. Not being able to finally rejoice together after waiting for this grand event is the disappointment. The joy however, could be that by us not celebrating together at this time we are in fact practicing what it means to be  a true Bar Mitzvah.

Our Rabbonim, government officials and medical experts have advised against hosting large gatherings due to the recent uptick of Covid cases in our community.  Even though The Big Bar Mitzvah was planned with extra social distancing measures, the venue host and event coordinators felt that no risks should be taken at this particular time.
Perhaps this is yet another opportunity for our Bar Mitzvah boys to set an example for the rest of klall yisroel. The potential to prevent even a single tragedy is enough to give up on participating in this extraordinary event when it was planned to happen.

May this zchus vouch for us and grant us all a gmar chasima tova and gut gebenched yur.

We look forward to an even bigger and better celebration in its proper time.


The Big Bar Mitzvah Team


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There are 14 Comments to "BREAKING: ‘The Big Bar Mitzvah’ Event Postponed Over Covid Concerns"

  • Mi Kiamcha Yisroel says:

    Kol Hakovod TBBM organisers! What a tremendous sacrifice you did by cancelling such a long awaited event. You did the right thing as this will prevent both a chilul Hashem and challila the potential spread of the virus. I’m sure all the hundreds of bar mitzvah boys will be even more excited when the right time comes! Mi Kiamcha Yisroel!

  • Kudos says:

    Kudos to the organizers of this event – you know who you are. True tzaddikim who are only looking to make others happy. Thank you for trying, and thank you for canceling when you feel that’s right.

  • Devora Wald says:

    Perhaps this happened Min HaShamayim as mother’s were excluded.

  • Mh says:

    This should be posted in every goyish news outlet, along with the news of BNGs canceled shuk…

  • Seichel says:

    Actually by the time this does happen if it ever does I doubt the boys will still be interested this “pandemic” will go on forever and yeah this is so nice because we adults are in control we could do whatever we want to the kids cancel their events who cares I wonder if the same people canceled their weddings

    • yid says:

      The boys won’t be “interested”? Really?
      You cater to the whims of your teens?
      The bar mitzvah wasn’t supposed to be a party to cater to the whims of spoiled entitled teens who got jipped of their party It was supposed to be a way for bnei aliyah to experience the simchas hatorah of their bar mitzvah together with other bnei aliyah, and to hear the inspiring divre hisorerus they would have heard had they had a typical bar mitzvah.

      A real ben aliya will look forward to the seudas bar mitzvah and be joyous whenever the Ribono Shel Oilam decides to allow it to take place.

      The entitled ones won’t be “interested” anymore. We don’t cater to those types.

      • write a comment says:

        Weddings weren’t canceled, but they were celebrated in a subdued fashion. As were these barmitzvahs. Someone decided to make a large celebration for all of the barmitzva boys together (maybe we should do that for all of the corona couples together too!!!), and now canceled it.
        What is the problem?

  • Aiver min hachai says:

    Kol hakovod to the arranger of this gevaldige kiddish hashem ..he is probably going shpilkes arranging an event in these tumultuous times.he deserves a full shout out to him for the koichis he put in and for willing to postpone after so much work

  • Tizku Lmitzvos says:

    Ksheim shekibaltem schar al haDrisha kein tikablu schar al

    יישר כחכם

  • Big Bar Mitzvah Organizers says:

    Thanks all for your nice feedback.

    You can only imagine how difficult it was for us the pull the plug after all was set and ready to go. Our Bar Mitzvah boys have already missed their own bar mitzvahs after years of anticipation.

    The excitement around this event was palpable. An incredible band and lineup of singers, caterer locked and ready, venue and equipment set,flights booked – and the list goes on.

    However the purpose of this event is to spread joy and give these boys an opportunity to celebrate after they have individually sacrificed for the sake of the tzibur. Coming together in a time of increased virus spread and where others’ simchas are being canceled seemed contrary to the mission.

  • Seichel says:

    Right don’t give in to the whims of your teens because they belong to you like a slave
    Hashem yerachem
    These same people cry about the Ltd problems

  • Seichel says:

    Btw Reb yid you are a true Ben aliyah commenting on the scoop while your bar mitzvah age boy must feel the real Simcha’s Hatorah learning in shul the whole day
    And he better not come near your internet that’s only for mature Benai aliyah like urself

  • a says:

    will it be rescheduled?

  • Aunt S. says:

    My nephew was supposed to be part of this. I really hope it is rescheduled. His bar mitzvah was supposed to be Shabbos Vayikrah. His wonderful parents rescheduled it in the summer and we all made an effort to go and uplift this boy. Anyone who does not have a relative who missed their bar mitzvah does not understand. My nephew received divrei bracha, said his pshetel while beaming, made a siyum with a seudas mitzvah, received a special bar mitzvah aliya and was given the message that becoming a bar mitzvah is a huge responsibility that is not celebrated through a fake aliyah from a chumash in your living room with only your parents and siblings in attendance. Until that shabbos it was ALL my nephew had. But now he has heard loud and clear that ol malchus shamayim is something to celebrate and I think the organizers of the Big bar mitzvah celebration are trying to give that same message. Too many boys this year have been let down and have come away with the feeling that being mechuyav in torah and mitzvos is nothing special when their parents and teachers don’t do what they can to reschedule even multiple times especially those who had prepared for so long and had NOTHING! Please reschedule the big bar mitzvah– from an aunt of a special bar mitzvah boy!!!