Opinion: Please Get A Flu Shot This Year | Meir Bergman

Not everyone gets a flu shot each year. According to health experts in New Jersey, only about 50% of the population gets vaccinated for the flu. In a regular year, that wouldn’t be a problem because the flu isn’t a serious health concern for most people, but this year it should be. 

Doctors and public health experts are sounding the alarm over a very difficult winter ahead. They say that a ‘twindemic’ of coronavirus and influenza is likely to occur if people don’t take health precautions, including getting the flu vaccine.

Now, you might be rolling your eyes. I understand that at this point, a lot of people are not scared anymore of Covid-19. It is true that young, healthy people are statistically safe from serious health repercussions if they do catch the virus, and many are tired of living their lives around a health concern that won’t seriously affect them. Whether this perspective is right or wrong, it only underscores the need for all of us to get a flu vaccine. Allow me to explain.

Coronavirus and the seasonal flu could have very similar symptoms. Fever, aches, and fatigue are all hallmarks of both viruses, and distinguishing them from each other is not necessarily that easy. Now imagine if a bunch of people are passing the flu around. In a normal year, I would say ‘it is what it is.’ The flu comes, the flu goes. But this year is very different. Because almost every school, shul, and business are taking some sort of precautions to mitigate the spread of coronavirus, and because the flu could be indistinguishable from coronavirus, a large number of illnesses from the flu could lead to widespread shutdowns yet again, on par with the shutdowns we experienced in late March and April.

Yes, there are tests to check if you have coronavirus or the flu. But because it takes several days to get a coronavirus test back, we would still be severely hampered by a bunch of flu illnesses.

Nobody wants everything to shut down again. Not me, not you, and not even doctors who are worried about a second wave. So to ensure that we can continue going to shul, sending our kids to school, attending simchos, shopping at our favorite stores, and spending time with friends and family, everyone should please get the flu vaccine this year.



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There are 9 Comments to "Opinion: Please Get A Flu Shot This Year | Meir Bergman"

  • Another point says:

    Lockdowns and shutdowns dont help as has been proven. We as a community must do everything in our power to NOT allow the government and other secularly minded frum Jews to interfere with out Torah learning and davening and personal life. This does not mean we have to get the flu vaccine. It does mean that we have to redouble our commitment to Hashem and his Torah.

  • iresponsible says:

    how irresponsible to promote something not even knowing the basics about the relationship between flu vaccines and coronavirus. there are studies that have shown pathogenic priming occurs which makes the flu vaccine recipient more susceptible to coronavirus. (in other words flu vaccine = worse case of coronavirus). Please don’t give advice without knowing all the relevant facts. and since nobody knows all of the relevant facts as they relate to Coronavirus stop telling people what to do!!!

  • Get educated says:

    Many people do not take the flu vaccine because they are not comfortable with the ingredients in them, and/or they are not very effective. In addition, some people get flu-like symptoms after they get the vaccine – which may cause them to think they have the coronavirus!

    Why don’t doctors recommend that people boost their immune systems instead? They should avoid eating junk food, as sugar lowers the immune system. They should eat healthy fruits and vegetables that have vitamins and minerals that enhance the immune system. Taking vitamin C and vitamin D keeps the immune system functioning well. There are so many other ways to protect one’s health besides taking a questionable vaccine.

    (By the way, the flu vaccine is the most compensated vaccine for damages in the vaccine government compensation court.)

  • I. Bin says:

    This summer was winter was winter and flu season in the southern hemisphere. Because of the extensive covid precautions such as mask wearing, there was almost no flu. Likewise here in the States the flu season ended early because people were wearing masks etc.
    If you follow the rules that apply to Corona such as wearing masks etc. you won’t need a flu shot.
    As effective as wearing masks and other precautions are against Corona, the flu being as not nearly as easily spread, these precautions are very very effective against the flu.
    In short, keep to the rules for Covid-19, even if you have anti-bodies, and you’ll be rewarded by not getting the flu.

  • right says:

    I’ll pass thanks

    Aside from the lethal doses of toxins that have nearly killed me in the past, I’d rather not get a vaccine that raises my chances of getting coronavirus by 39%, according to a Pentagon study.
    Do your homework, people.

    • S209 says:

      Highly amusing how all 3 anti vaxxers in Lakewood commented so fast, or is it one person with 3 separate comments? Guess we’ll never know.

  • Rivka says:

    you should remove this article. This makes lots of people mad!

    If you had covid19 you can assume your immune system is not in tip top shape. And if thats the case you want to stay far away from the flu shot. Boost your immune system. You don’t want to end up with any nasty side effects from the vaccine such as guillain barre syndrome.

  • TruthSeeker says:

    We shut down the entire world for a virus and now you’re pushing for a vaccine that increases one’s chances of getting corona. This recommendation is dangerous.

  • The Future Ain't What It Used To Be says:

    Do your own research and make an informed decision. You want a vaccine? Kol HaKavod. You don’t want one. Kol HaKavod. Just leave me alone and stay out of my chulent pot. Thank you and G’mar Tov.